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  1. Tawt Bato
  2. They will probably have a good basketball team. Here's the coordinates: 9 55 42 N 115 31 54 E
  3. <----extremely deploarble
  4. If she didn't cheat on him she might still be alive...just sayin
  5. Terrible advice considering multiple loopholes have already been established.
  6. I heard of an American guy in Panay who was adopted by an elderly childless Filipino couple He was able to inherit their land in his name. Could this be true? Also, some foreigners have been given honorary citizenship, thus being able to procure land legally. Anybody know of other loopholes?
  7. more visayan
  8. visayan tribe
  9. Is it true?
  10. Depends on the individual Immigration official...you will get multiple different answers.
  11. That's what I paid last month for a Jan -Feb flight on bt-store.com. There's still flights available for under $450 during march - may and then it goes up for the summer. Also, $570 for LAX to CEB same dates.
  12. Are you looking for ST or LT hotels?