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  1. The Mrs and I just watched the whole Narco's series over one weekend - AWESOME! Really well put together; some raw footage, some truths and some artistic license Highly recommended!
  2. I cant tell you how many times ive seen a car for sale ad and the only description was "very cool aircon" lol
  3. Waaay too harsh a penalty for bruising someones ego He stands to lose much more than just the ability to visit the Philippines I agree with Tony in that he's probably FIFO and the Philippines is his home for R&R, where his wife and children are permanently based I initially thought that being separated from family would be a good basis for reconsidering the deportation, and then realised that the economy would fall in a heap if it wasnt for families being separated by those working abroad to support those left behind
  4. Mate, just pay the 6k and be done with it You should consider yourself lucky they didnt threaten you with deportation after damaging their property as a result of your negligence As a foreigner tenant, you have a duty of care to repair all pre-existing issues. You have an endless amount of money, therefore, it is all your fault
  5. And 4,555p compensation for pain and suffering for having to deal with a trouble-making foreigner
  6. The guy was a dick I must admit im jealous that we dont have the power in Australia to have meanie foreigners deported for insulting us in our own territory
  7. I feel sorry for the bloke, but he has no one else to blame but himself All that talent - he changed the game of golf He was a genuine once in a lifetime superstar We have some serious golfing talent in Australia ( Adam Scott & Jason Day ) - both have squeaky clean images So far..
  8. There are three Henann properties Boracay - The Regency, Lagoon and Garden. ( one couple in the group found out the hard way when booking, specifically after i told them that were staying in the Regency lol )
  9. Yeah they definitely loved Boracay more We stayed at JPark in Cebu - they loved it there, but there were a few little things that soured the experience in Cebu I couldnt believe how much Boracay had changed ( last visit was in 2010 ). The beach is just lined with hotels / resorts, restaurants etc The biggest change is the sheer number of people - it was absolutely crazy!! We didnt venture too far from the resort, but did see the place you are talking about on the boat trip ( not far from Manny's mansion )
  10. Before I start, id like to request that this not turn into a debate between those that do like and those that dont like Boracay. Our group of 14 just returned to Australia from 10 days in Cebu / Boracay, so i thought that id share some of our experiences. I will skip the Cebu part of the trip, and focus on the part that everyone overwhelmingly enjoyed most - Boracay. This was my 4th trip to Boracay, my wifes 2nd, and the 1st for the rest of our party. We flew from Mactan to Caticlan on Cebu Pacific, and in typical CP fashion, the flight was delayed just over 2 hours. Whilst waiting, we were chatting with a couple of other Aussie families ( not known to each other ) that were also heading to Caticlan on the same flight. It seems that everyone knows someone that has been there, and have said nothing but good things about the place. We decided to arrange transfers through the resort - whilst it was much more expensive than the regular commute ( 1,375p / adult, 750p / child between 5-12 return trip ) it was absolutely worth it. Upon arrival in Caticlan, the Henann staff whisked us across the road to their own lounge, where after a short wait we were loaded into private vans for the short journey to another of their own lounges not far from the public pier. We then stepped onto their private boat which cruised across to the island, totally avoiding the pier again where we stepped into another waiting private van. We didnt touch our bags from the minute we checked in at Mactan, until we got to our rooms and unpacked. Check in can often be painful at certain hotels in the Philippines ( I wont go into the details of the experience at JPark days earlier ) but this was totally seamless. First impressions upon arrival at the resort, can simply be described as 'wow' We booked a proper family room ( a rarity in the Philippines ), which consisted of two separate rooms with a shared bathroom. The room was just a few steps from the kids pool, and a was the closest room in the whole resort to the famous white beach. The facilities and service within the resort were absolutely top class. Whilst the buffet breakfast wasnt quite up to JPark standard, it was certainly palatable. The swim up bar had a wonderful atmosphere and became our home away from home, and the staff were very attentive and professional. Our friends treated us to a couples retreat type package in the on-site spa, which was a once in a lifetime experience. Whilst I was quite errrm 'relaxed' during the trip, I will try to summarise some of the dining experiences during our time in Boracay - Some American diner themed burger place - on the beach near dMall, cool beer, one of the better burgers ive had in the Philippines, cheap prices, good service Epic - warm beer, good burger, cheap prices, awesome location on the beach at the entrance to dMall Hobbit House - cool beer, average food, excellent live music ( at a respectable volume ) wonderful atmosphere and very attentive staff - big thanks to Mario Ole - Mexican inspired, probably one of the better feeds we had. Beer was cool, prices were cheap, staff was attentive, Bamboo Shore - right on the beach. Took my mum there for mothers day dinner. Massive let down. Service was atrocious, food was ordinary. Took 1.5 hours for my wifes grilled Tilapia, and my pork belly was almost raw. Christina's - one of the Regency's on-site restaurants. We all had dinner here together on our last night. We sat right on the beach. The atmosphere was amazing. The food was really good, the service excellent, prices were good, but the beer was warm. One of our favourite experiences was the island hopping day trip. We did the standard Cliff diving at Magic Island, then anchored not far from there for some snorkelling, and a stop at Puka beach for a few drinks ( at least i think this is what it was called, my mate and i had got through almost 1L of Johhnie Walker Gold reserve by that stage ) All in all, it was a wonderful trip. Our friends ( all high income earners and well travelled ) described the Henann Regency as the best resort they have had the pleasure of staying in, and Boracay their favourite destination to date - they are already planning a return visit. There were plenty of other non-Filipino visitors from all over the world taking Boracay's beauty. Whether you agree or not, Boracay has become a highly desirable destination for overseas travelers. Whilst it has changed a lot, has been way overbuilt and accommodates waaaaay too many people, we will be back.
  11. @Davaoeno - Or did you half WANT to hear the snap of a rubber glove lol
  12. Oh and if you're feeling adventurous ( and another thing to do whilst in the area ), the zipline place is a stone throw from the driveway up to Tops
  13. Not everyone's cup of tea, but i have always enjoyed a few quiet beers up at 'Tops' It is really peaceful up there, with excellent views over the city and beyond
  14. You sure are worried about people falling down ( and up ) those stairs You could guide aircraft down with those lights!!
  15. Half way through the journey, the pilot realised there wasnt enough fuel to complete the other half, so he turned back