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  1. As soon as I say to the driver JMall he knows where I am going to. I also know it's gonna cost me!
  2. First boat out from Ormoc. Thank's I will try to make it. Hope my driver comes early.
  3. A bit off topic but just to add a bit of travel info for anyone interested. AirJuan just started a service from Cebu to Biliran. P1228 and it takes just 45 minutes. http://www.airjuan.com/
  4. I go to Canada every year so I need one every year. If I stayed three it would still be once. BI put the stamp in your passport after six to remind you.
  5. The forms require you to fill in your airline flight number and date. A few weeks ago in Tacloban the form never requested that but they wanted thumb prints. Last years ECC in JMall wanted a flight number but no prints. I have seen different forms around and online for print out. This time I didn't even print one out not knowing which one they would use. I think the whole thing is ridiculous having to get permission to leave a country that you are neither born in or are a resident of. I have multiple re-entry permission for my country of residence which is more less a nice way of saying, "When are you coming back"?
  6. If you have been here over six months you also need ECC. For that, you will need a ticket to show you are leaving.
  7. The bayan bayan is your wife not you. Being with her affords you the BI privilege of being able to stay one year visa free in this wonderful country.
  8. Not a problem They issue ECC on showing the receipt. Just make sure you keep yours. Got mine in 30 minutes in Tacloban. Where do you extend, JMall. Good luck if you do. Yesterday they charged a guy 500 express fee and told him to come back in three days for his passport.
  9. Loom, I still don't have my iCard since last February and am leaving on a trip already. I need an ECC to leave. Sounds like you will need one too. If you still don't have a new card make sure you have and show your receipt to say you applied for it when you get an ECC.
  10. It was a rather unique situation as Geoff's wife never went to school and could not read or write. I know she went to language school for while in Australia but I suspect her skills are still very low. Maybe she is dyslexic? Has a phone but just for talking. She is one of these people that seems rather incapable of coping on her own. He did the right thing by her by taking her to Australia and marrying her but It dropped her in the shit when he died just before pensionable age. She relies on others and of course, the family has just leeched off her. She did tell me she put the millions she made on the house in long term time deposit as there is no pension here in the Philippines. I would have said Geoff was a bit of a control freak and she let him do his thing to keep the peace. I seem to have hit it off on a strong mutual respect basis. We both realize we should hold on to that and also respect each others values and abilities.
  11. The captain had probably transferred after working for 2Go.
  12. I checked out the internet links. Just retail and no service centers. I guess I have to go to one and ask which service center they employ. I was just hoping someone on the forum might know a good service center. As long as it's version 5 I guess it won't matter if the Lenovo logo does not show up on start up.