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  1. Its been my experience several times upon entering CEBU area they Slow down as they pass the first NEW BRIDGE, but then go full throttle to the OLD Bridge.. where they back off the throttle and slow it way down. I always thought it was kind of strange... perhaps our First Person observers can recollect whether or not the craft was at speed.. and if it had slowed down earlier ..and then increased her speed.
  2. First thing i would do with a piece of electronics that is 6 or 7 years old . .is toss it to the dustbin. That thing is most likely done for.. and if not .. you need a new upgrade anyway. let the service provider send lease u a Modem so that they take responsibillity for your service and equipment. Good luck..
  3. fRom the report it seems you may still be possible to take 2Go SuperCat as only that Vessels safety certificate was revoked.. not the whole line.
  4. of course getting those brakes maintained regularly costs money..and you cant run a carrier company providing budget trips with expensive brake jobs! . Condolences to the families of the lost and prayers for the injured. Its traumatic . and it didnt need to happen.
  5. Thank you for posting your news reports and pics ! So where did you pull the Cebu Information Service Feeds. and who was being quoted in your post with pics?
  6. Wow...Amazing no fatalities or sinking.. it looks like it popped the barge good. Before you guys jump all over 2go ... lets get all the data. was the barge lighted? if you see something on your radar and you see the tow boat lights ... and not the barge its pulling .. well at speed in that narrow channel a collision would be predictable. Also lets find out how the cabin crew and captain responded to the emergency. It sounds as if the barge crew did good work securing the the super cat.... Its reckless and not nice to be defaming the Captain by saying he was drunk... who said that?? A BIG THANK YOU to Tinbaum for posting these accounts with first person accounts from his relatives who were aboard. ---- Sounds as if the crew did suck--- but still . Lets just wait until it all comes together.. what exactly happened. A
  7. So you are saying that you don't care for Brew Kettle ? Part of the Risk of living in the PHils is the cheap booze and smokes... its just too easy to over indulge with the super cheap stuff.
  8. So I've been enjoying Brew Kettle Brew here in Cebu for several years now. Seeems no one really talks about it.. but I find it a great diversion from the same old SMB Pale Pilsen or Red horse.. Really nice wheat beer with some citrus. Have yo9u tried it ? LOve it. ? Hate it ? What say ye? Whats your favorite Brew here in the PI. Where do you go for tap beer here in Cebu?
  9. i saw those things on Johnny Quest 40 years ag0! The future is now for sure. those are really cool.
  10. Those speeds look great! and dangerous ;(
  11. We inquired ..but broadband internet was not available in our area.. Cebu guadalupe happy Valley.. only TV was available. Several years ago we had it ..and it sucked.. Latncy issues were horrible. I hear they are much improved now.
  12. Why do you say that? There is no money in it like there was for the poor shabu shabu abusers. that got cardboarded.. Peter Scully is still living the high life behind bars in CDO... I would have thought the "justice" system would have dealt swiftly with that monster.
  13. Ummmmmm what if one of his drinking partner friends did it? He is being run in just on the testimony of one witness (was the witness also drunk? ) that claims he saw the accused go in the house. The police even admit its circumstantial evidence... I really hope the police come out with DNA test asap on the the poor bugger. Whoever did it needs go into solitary confinement in hole for the rest of his life...alongside that Peter Skully tool and the Savage Girl.
  14. just wow ... (skip on over to 14:00 to see the Raytheon MIT lab where the construct the computer) . great look at how those those old school computers were super complicated and hard to build. No wonder they cost so much... I am amazed.
  15. When my dad bought the HP 65 in 73 ..we were all shocked that he would spend more on that thing...than what a new Color TV would cost. He being an old school engineer was thrilled and excited and put his slide rule on the shelf. (when CB radios were the rage his Handle was " SlideRule" ). LOL