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  1. Two hours for me from the airport to Osmena. Meeting a passenger after holy week on a Tuesday afternoon. Hope it's not so jammed then. Is the traffic bad now going or coming back?
  2. Around P2000 for electric, P10 for water. P2000 diesel. Food bill negotiable, depends on what we eat. Cignal TV, Globe postpaid internet. For sure no matter how hard I spend we could not exceed 1000 USD. More like 600. Just the two of us. Before I retired I did not budget for kids or extended families.
  3. Well, you won't buy it. Or at least it won't be in your name. Your partner/wife will be liable to pay. They grossly undervalue things here to avoid paying taxes.
  4. I can save money here in the province. Probably our biggest expenditure is food as we like to make foreign meals but as for the rest... Less that P2000 for electric, P10 water and the house is already paid for more than once over in what I would have had to pay in rent. When see the stuff my partner can rustle up to eat out of veg from the garden, fresh fish etc. I don't need foreign food. No rice on our table I think the same applies to any foreigner going to live in a foreign country. Import taxes are high and unless you want to adapt it will always cost you big. if you can't live very well on around $1000 a month? Time to look at your budget.
  5. Funny but in actual fact are reality for some. I know people who have sat around watching and making tea for a headmaster before they were allowed to practice. Three interviews a sponsor and practical test for me to enter one school.
  6. They always used to say that a brown belt had the ability but not the common sense to go with it. Achieving Shodan (beginners official level) is that first step. To have an ability physically and mentally. To be able to walk away from a disagreement if possible.
  7. I have seen sensei in Japan beat the crap out of kids as they were not considered to be performing well enough. Not only do they do it but make a point of doing it in from of everybody else to humiliate them. I got the best out of mine with encouragement and so did other teacher friends. The lessons comes when you stand there every day and most of them have to try and fight you. Did it myself back in the day on the students side and considered it medicine I had to take. After enough dan grades to paper a wall I gave up gradings at 42 to concentrate on classical arts where there are no grades. It got to the stage that not only did you have to be very good but you needed to know someone on the grading panel. This was mostly to assess your actual character but it always seemed to me to be too much of 'not what you know but who you know'. Now in Japan they are actually down grading rank. My teachers, teacher was one of the last living 10th Dans. They have now standardized maximum ranks at 8th Dan and also have extended the time between trying for a rank to ten years. Pass rate for 8th Dan is 1%.
  8. I got bullied badly at school. Then I smacked a guy on the nose and he didn't get up again. I discovered a hidden talent that was there all the time. I just needed the confidence. Seminars in Canada coming soon for me. Calgary, Guelph and Toronto. And a very kind soul who teaches karate there has bought us tickets to see Queen.
  9. In Japan it's not the reason they do it. MA has become somewhat Westernized in that respect. But from a competition point of view my kids were mosty born fighters and were watched as they got older and came up through the ranks to become national champions. I would not discount it if you got in a tight situation. But what I have to done myself in the street is not taught in class. Nowadays? They are taking shabu before committing crimes. As Davaoeno mentions 6/8 is fine. But not too much impact on growing bones and joints is required.
  10. Over the years TDK has replaced Judo as a safer disciplined activity. There are totally no contact branches. I did have a conversation with one young woman who trained in Australia to a first dan level is this type of school who was to give up as she considered it a waste of time in a real situation. Then again anyone who thinks they are training a kid for self defence in this stuff is misguided. It's like little league and will hopefully teach a kid some discipline. Kata is the shape and form of fundamentals. Waza is a tried and tested technique. So kata can be a breakdown of waza or be totally made up. THIS is kata https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFqyqZu_5lc Go and watch. Make sure the instructor knows what he is doing. Being good at MA does not necessarily qualify you as a teacher. My opinion is that of a professional instructor training and teaching for over 50 years most of that in Japan overseeing and grading thousands of students both children and adults in more than one art.
  11. Metrobank tells me I can have card with a chip any time I want. But there are still 'problems' to be ironed out. Those problems I assume will be using it elsewhere. Maybe two or three shops here actually have card readers. Late last year It took me 40 mins to get them to accept my debit card. They had only ever seen credit cards.
  12. Usually at Robinson they wave people away who are obviously not senior if they see a senior waiting. Places like PAL have a desk. Globe has large notice that says priority is given to seniors, pregnant women and disabled. I went straight up to the counter last month. The guard came over and I told him I was pregnant. He said ok and walked away.
  13. Hardly laid back for me. After spending a day in city with a list as long as my arm I am glad to take advantage of anything that might get offered to speed up the process. If I sit on the bench outside Ayala taxi rank and the guard motions me to get in a taxi before another 20 waiting I won't refuse. A few weeks ago some young guy on the top floor of Seaside motioned me to hop on his electric cart to take me on a guided tour. He had no SC sign and was just being helpful as the shop I wanted was on the opposite side. I don't give money to anybody but contribute to my Barangay SC group. I of course don't have an SC card but my local group welcomed me with open arms regardless of nationality. Maybe I should separate myself from them and put a sign on the gate saying, "I only help Foreigners". The only thing that makes me European was that I was born in a hospital there. I have spent nearly all my life in Asia. Humanism comes first and above all we should help the aged regardless of what country we live in if we can.
  14. I suggest you get some earplugs. A lot better for your health.
  15. If wifi is a consideration? We have Asus Zen and also Lenovo as backup. We have found the wifi on the Lenovo is far more powerful. I try not to pay too much. I see little point when as soon as you buy a new model there is another new one on the way.