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  1. well some taxi drive like shit and are dangerous.. some smell like shit and others are just rolling death traps.. and when it rains you will taken anything that will roll ....
  2. Seaside still is cold but I noticed elevators first there were 4 to supermarket then 2 now most of the time 1 unit working
  3. in my 14 plus years driving here I have seen way to many overloaded trucks with people hanging on to the top .... jeeps with no door,, no taillights ,, barefoot driving while smoking and texting ... driving on sidewalks.. counter flowing all the time ..bikes with 4 or 5 on them some bikes two guys but one is holding steel pipe a reefer etc. and I have been stopped 3 times for seat belt violations .. yet all this other crap just drives right by ...
  4. 3 min at the LTO office cell and he will be saying yes sir of course sir....
  5. I got my plates on both cars and now have my new drivers lic...
  6. I drove of all trucks a trash truck not fast but did a lot of backing up and with air brakes it you loose pressure they locked up so I don't think he had air brakes just an old bus with a few million miles trying to make just a little more money
  7. I don't think this is going to help traffic and they still have smoke belching jeeps up the ying yang.. guess it will help taxi companies.. I think it will be lots of unemployment in related industries and smuggling will became the new game for cars... we have a pretty new pick up so I sure am not going to buy for a while and I bet its value will go up
  8. I think what has screwed up traffic is ..... hurry 9,000 all in and 5 years to pay... and the lack of any enforcement with most 3 lane highways becoming 1 lane most of the way... but heck its sure not up to us... well as far as the tax reductions .. well our daughter gross pay is about 10,000 peso a month she pays about 1,700 month in tax so if she saves 50% of that tax how many cars can she afford... hmmmmmmmm
  9. if you have a driver great but if your driving dang I have trouble parking my pick up wonder how much hassle would be to park that monster... I have thought of a driver but don't want yet another person living with us...
  10. its all how you see the person once my now wife said to me when we were at the port in Bohol waiting for the boat 15 years ago .. Honey want to see a picture of my uncle.. I said sure and she takes me to a wanted poster with the NBI 10 most wanted and her uncle is like number 7 ... she says I should not judge him on this poster because she knows him to be a wonderful dad and loves his children.. And he did not mean to kill them people he was kind of forced to do it.. so her idea and my idea of the same person were different but each felt they were right
  11. if banks loaned money like they do in the west prices would be even higher then they are now... as to prebuilt like I said before almost everything built will require fine tuning .. its just a matter of how much best place to buy I think is a seasoned place one someone has lived in a few years let them spend to redo stuff
  12. but it effects the price ... the whole idea of a condo was to provide a place to live close to work to not have to spend hours getting to work today its just cool too be on the 30th floor even if you have no job and your retired but as to cost its a 0 in my book but if it was condo or nothing I would buy a condo
  13. well one selling point is a condo can be purchased by a foreigner without being married...if I was single I would buy a condo if I wanted to stay here as I am old school and don't like renting
  14. ok lets ask how many people here bought a 7 million peso condo in the last 3 years and can now sell it for 10 million as they received a 30% discount... anyone... it takes 10 years just to break even same with houses .. builder always underbids job and half way thru says.. sir out of money what do YOU want to do...