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  1. Slightly back on topic I made what many would not call dont do's, but big mistakes We have been together almost 10 years ( only recently married though ), have two beautiful kids and are still very much in love My wife is gorgeous, but would only meet a fraction of the requirements most here would consider essential when looking for a partner Marriage is about a partnership of two people - many here only believe that its the wife that contributes to the success of a marriage Sad that
  2. Ok i dont get it - why do some airlines deliberately overbook flights? If all seats are sold, pre-paid and non-refundable, what does the airline have to gain? If there are no-shows, the ticket is forfeited, so its not like they are losing money. ( note; i understand this wasnt the reason for this incident, but im generally curious nonetheless )
  3. There was ( maybe still is ) one down by JPark on Mactan After youve finished practicing, maybe you can set up a post in the mangroves behind the range to keep a look out for those animals over on Bohol
  4. Far canal why did this have to happen now ( or happen, period ) We are only a few weeks away from heading over with a few other Aussie families ( that have no ties to the Philippines ) and they have just got wind of this news. The Aussie Gov released a travel advisory ( yeah they have had one for Mindanao for years too ) and then this happened.. RIP to the brave men that lost their lives trying to protect us ( by us I mean civilised human beings )
  5. No Note: this was back in 2013
  6. Not entirely true I was not only inside the office, I met the officer that denied my (now) wife approval to migrate to Australia (even though Aus immigration had granted the visa) After a very brief chat, my wife was given approval and the rest is history
  7. @ Mikala - you have the patience of a saint mate Hope it all goes well..
  8. Water Buffalo ( i think )?
  9. It is pure laziness. A few years ago we were returning to Cebu from Hagnaya, and the bus pulled up at the small roadhouse for a rest / snack stop - I guess it stopped for around 10-15 mins. As the bus pulls out onto the road to continue on the journey, a woman in her 30s stood up and motioned to the conductor to pull up at the next post. All of 150m away, tops. Rather than getting off the bus at the rest stop and walk, she chose to wait it out and get dropped at her front doorstep..
  10. How will the owner / operators afford a fancy new jeep if they cant afford to take a day off to join the strike action. Ive said it before, and ill say it again - it is a very unpopular opinion, but it would be a great shame to see the old jeeps go. As big a pain in the backside they are, they are part of the charm of the place. Yes, they contribute a lot to the traffic problems, pollution etc, but i certainly dont go to the Philippines hoping that the place will become an over regulated first world country most of us call home.
  11. I do the same, but the less seasoned traveler may not be as wise..
  12. What i find amazing is how few hotels show up in a search through a broker site ( hotels dot com for example ) when you increase the number of occupants above two. Family orientated resorts dont even show up. When we search for accommodations in Cebu especially, we set the search criteria for 2 adults. You will be amazed how many more options you get. What i find even more odd is the amount of hotels in the Philippines that put two single beds in a dual occupancy room.. Anyway, you cant get much better than the Montebello for the price and amenities..
  13. Thanks for sharing mate. Seems you have a great attitude - that definitely contributes to your positive experiences..
  14. So where did you go Headshot?