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  1. why should they be locked up in any gaol let alone a dirty one
  2. many have both styles of facilities in the same building
  3. Not uncommon to release statements along lines of 'If Anyone knows the whereabouts of John Lennon , picture shown, can they please advise him to contact the police as they wish to be able to eliminate him from their enquiries and verify that he is in fact safe' Thank you
  4. They may have been followed from the moment they left home. The beach is to be renamed, 'dead kano cove', not a bad taste joke just a simple way of expressing disgust at such obviously contrived and protected killings. One a label like that sticks even the locals will get uncomfortable with the going ons. Not so much more fun etc
  5. The SRRV visa is permanent and does not have an expiry date so it is true NOT false
  6. I am at T2 whilst writing this so it is as up to date as it can be. I hold a 13A 1/ check in 2/ Pay terminal fee 550. 3/ go to the desk on the far left for ACR cards etc pay 2850. I did not realise that you pay the additional figure each first trip annualy I was under impression it was for the first trip using the 13 a ACR card. 4/ Take your OR to the diplomatic lane with ACR card and passport. they check and clear within 2 minutes. So if for any reason they decide not to clear you you will have already paid the fees to travel and your bags will have to be off loaded. T2 has to be one of the worst international terminals there could be
  7. From memory i think you may find some reference to this in the archives section. Then again as it is archived things may have changed for the better
  8. Heard so many tales of BI laughing at people who arrive on such a visa and trash it so they have to report to BI HO to get their visa approved. In effect their permanent visa is now temporary for one year same as if you did here in the PI
  9. I got mine quite a while back, even so i suspect if you write the BIR on their web page as ask why it is that you have to personally present yourself to the HO for this simple function you may well get a favourable response...then again as you say its more fun!! I got exactly the same response when applying for a driving license at las pinas LTO and asked them to show me the written procedures that showed this, they backed down but took all day to issue my license, I was literally last one standing to collect it at 7pm after arriving at 7am ...more fun etc Today I renewed my license and told to come back after October 27th, last time I had it all done in under 30 minutes. So I have a scrap of paper proving I have paid for it, the old license they keep!! I refuse to be grumpy
  10. I am surprised i got mine at the las pinas BIR, they gave it to me within 5 minutes of asking
  11. 13 a does not need a work permit, they do need a TIN if working and must file annualy
  12. So i am the person whom has not moderated at all, not removed or edited anything. I did point out the mod specific status on another posting. If it helps , even if I did think I had the powers to moderate this thread I would still not have done so.
  13. Who is the moderator? I know that it is not me I am a moderator for Investment thread only, that under duress I did not want that either. I suggest you read post 40 again very very slowly so it sinks in, then again perhaps its best not to bother