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  1. so they dont want you to overstay ..but it you do.. then they will delay your exit. go figure.
  2. Your in luck. she gets around pretty well at 80.
  3. Your picture of Kalangaman profile looks a lot like Giligan's Island.
  4. Great Trip Report .. thank you! It looks like a long and expensive day trip and with no water available quite rough. Yep better get there before they have solar powered karaoke and the wet bikes get authorized Bribe their way back. Did you do any treasure hunting? Rumor is there is more than Sand Bars on that Island.
  5. I got A Crown from Doc Sucalit back 2011. havnt had a problem with it ever. He took his time and I went back several times for the fitting etc. Picked out an expensive Crown. I really cant remember the price but it was under 10k. Office is in the Medical buliding on Fuente where Mc Donalds is. Yes it was Hygenic, AutoClav , Gloves, etc. The office is not new and a bit cramped .. but his expertise was priceless..
  6. I just started following this story and was really surprised to learn the ACX Crystal did a 180 turn around and came back an struck the Fitzgerald... Whats up with that? Where was the ACX going and then decide to turn back.. Were they lost.. "oppps we're going the wrong place better turn around around quick.. do a 180 full steam ahead.." ? This is a weird happening. Also it was hard by looking at the pictures to see where the deaths came from . only later did i learn most damage was done below the water line not visible. That container ship has one of those bulbous snouts that did some damage. Why did the ACX Crystal.. continue on ? as if they didnt even know they had had a collision? Lots of questions .. RIP to the 7 sailors who lost their lives in this accident.
  7. its hard to understand why Cebu would waste time and energy running this Test White Elephant. Its obvious this machine people mover is not suitable for the crowded congested Cebu Environs. Place your energies elsewhere. Silver lining: perhaps the project will inspire the public Massas to begin thinking about mass trans projects. the only route viable route in Cebu is the one they are planning the test run. Tommy O wanted them to test on real congested areas as he very well knew it wouldn't work.
  8. Now There is a project some Retired Expats might want to do... Could probably hire some of these unemployed guys from Lancair to help you build a Lancaire Kit Hot Rod Airplane.... hmmmm wheels turning now.. Where can I get a hold of a spare 100K USD???
  9. After further reading: I gather that they are combining the lancair international (which was a separate company) of the Philippines with the Lancair and putting all things in TX
  10. Lancair a very popular and "hot" Homebuilt kit GA airplane company whose classification is EA (Experimental Aircraft) is returning production facilities from Cebu back to the USA in TEXAS. Apparently the company was recently purchased and it decided to bring production work back to the USA. Does anyone here know about their Cebu operations.. where it was located (guessing MEPZA near the Airport ) how many people were employed (and will be losing their jobs) Why the decison was made to move ( a costly decision) etc. Uvalde, Texas – Following the recent acquisition of Lancair by the Huffstutler family, the company has begun the process of repatriating kit manufacturing fixtures and equipment from their former location in Cebu in the Philippine Islands. Multiple containers of aircraft molds, fixtures, inventory and support equipment are being shipped to their new home in Uvalde, TX and will begin arriving in April 2017. Team members have been hard at work since the company’s purchase in February 2017, unloading and organizing several tractor-trailer loads of parts and equipment from the company’s former headquarters in Redmond, OR into their new home. In the weeks ahead, the Lancair team will reinstall the manufacturing equipment in their new 5-hangar complex at Garner Field Airport (KUVA) in Uvalde, Texas. Bolstered by a new spirit of optimism in the US business sector, the company expects to return to full-scale kit manufacturing in the near future. “The popularity of ’Make America Great Again’ certainly suggests that ‘Make Aviation Great Again’ is a worthy goal for our company and our country. We are looking forward eagerly to a role in the forefront of new developments in U. S. aviation.” states Mark Huffstutler, CEO of Lancair International. Lancair’s new headquarters comprises some 88,000 square feet of climate-controlled hangar and office space. While still unpacking file cabinets and purchasing furniture, the company has already begun offering a variety of aircraft services from the new location. Maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO), inspections and avionics support services are available for both experimental and certificated aircraft, including piston and turbine-powered planes. Drawing on an experienced local aviation workforce, the Uvalde airport location also features on-site paint and interior refurbishment, making it a true “one-stop shop” for regional owners and operators of private aircraft of all types. Existing Lancair kit and aircraft owners will also enjoy full support for new and replacement parts, technical assistance and support documentation.
  11. Thanks for that update! I've been wanting to get the Whole FamDamily signed up.
  12. Sad... I feel really really bad for the elderly Hilot. What a Jerk this guy is. Ok im not a big believer in EJK, but......
  13. you need to schedule the appointment. Previously there was no walkin.. there was a huge cluster Feck line ..that folks joined at 3 or 4 AM. Now it is so much more sane! The system actually works in a timely fashion. You can have the PP sent to you or you can opt to pick it up. My wife got hers in 5 working days. Get on it. !
  14. Nice looking A330. I see that PAL turned a profit last year...reason enough to break out the Champaign!
  15. Glad it wasn't a Chinese vessel...