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  1. Picked up my in first week of March 2017 renewed ACR I-Card today....Issued April 25, 2017, Epiry Date April 25, 2022.... so it's still 5 Years, not 10 Years
  2. Have done my Renewal 13A ACR- I-Card on March 1, 2017 for permanent Visa in Cebu J-Mall.. Brought all necessary Docus and Copy's. Just realised that my I-card expired on Feb. 21, 2017 when I paid my annual on that Day in Dumaguete. Since I heard about the 10 Years change from 5 Years I've waited until March 1 to renew the I-card. I've paid all in all around 4,500 Pesos incl. 2x Express Lane (2x 500P). No Penalty for the late renewal. They told me that there is a Memorandum about the 10 Years and have to call or txt in in about 2 Month to pick up my I-Card. I was done in about 90 Min.
  3. It's Lazadad Extended 1.0.1 in the Chrome Extension Store..... great Extension, thanks
  4. His Birthday was Dec. 29, the day he died at Siliman Hospital......it happened on Dec. 25 to 26.....
  5. Be careful about that. I had Money in Rural Banks owned by the Legacy Group. It took more then 2 Years to be compensated by PDIC. They have since then changed their Rules and Regulations. As far as I know, Time Deposits and other Saving Accounts are only insured by PDIC if the Interest Rate paid by the Bank is not higher then 10 % of the average Interest Rates at that Time. Best way to be safe is, check with PDIC. Ask them directly if your Account is PDIC covered when you provide them with that specific Bank Offer we are talking about here.
  6. http://www.philstar.com/cebu-news/2015/02/21/1426110/gunmen-attack-3-foreigners Sat | 02/21/2015 12:07pm | Gunmen attack 3 foreigners By Bryner L. Diaz (The Freeman) | Updated February 21, 2015 - 12:00am A policeman inspects doors shattered by gunshots when armed men attacked foreigners in a fast food outlet in Barangay Tabunok, Talisay City, past 4 a.m. yesterday. KRISTINE JOYCE W. CAMPAÑA CEBU, Philippines - A German was killed while a Frenchman and an Indian were injured after they were shot by two unidentified gunmen inside a fast food chain in Barangay Tabunok, Talisay City, past 4 a.m. yesterday. Henry Haffner, 31, died in a private hospital in Cebu City after he suffered gunshot wounds in various parts of his body while Frenchman Julian Millard, 31; and his Indian friend Cheten Saparaiya, 31; are now confined in a private hospital after they also suffered several gunshot wounds. Superintendent Reycel Carmelo Dayon, Talisay City Police Station chief said based on their initial investigation Saparaiya and Millard, who was with his girlfriend Marvie Gabomba, went to McDonald’s Tabunok to eat together after leaving a bar. While they were eating two unidentified persons allegedly made fun of Saparaiya saying “di pautang, di pautang” not knowing that he can understand Cebuano. This enraged Saparaiya who confronted the two men, leading to a heated argument but they were pacified by the security guard. The two persons left the fast food chain just as Haffner and his girlfriend, Sheila Gimutao, who hails from Barangay Lahug, Cebu City, went inside to buy food. The two were head for Oslob to watch whale sharks, said Dayon. A few minutes later two armed men arrived, although witnesses would later say another two of their companions were also waiting outside McDonald’s. Haffner and Gimutao were about to leave the fast food chain when they met the two gunmen who shot Haffner in his body. Dayon said Haffner still managed to run to the second floor to hide in the storage room but one of the gunmen followed him there and shot him several times. Dayon added that witnesses heard the gunmen saying what if the two foreigners seated in the ground floor were their actual targets. “Basi’g kani,” witnesses heard one of them saying. Right after saying that they they approached Millard and Saparaiya and shot them several times before they made their getaway on a motorcycle. Millard was shot in the left leg and left arm while Saparaiya was shot in the nape. Gimutao said when the shooting started she ran to the kitchen while Haffner, who had already been wounded, ran upstairs. She said after it was quiet again she ran outside to ask for help but it seems everyone outside was still too shocked to respond. Inspector Atillano Padilla, Scene of the Crime Operation investigator said 16 empty shells of 9mm cal. pistol, five empty shells of a .45 cal. pistol and four .40 cal. empty shells were recovered in the crime scene. Rescue personnel rushed the three foreigners to the hospital but Haffner later died in a private hospital in Cebu City. Millard and Saparaiya were reported in stable condition as of last night. Dayon believed that the perpetrators were local boys based on the manner of the killing. He added that the incident was recorded by the closed circuit television cameras of the fast food chain and witnesses can also identify the assailants. He also said they will investigate why the guard was not issued a firearm despite his duties. The guard reportedly told him his agency does not issue them firearms as a matter of policy. The Provincial Intelligence Branch and Provincial Investigation and Detection Management Branch of Cebu Provincial Police Office are charged with tracking down the assailants. Cebu Provincial Police Office provincial director Noel Gillamac has formed a team composed of personnel from PIB and PIDMB to chase them. “Immediately, nag-create ko og group to hunt the suspected gunman, paabot lang ta sa kon unsa may resulta ato, but definitely we will go after the suspects,” he said. He added that he received a text message yesterday dawn regarding the shooting incident in Talisay where he was informed that it involved some foreigners. “We have to look deeper into the incident on why is it that the foreigners were shot, let’s wait for the result,” he said. The fast food chain remains closed pending investigation into the incident “McDonald’s Philippines would like to assure our customers that their safety and that of our employees is our top priority. The restaurant is temporarily closed to give way to the on-going investigation. We are fully cooperating with the authorities to help expedite this process,” their statement read. — With May B. Miasco/BRP (FREEMAN)
  7. Just send you a PM
  8. I saw Tile Cleaner in a Gallon in Handyman Robinsons Mall Dumaguete...around 450P
  9. just created a new one and already sent to you...hope it works
  10. just send you the Code...
  11. Thanks for the Info...couldn't remember my Password, only my Username...I've send the Username and my Email Address to submit me a new password...got a new Password and loged in succesfully... I have an Invite Code to give away...first come, first serve
  12. we had renewed my wifes passport 2 years ago, it was expired a few mont...no problems just renewed my daughters passport in dec. 2013, it was also expired for almost 1 year, also no problems
  13. that's right....i've donated more then a year ago with bp medication Pritor... but had to stop taking it 24 hr before....the second time i wasn't allowed coz my bp was after not taking my med to high.... saturday i didn't take my med to check my bp today and it is to high without my med....
  14. the medicine i take is not the problem.....i have to stop taking it at least 24 hr before donation.... but then my blood pressure is to high to donate...they will not accept it....
  15. would like to donate, but i'm on medication for highblood....last time i stopped the medication 24 hours before but was rejected as an donor from chong hua coz of to high blood pressure....