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  1. So what you are saying is nothing has changed regarding the ownership of guns by foreigners? Still not allowed? You kinda skipped by that one.
  2. I have to agree about the FIC (Fruit in Ice Cream). Very good ice cream made with real butterfat. They have a booth in Ayala on the third floor, if you're ever over there and want to try.
  3. I always thought the Montana brand steaks were pretty good and quite a bargain for the price. Not the best I have ever had but tender enough and flavorful. If I wanted high quality ground beef, I would consider buying a few and grinding them up myself.
  4. I like Selecta Pistachio with Cashews. Yummy!
  5. Somebody had to pay for that catalog!
  6. That looks like my kind of place, being an old Grainger employee. I want an air compressor and floor jack!
  7. My theory about Mooon food is that the cooks know what Mexican food is supposed to look like, from pictures, but none of them has actually ever tasted it. So they use a recipe but flavor it to taste what they like, which is Filipino style. What you get is what they serve at Mooon's. Oh, and not to be a nitpicker but they spell it with 3 "O's".
  8. Sorry, no cigar Tom. Shadow, I'm glad you said that so I didn't have to! Lawyering at it's finest. Actually, I knew Tom would get confused about the quote, but figured it would be fun to watch. It was.
  9. If you had said "Mexican Inspired" I wouldn't have disagreed, but I can only react to what you actually say, not what you think you said. To be more accurate, they should say "Mexican Inspired Filipino food". Looks Mexican, tastes Filipino. Some of their stuff is tasty, but not tasty Mexican!
  10. You're from Texas and think Mooon Cafe is good? Sus...
  11. My wife and I tried it. Food was ok but not great. I prefer Krua Thai in BTC.
  12. Those are some handsome animals!
  13. So where are they?
  14. Search Facebook for "American Bully for Sale in the Philippines". They show lots of Pitbulls for sale. Sorry I cant cut and paste right now.
  15. I think he was well over 300 last time I saw him. Good for him. Must be all that walking.