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  1. Anyone else seen these so called leaked PNP "advance copy security memorandums" about planned attacks on malls,hijacking fuel trucks etc throughout the R.P on June 30? Cant confirm on Google if they are fake or not.. Officials say they cant yet confirm or deny. http://www.philstar.com:8080/cebu-news/2017/06/22/1712540/document-terror-attacks-cops-probe-leaked-info
  2. You actually could hear the audio on a 2Go ferry?? That`s a first!
  3. Just a thought..I`m still waiting for my card..Probably been 2 months now..If I wanted to fly out,would they accept my ACRI renewal payment receipt so I could travel out and re enter?
  4. Those huge container ships can turn on a dime like that?? I wouldnt be surprised if there were not a LOT more to this.
  5. Looks like the European official tests and certs for these "Reynobond" composite panels are A1.. A1 is supposed to mean that they are "non combustible".. https://www.arconic.com/aap/europe/pdf/Certifications page_042014.pdf Quite incredible.
  6. A few that got out because they were still awake at that hour said the warning was a burning plastic smell.. No alarms heard and no sprinkler system..Just black smoke. I have a nasty feeling that the death toll will be huge. Terrible tragedy that should have been avoided IMO. Very sad day.
  7. My fish pond pump packed up about 3 months ago...Its 3rd broken pump for that pond. Anyway..3 months,no pump or filter and Tilapia (about 30) are all fine.. In the UK, Pond owners often need to turn off their filtration systems all winter as the filter units can freeze up..The fish usually survive well under the ice for months as long as the top ice layer has holes broken in it. Makes me wonder why there is not more on the internet about pond owners hooking up their fish ponds and circulate the water to an Aquaponic green house or netted tunnel (for tropics).. Apart from water changes a well established pond is almost maintenance free in my experience...
  8. If you eat or smell food and it makes you reach in disgust..Feed it to the chooks.. If it smells and tastes OK then eat it and stop whinging.. If you die of food poisoning,don`t come running to me!
  9. Recounted through the Journals of an American Patriot, included the following paragraph: “What finally stopped the Juramentados was the custom of wrapping the dead man in a pig’s skin and stuffing his mouth with pork. As the pig was an unclean animal, this was considered an unspeakable defilement.”So perhaps this is the solution..
  10. The thing that makes me think twice about it is that it was supposedly written by a Filipino.. I read it twice and the English grammar just seems a bit too good.. Not sure yet.
  11. Yeah,but I said it first!!
  12. I just read this comment elsewhere.. I will not post the source and I have deleted all the names.. If that`s deemed against rules,please delete this post as I will not add names or sources.