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  1. Cool Mindanao's own Mata Hari.
  2. Wierd. She was so being used by the Abus.. a Lonely Menopausal Female supertindent whose hubby is away to Pakistan falls for a 20 something Abu terrorist murderer... Would make great fiction. I note that charges of adultery have not been filed against Supt. Nobleza? Thoght it was illegal to married and shacking up someone other than you T
  3. Interesting times as during all this focus on Air travel and Flight Attendants Service etc.. MY daughter is just now finishing her training to join the ranks at American A. L. They have had plenty to talk about aside from the normal.. but she is loving every bit of it and so excited to get started. Not a bad gig for a kid and I am looking forward to getting to cash on my Family travel perks (wont be wearing leggings on board!) ha. She will be the Most junior FA in the entire AA system until the next class graduates as she is the youngest in her class. So it will be hard for me get on those space available flights as I dont think AA will be dragging any of you guys off the plane so i can fly for free. Regarding seat reclining.. just get yourselves a Knee Defender....remember those. http://gizmodo.com/a-gadget-that-stops-seats-from-reclining-caused-a-plane-1626696368. I'm sure i fell victim to an AH pax behind me several years ago, but i didn't know about it. I was sure the seat was malfunctioning and even the FA couldn't get it to recline and i wasn't on a exit row etc.. About a year later these things surfaced... pissed me off thinking about the schmo behind me laughing his ass off while i was dicking w the seat!
  4. super cool.. looks dangerous as feck. How do they govern its altitude? But ya gotta get one. ... Future is today.
  5. Great story...awe awe cute.... like to hear more about it.
  6. A manila transfer on Cebu Pacific is Easy Peasy.. evrything all in Terminal 3 .. which is actually quite nice.. much better than that squatter airport in KL (the budget one which is 70% outdoors.
  7. too bad OP stopped video. I wonder why ?
  8. Lets see if Cebu can sustain a direct flight to Bangkok..bets are it cannot. Perhaps Ceb pac should by some baby jets that are economical like the Embraer http://www.embraercommercialaviation.com/Pages/Ejets-175.aspx. Cheaper operating costs with fewere seats and crew members neeeded.
  9. How the United Passenger Suckered Us By Michael Fumento —— Bio and Archives April 16, 2017 185 Comments | Print Friendly | Subscribe | Email Us 5.1K You’ve been snookered folks! By that poor elderly doctor who was involuntarily dragged from his seat, had his face smashed in, and was beaten unconscious by the evil airport security at the behest of United Airlines. Because there’s no evidence any of that was true. It was in fact a premeditated temper tantrum gone viral, comprising one 69-year-old Vietnamese-American David Dao, a medical doctor who lost his license, planning a lawsuit from the moment United first politely asked him to give up his seat. He demanded to be dragged, did an excellent impersonation of Ned Beatty’s character in that horrific scene in Deliverance, and struck his lip on an armrest. From the many videos taken by numerous passengers, obviously from numerous angles, there’s no evidence of a beating, a “serious” concussion, or bodily damage beyond that lip. Although some like the Huffington Post want us to ignore his sordid past as inconsequential or “blaming the victim,” it’s important that Dao in 1995 was charged with 98 felony drug counts for illegally prescribing and trafficking painkillers, sometimes in exchange for homosexual sex. (He’s married. To a woman.) That normally would get you identified as unreliable scum. He surrendered his medical license and even now is only allowed to practice internal medicine in an outpatient facility one day a week. To be sure, United deserves blame and played into Dao’s hands—not entirely a metaphor since the good doctor has also made hundreds of thousands of dollars on the professional poker circuit. It appears that by law they were supposed to have upped the payment to $1,350 to make room for four United employees who needed to get to Louisville right away. Why did they stop at $800 (plus a hotel voucher)? Further, this all should have occurred before boarding, but there passengers apparently were only offered $400. “It’s clearly the man’s fault that security had to drag him off, said one of the passengers who uploaded his video of the incident. He was resisting.” “I don’t blame the security guards at all,” he told Fox News. That was “the only way they could get him off the plane.” But once he was asked to give up