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  1. bunch of NBA in on this.. play Bball for cash and science major on the side.. Idiocracy wasn't just a movie,it was prophetic in it's telling of our future
  2. There has to be a few in his circle he trusts or rewards enough so he gets some shuteye every once in awhile. It may be a posting that requires his hand on a kill switch to a loved one but the resentment he's built up is becoming more noticeable as the frequency of the executions ramp in number.At first it the executions were a deterrent..but in the long run as it happens more and more often and he adjusts the ways he kills them ,the one that are left knowing it's just a matter of time till it's their own turn. They "learn" they've nothing to lose. Whether or not any replacements would be better remains to be seen.An interesting experiment in thought but for now we are stuck with the status quo who aims nukes at his enemies. Could anyone do worse than that without touching the launch button?
  3. I totally agree.He kills anyone around him who he feels isn't on the same page.Hopefully someday his own people will take him out and afterwards attempt to rejoin the rest of the world in a way less threatening and rational. It's been awhile since anyone's used nukes so when I saw the vid I figured to place it here to remind the old timer's here, and also attempt to illuminate those too young to have seen nukes in action other than movies and video games. Japan's nuking was a scary enough thing to bring peace for a spell, but as time wears on, the chill of destruction it had wore down as well. N.Korea's leader is playing with something he doesn't understand and seems not to care. Maybe he'l trip down some stairs or something
  4. There was a time where Russia and the US had a mutual agreement to start dismantling the overkill in nukes both countries had.The USSR sort of fell apart and many of those nukes went God knows where while our own program sort of fell off the radar so I suspect we still have plenty of them left.Troubling is the fate of those missing nukes from the old USSR.I think if they were in the wrong hands they would already have been used. The video I posted was just a reminder of why we really don't want to go there. I do not believe Trump will push any buttons signalling a first strike on anyone but he'd be right on the money to retaliate if somebody else starts it. It's what I would expect from any of our presidents with the exception of the 44th. Just my opinion and not starting any political rant but an observation of the changing times.
  5. Given that these vids are older than N.Korea's leader I don't know if he's aware of the power he points at others..or the power he could bring down on himself and fellow countrymen. We've harnessed and channeled nuclear energy into other things besides destruction,but we keep a few in the back just in case of emergencies
  6. I wonder how many here agree with Shaq?
  7. 43 kilotons. the largest of the teapot tests, paltry in comparison to modern capabilities. US fleet of ~15 Ohio class subs, each capable of carrying 20 Trident missiles, with up to 14 475kt warheads per. Will North Korea push things too far someday with us?
  8. Yes,,,close call eh?
  9. The commercial is over 60 yrs old but I wouldn't mind having a fridge that does all that. Low tech.low maintenance..might even be a few of those still running now
  10. They really don't make them like they used to anymore...
  11. Published on Jun 11, 2016 Ancient Greece The 2000 Year-Old Computer - Decoding the Antikythera Mechanism Fixed it for ya Theb
  12. Published on Oct 26, 2014 From the television documentary series, "Begin Japanology", host Peter Barakan explores the cultural status of calculators in Japanese society. Surprisingly, there's actually a lot of prestige for those who can wield them effectively and accurately. Very handy stuff..