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  1. Sure its different for everyone ... i tried this method thinking i would save by buying a house in the usa a townhouse and just spending time in both places.. first there are fixed cost for both houses no matter where you live in the usa its HOA fee .. taxes... utilities ... security system etc... you have internet to pay , often cell phones etc... when there we left a family member in charge... cost for food maint and helpers was about 40,000 peso a month and seems everything was breaking in the PI .. ac stopped working ... tv etc... and we would leave a family member in the usa to watch that place and get calls.. this bill is due .. this one also etc etc.. a no win win for us.. also forgot cars... left a car in usa .. insurance ,, maint... get back dead battery etc... same here 6 months of not starting car becomes crap... leave the key and its scary who will be driving it...
  2. i pay it forward maybe that is why i am still kicking when others better and smarter then me are gone... in my youth i was not a good person so maybe i can make it up somehow ...
  3. what i was able to gather was ... if you go to embassy they will get you out but you will owe and they clip your wings... or you can pay the fine but not be allowed back unless you can convince them in manila you made a mistake and will not do that again .. helps if the letter is writing by someone else with knowledge of the inner working.. and then there is always the other way... which i am sure will have mixed results.. when we imported our car we had two ways to do it... back door you never can sell it and some day the tax man can knock on your door or legal wait 3 years and you can sell it... i chose legal and glad i did ...
  4. that is the fee without any interest stuff... the trick is to get the fee paid and NOT be put on the ban list if a person wants to come back
  5. just like there are two ways to get a car past customs... one will cost less and should work of course you can never sell the car the other cost more but its all above board... guess it goes with the do i ever want to come back is a factor in the way you go
  6. he fee can be changed depending on many factors.... the guy who helped him is the same one tim that you saw... he wants to get this fixed without going to jail which can be months to get straightened out..
  7. short version ... guy overstays ... has friend go to BI at J mall ... inquires how much if the fee... gets a price .... tells overstayer even if you pay the fee still possible you will be banned ... seems its a trust issue... fee for overstaying 5 years ... 284.000 peso... what your suppose to do is hire lawyer to petition for you to come back ... real problem is if your banned in one country often your banned in others... helps if you can ask help from the right people ..some lawyers charge a lot and do little others charge little and do alot ..
  8. i ordered a salad/// mushroom soup and a water and large pizza to go at shakeys .. bill was 850 and i gave a 50 peso tip the girl was cute and pleasing to the eye anyone think i did wrong today file it under WGAF
  9. so lets see a guy jay walks all the time and one day gets hit by a car and spends most if not all of his money in the hospital... goes on a forum and tells everyone i think if you jaywalk its bad and then everyone says... just because you got hit dont mean he will so let him experience it for himself...
  10. tipping should be banned.... ha ha ... i object to drunk drivers ,, i object to perverts who lurk at MC do to hang with the high schoolers... i object to dip shits who park in no parking , i object to politically correct safety pin wearing dip shits.. but will that prevent them because i object... NO so if anyone objects to me tipping file it in the round file
  11. i did notice the meat at SM seaside cost more then same product and type as say shopwise or even the other SM .... even robinsons in talisay was less ..
  12. you playing the mom and baby card.... ha ha ... sat behind a robust super large women with a baby was screaming and crying the whole time when asked by the flight attendant to quiet the baby miss jumbo could not hear she had ear plugs... her loud ass reply to the flight lady was ... WELL maybe you can find us a seat in business or first class I think the baby is crying because its to crowded here
  13. Dam 15 pages of crap yea and nay... I tip always have always will and if I ever run for mayor I will understand people not voting for me because they don't like my tipping till then ... who give a F
  14. ITS OVER 5,000 PESO and if and when you tell them the fee was taken out by airlines they tell you to go to the ticket place and get it in writing which means leave the security area and have to come back again ... i think the us should charge 100 per head with 59 million visitors hello build the wall and before anyone says it will affect tourist please
  15. go in plan site in manila we had to bring 620,000 peso to land bank and be there to line up at 7 am instead of looking like we have any money we put it in dunkin donut box no one gave us a second look ... oh the money had to be in cash and it was a fee for importing a car under the NO DOLLAR IMPORT PROGRAM NO DOLLARS BUT LOTS OF PESO