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  1. In the midst of everything that occured in Bohol, there had to be another fecking Filipino love drama story somewhere in there..
  2. Puts the the dangers of terrorism drama`s into perspective when you consider that at least 85% of Filipino bus drivers are unqualified mad men.. Not to mention the huge % of unqualified drivers of every other type of vehicle here that kill and maim innocents on a daily basis.
  3. I`ll be honest with you OzTony..We are as clueless as everyone else.. The Press and the official statements are a joke IMO.. Good news is I just got back from Alona area and no news about kidnappings or loss of heads etc.. Fred.."Living in Cebu" news..Reporting from Bohol.
  4. I live in the damned jungle!!
  5. A few local expats saying that the military officials are lying about who was killed..who escaped etc.. Some are questioning,whom escaped with so called "captured weapons",etc.. All I know is,I aint taking my family near the tourists for a week or so!!
  6. Just copy and paste everything in the URL address bar at top of browser..Paste it here..It will turn into a link for us.
  7. Can you do another one of your advance fact searches from Canada and tell us where the other 50 Abu`s are? The AFP can only seem to find 10/11 of them. We are worried and need "spoon feeding" because the internet is shit here and this is where we live..Appreciated...
  8. Big news contradictions with ASG number strength..Official AFP statement today say 11 total, 6 dead with 5 being tracked...Probably all over by Wednesday Today`s "news" reports say at least 60 arrived in boats and 6 dead.. fecking news facts in this country only gets worse if that`s possible!!
  9. Looks like he had a baaad first day in Bohol. SANDAKAN: A bloodied photograph of dead Abu Sayyaf leader Abu Rami was released by Philippines security forces, confirming that he was killed in Bohol, central Philippines. Abu Rami (pic) - the alias of Muamar Askali - was among the Abu Sayyaf gunmen who were high on the wanted list in Malaysia and Philippines The photograph also showed an IS flag pinned on his chest. Read more at http://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2017/04/12/bloodied-photograph-of-dead-abu-sayyaf-leader-released/#JYo8Q7AIDryOJM0y.99
  10. We should pay more attention from the news links from members in Canada...Those guys get the news way way in advance of us that live in the boonies! One of them also gives helpful advice based on Forrest Gump movie quotes!
  11. At the time I posted,no such "news" existed on the internet.. I guess that you got lucky after a Canadian time zone search long after us locals were sleeping. The unsubstantial "fact" at the time,that there were only 50 Abu`s running around Bohol was obviously wrong. I`m only interested in real news ..Not what our in house James Bond`s privileged "information" implied without substantial facts.. There are other stories locally of abandoned banca`s found in Dauis and Panglao and a beheading of a Filipino in Danao... Should I start spreading this "news" as factual information or should I remain patient and wait for confirmation and call it pure conjecture and gossip for now?