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      Hello. If you are a new member, and feel a bit apprehensive about posting in the "open" forums, or, just wish to get your "sea legs" prior to posting in the open forums, feel free to post anything you wish to talk about, in the Newbies Forum. No one will bother you, or give you any sort of grief. Everyone there is happy to help you get answers to your questions.


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  1. on several layers
  2. Relax Thumper... thats Hogwash
  3. you must have been asleep at 0341 the morning or....its possible Lee you guys had your own man made rockin' goin' on and didnt notice the earthquake.. It happens horn dog :0
  4. I am very near your area.. and the condo should have magnified the effect. Im guessing you guys sleeep very soundly.
  5. Thanks for the Follow up: RE your FIL: He should also stick them for getting dental implants put in to replace the teeth he lost.. not just for the procedure to get dentures.. that would suck to be stuck with dentures because of 2Go's ineptitude.
  6. Pigs eat shit.. so we should refrain from pork now?/ Blasphemy i shall not let poo keep me from beautiful BACON>
  7. best checked in a as pet ..as that space is pressurized. Sorry no rifling through everyone' s stuff except Fidos.
  8. Hey was it just me or did anyone else feel a Tremor gently shaking you up.. just a few minutes ago at around 0340 Am.
  9. It wouldn't look good if the Cowboys slumped and the Texans or Broncos surged to the Superbowl...and a Cowboy slump is a real possibility..as with their 13-3 record means will have a really Hard schedule next year paired up against much stronger teams and playoff contenders. Last years 2016 schedule was a cake walk based upon the Cowboys dismal 2015 outing. I dont think Jerry is too worried about the Texans Fans base growing... in fact i think he hopes it would be stronger and that the Cowboys / Texans rivalry could actually be a Thing. It would be huge payday for the Texans from a marketing point to land Romo and Jerry knows this. Romos value to the Team (franchise) is much more than his on field performance...its about box office sales and expansion of the brand. Jerry is smart and knows that Romo is to valuable to just give away.. I think the Texans will pony up -- or Denver .. Jerry doesnt need to be in rush .. he is holding all the cardz.
  10. Update .. as of Today . The Generic Pharmacy at Red Ribbon (Coco Mall) does indeed have Clomiphene 85 pesos per tablet. I saw one box there and 6 tabs. I'm betting they can get more. I HAVe never used clomiphene but it sounds great..helping the body to naturally increase T-levels... It sounds like you have had positive experience with it. Have you posted your results in this thread? If not please do .
  11. I like the browns... I think most NFL Fans have a soft spot for the Brownies.. STill not real crzy about their trade for Brock Oswiler though. Thats an expensive 2nd round draft choice.
  12. WE (Speaking for America) lost our defensive backfield practically...and still not shed of Romo. The saga continues.. To the Texans or Broncos...who is it gonna be? And our star running back Ezekiel Elliot -proved to be a fool by exposing a woman's tit in public while swiggin' on brew...all caught on cam going viral.. So he could be suspended for several games . (Not a great Free Agency so far... )
  13. Been there ...Done that.
  14. hard to believe she cant find it in Cebu.... Perhaps she doesnt want you find it??? Tell here to try the Generic Pharmacy at Coco Coco Mall.. Thats Osmena Blvd Capitol Site.. just 2 blocks up from Fuente Circle. Thats where I saw it . While she is there have her step up to my office to pick up some Kape Supremo .. a Natural Herbal Coffee with TongKat Ali it tastes great and with no side effects oNLY FRONT effect if you know what i mean. wink wink nudge nudge. I'll check tomorrow to see if its (the Clomid at Generik Pharma) still in stock and report back.
  15. My wife drives..but only in the US.. says its too scary here. side note: Shotly after she got her TEXAS license.. she ran stop sign (didn't know it) a local cop followed her with lights flashing for a good mile or so.. before he got on the PA and ordered her to pull over. " Im sorry officer, but i didn't know I was supposed to pull over when a police car with lights on is behind .... " True story. She had too two KIds in kiddie seats in the back seat. Cop let her go with a warning...