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  1. I thought I found one but it was baguio and it was 27 years ago ..
  2. our water bill is often over 4,000 but then some months its only 1,000 leakage or just lazy water meter reader warranty gee that's a west thing I heard about
  3. well lets see quality and safety verses low cost and easy
  4. i have one of them fans built into the roof really gets the heat out... I had to direct wire it as setting it on a temp proved to be noisy with the thing starting up at all times of the night now I just hit the switch leave it on 20 min and it draws air into the roof so that and vents did a lot to lower our electric bill
  5. maybe it can be posted on the no parking at any time signs ... save space and money
  6. well first you need a majority .... one unit one vote.... second the fighting starts when someone takes over and says... hey we need to paint again and my BIL has a painting company .. I am remodeling again painting the inside of the kitchen cab... add new colors in the cr tile and mounting the TV on the wall and adding some sound system.. stuff.. if I keep it up maybe my wife will say ... instead of remodeling it would be cheaper if you get a mistress
  7. bingo .... happens all the time just not new worthy unless there is a foreigner involved
  8. really the outcry ... please how many female teachers take 12 and 14 year old boys on a magic carpet ride and the outcry is wow lucky kid
  9. prime to what close to ayala that's prime you want cheap you get cheap construction ... Lets see I had a townhouse in phoenix cost less then that but was 150 sq meters and close to Walmart well why would someone buy a small condo in the usa they would buy a house Well lets see usa ... how about on the coast in Oregon say proposal rock .. or rockaway beach ...or Long Beach Washington all on the ocean
  10. could be or there are a group in AC who hire girls and video the act and post it on line the differences is the girl knows and gets 10.000 peso while a NO film girl would get much less they should ask her how much she was paid...I am personally opposed to the guys who pay and the girls who accept and I don't go for the I am poor thing having many daughters who work for low wages... Different people think of surviving in different ways...
  11. well guess all the screaming about building to American standards is not so stupid after all ...already paying American prices
  12. I saw these things 2 years ago but figured it was smoke and mirrors and did not buy ... ohhhh I was of so little faith... once I actually bought one of them water injectors for me car .. ha ha ha
  13. many old timers will remember Jimmy Reg... from angels started a lets film and post this service called trike patrol I heard he sold out years ago for some big bucks.. but who knows..
  14. I have two and its that size like shoulders to knees if you use one... I don't really know except for years when it gets hot I would wake up at 3 or 4 and turn on ac for one hour I don't do that anymore so I sleep thru the night and save one hour of ac ... for me its ok
  15. oh but when you roll over its all cool again