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  1. I have in the past said j mall the one the foreigners go to... oh yes I know that one... traffic sucks big time over there
  2. we each have a router so that causes the problem ?
  3. I think because my internet comes in on one line then gets sent to other parts of the house a Tech guy a member came over and changed the last two numbers so it would appear like say a condo or apartment lots of different IP but all very close... when he first did it if I was using my computer upstairs the down stairs could not sign on and Visa versa .. so he did something to the number and then everyone could be on line same time I don't have a clue what he did...
  4. 6 months stop humping the pooch kiss your wife goodby and get to BI fast as you can once its a manila problem its a bigger problem
  5. sneaky pldt they know wifi don't go thru walls so i think they want everyone to buy connections. i now have this berklin and a cable from lan 1 to the lan 1 on the berklin and i am getting cable internet from the berklin but another unit is not working in another part of the house i don't know why should not have password protection as its not wifi
  6. do it before the 6 months or manila gets involved... J mall the big guy who looks American sitting there is very helpful if you don't get a nice ans or easy ans . i can go with you but under 6 months is fixable locally and i recently went in there for another guy and handed him the guys passport overstayed lot longer and he returned it and told me what to tell him to fix his problem no one wants you in jail but they want what is due to them i call it j mail not sure that is the correct name as there is a JY square this place J mall is in mandue back of the mall for my sanity i would go to sm Cebu and take taxi i never like to drive in that area..
  7. now i hear you but wish i understood i never heard of this improvement method.. but it would have to be written as improvement for dummies really if you could explain it like you were talking to a trike driver it would be helpful....
  8. I agree I read that and did not see bitter only asking ... gee everyone sees but thinks different ..
  9. ok what happened is I discovered the pldt one port trick... lan 1 is internet the rest are for internet TV they will give you weak mb... so I ask a member a Russian Vlad who is out of town but told me to build a bridge .. take the lan1 one from pldt to another router as contango is talking and run it to another router which I have a berklin from the us and plug into that lan 1 spot then run from there I did that and now I can watch judge judy on my tv oh life is good.. being in the PI Forces you to learn sink or swim... thanks guys one less stress for the day
  10. mine is fixed I did drop the cignal plan and now have the up to 50mb .. unlimited 2899 but I share it with renters...
  11. Pretty sure I saw it at S and R GNC cost a lot.. I used to buy protein bars there 159 peso then in manila they were on sale 109 and I picked up lots I buy he same ones in the usa at Walmart for 150 which is about 78 peso ... but even thought I brought 80 pieces they never last long enough. the power at SR I think is cheaper at GNC a big one was like 3,000 peso .. go on line the prices change all the time .. even lazada has it bars and powder
  12. So today the PLDT guy comes over .. fixes the broken clip fast but trouble starts when we get to the speed .. I pay for 50 mb but I am getting 1,46mb. he calls manila ... ok wants to see the router and whala says this is wired wrong .. The first slot is for internet .. second and third for internet TV and 4th for something else.. I explain the first slot is hooked up to MY computer second and third to other parts of the house because the wifi wont work thru all the cement... OH no this is wrong its not suppose to work like that .. who hooked this up ... I don't remember who like almost 3 years ago .. Well it should not be working and he called manila and now it don't.. Ist slot works but rest nada... so now I assum the guy who set it up who I do know did something to make it work like that ??? or sheer luck ?? I can only think of one solution a splitter I think I can plug the splitter into slot one and the cables into it and is there a 3 way splitter or only 2 .. I assum once the splitter is in pldt is out of the loop what do they care you have so much supply where it goes matters noting to them, In a perfect world I would need a 3 way splitter so I can also direct line my computer instead of wifi as direct seems faster.. does any of this make sense ,, this same guy did take a PC downstairs and instead of running a cable used the router as an antenna so is it possible he did something to the rounter to make all 4 slots internet ..
  13. 4 me roadstar called every 3 days work done was oil change ,ac re charge find and repair broken wire or wires causing dash warning lights to stay on. They dropped trans found and replaced wires. Then drain 2 gas tanks and repair or replace floats refill with gas 2,500 peso 9 days 22,000 peso
  14. Roger dont you have enough of your projects to do without stalking me everyone can see your obsesed with my post. My life while i never even notice yours. ,,,what works 4 me is when life gives you leamons make leamon meringe pie have a great day
  15. Gee the shock thinking a service is disrupt ed to make money i will agmit the last guy we knew once said. SIR IF YOU SELL YOUR CORVETTE HOW MUCH WILL YOU ASK. I said wel probably 2 5 million he said if it was 1 .5 i might buy it