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  1. Armed Forces of the Philippines Facebook page is providing better info than some hacked up newspaper that seems to get most of it wrong.
  2. Those cracks in the elevator shaft looked deep to me. I just started to stay there again now it's renovated. We are on the edge of the Philippine Trench and on the Ring of Fire There have been 10 quakes in the past 17 days. If anyone feels uneasy about quakes they really should not live here. Worst one I have been in close proximity of was a 7.0. I was in a 100 year old house with 12" wooden cross beams. It felt like the hand of God had hit the side of the house as it rocked. But no damage. Watching a guy take a week hitting my concrete water tank to demolish it I feel quite confident in where I live. It was built twenty years ago with not so much as a crack and we get tremors all the time.
  3. 17945520_291071284654817_3478389945972817920_n.mp4
  4. Two murders here within ten months, more grenades being deposited on peoples door steps as a warning. One more found after one of the perps was arrested. People offering to come forward with info leading to an arrest also dead. Doesn't bother me but some people living in that particular area are understandably worried. One house for sale and another family away on an indefinite holiday.
  5. Do you have to be so pretentious pick and pull everything apart all the time? She had a permit. The newspaper report was the nearest most accurate one I could find. The gun 'was' silenced and they were NOT in Biliran town. She shoots a silenced gun and knows what they sound and look like. The grenade was still on the ground at 11;30 at night as investigators has still not arrived. Rare occurrence? Try reading the report below that one. Possibly more to follow and already people are selling up and moving out. If you were in touch you would know murder here is a very regular occurrence. It just does not get reported. I recently had relatives of my partner turned away from the PNP as the killer of a father-in-law had family in the station. The killer was free in a week with no blotter done. They did the best thing and moved out.
  6. As I said it was a dud but has the desired effect of throwing people off balance. I don't make this stuff up. His wife Maria told me they threw the grenade first. He ducked down and she dived down into the back. More than enough time for them to get close and shoot. Gene had automatic pistols with lazer sights and lots of ammo in the house. Didn't do him much good. Lots of these guys "are" military. Victims and perpetrators. http://philippineslifestyle.com/blog/2017/03/12/retired-us-marine-murdered-by-gunmen-while-driving-with-his-wife/
  7. Around here if they want to get you they don't come to the house anyway. They wait until you leave. The latest choice is hand grenades. Even if its doesnt go off it will have you ducking long enough for them to move in with a silenced pistol.
  8. Not uncommon for me to have 5 power surges and a few short brownouts every day. My UPS does its job as everything now stays up until I can shut my PC down normally and not screw up saves. 2017 should see my islands solar array and geothermal completed and less interruptions.
  9. Difficult to spot. It could just as well be his sisters, cousins or kids and no one would know.
  10. A washitsu is a tatami mat floor. Tatami is resurfaced with rice straw or changed every few years as it starts to smell. That's why floors are always ventilated. The same goes for a mattress on the floor. The need to be taken up and aired every day. Tatami gives under the feet. Another reason why we can put futon on it and sleep well. In a washitsu we don't wear shoes/slippers. So, of course, we don't have furniture in that room either as we bang out feet. Also, sliding doors are must because of the draught. You will wake up aching as you try to pull yourself to your feet Most of what you show is a mishmash of Western and Japanese style. It's a nice idea but sadly won't work too well here. As already mentioned too many bugs. Add to that the very high humidity at times. In a country that is hot all year round tiles and slippers are the way to go. The only time I sit on the floor is for meditation and to bow to each other (dojo). Even temples have cushions. There is a reason for having all this in a confined space. If you do see Japanese living in rooms like this it's because a rented 6 mat room costs them well over RPH 50.000 a month. They spend little time there as they work six days a week and just come home to sleep.
  11. I carry a taser. No one ever checks. I guess they think it's a phone.
  12. They should have used Baygon. Foreign sprays are far too nice these days. I meant an electric drill. Out of shape expats? I guess a few vets and instructors might disagree with you on that. I cant swing my over 1/12 meter Japanese sword indoors. I guess my best bet is a partner that shoots out candle flames on the perimeter fence. Would you like to pop over to debunk things with a baygon directional spray?
  13. The dogs would bark long before they got near them. The automatic sensor would record them in the CCTV. They would also need a ladder. A few friends of mine have been broken into. They just took a sheet of galvanised off the roof and "dropped in".
  14. I can see my GSD's walking around the house together now on the CCTV. They are very active at night. Seems to be safe here but you just never know for sure. A great day at the beach swimming with dogs yesterday. They are like family. A press of a button can set off the car alarm too. I doubt if anyone would hang around if that went off. People tell me to build a wall. But seeing my worker hold barbed wire in his toes and my partner climb a coconut palm I know it's just a small obstacle for people that live here. People discount household items as good weapons. A face full of baygon with a directional nozzle or a hand drill work well too if they get too close. What does bother me is the increasing use of taking shabu before they commit a crime.
  15. The "You are not from here". can equally apply to someone who is not from the barangay. The best yet was from so called pastor who said it to me a few weeks ago. maybe that guy they worship and his mother really did come from Bohol.