his seat, along with three other passengers who willing obliged, Dao’s mental gears began to whirl. One video depicts him telling someone by telephone “I make lawsuit against United Airlines for discrimination.” Yet another video shows him insisting that he be dragged. All the while he held up the departure, as indeed he would again as everyone had to leave while the blood was cleaned up. Over time his injuries have grown dramatically. He checked himself into a hospital where first he, then one of the lawyers from the two law firms he’s retained, claimed he suffered from “everything.” Curious diagnosis, that. Though none of the videos show it, he also claims to have lost two front teeth, a broken nose, and a “serious” concussion. Obviously, this all appeared off camera, after he left the plane. One of his lawyers repeated that curious diagnosis. (He’s retained not one but two Chicago-area law firms. Natch.) Except that… he came back on the plane, melodramatically uttering over and over again, “They’ll kill me.” He clearly showed bleeding from the lip but there was no other evident damage. I’ve had three broken noses; I know what they look like. Broken. Easy way to settle this; a picture from Dao or his lawyers. There are no pictures. This is obvious nonsense, so how did he get so far with it? THE BLACK MIRROR In part, welcome to the world of The Black Mirror. That’s a highly-regarded Netflix series about a dystopian near-future in which social media dictates “the truth.” The name refers to a blank cell phone or tablet screen. The Sturm und Drang began with a short clip uploaded first to Facebook and then other media. It began just as Dao was pulled from his seat. You didn’t see him being apologetically requested to leave first by United employees and then by security. Nor the phone call nor daring to be dragged. With social media, he who uploads or tweets first dictates the story. Now add the opposite of the laugh track, the scream track. Several passengers yelling “Omigawd!” and chiding the security guards. Laugh tracks tell us “This is funny; laugh!” Scream tracks tell us “This is horrible! Be outraged!” Continued below... With social media dictating what news is, the event became clickbait With social media dictating what news is, the event became clickbait (”Must See Pictures of United Passenger!”) and the mainstream media “analysts” jumped in. It was easy to choose sides given the Sarah Bernhardt performance and the perceived American loathing of airlines. Part of this is the result of 9/11 restrictions, but part is due to consolidations that have given many airlines monopolies on routes and let them do such things as charge us for pretzels and squeeze us into tiny spaces that only a chiropractor could love. (Curiously, while only 35 percent of Americans rate US airlines positively, only 32 percent rate them negatively according to Gallup. So there seems to be a whole lot of ambivalence.) The London Independent went so far as to say Dao’s life was “ruined,” while one of his team of attorneys asserted Dao “said that being dragged down the aisle was more horrifying and harrowing than what he experienced when leaving Vietnam.” By tomorrow it will be worse than having been gassed at Auschwitz. But part of the phenomenon long precedes YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and social media dictating the news. It’s the American cult of victimization. American cult of victimization Thirteen years ago I penned a column called “Victims Are Our New Heroes, noting that at one time that meant putting yourself at risk by going beyond normal civic or military duties. Yet Magic Johnson went from “sports hero” (another misnomer) to All-American Hero by virtue of contracting AIDS. That simple. Since then, in embeds in Iraq and Afghanistan, I’ve gotten to know real heroes, those who died or gave up body parts (self included) or at least risked doing so. So I’ve become even less sympathetic to the nouveaux “heroes.” Dao’s quick thinking and theatrics show he knows how to play the system as well as he knows how to play cards, combining social media and the cult of victimization into what presumably will be a very hefty payout for a very dishonest man. Michael Fumento is an attorney, author, and journalist known for debunking modern mythology. He embedded four times in Iraq and Afghanistan. Michael also owns no airline stock. Michael Fumento -- Bio and Archives | Click to view 185 Comments Michael Fumento is a journalist, author, and attorney who moved to Colorado in December. He can be reached at Fumento[at]gmail.com.
  10. seems this tragedy has been buried in the news... 29 dead in Nueva Ecija bus crash By Cecille Suerte Felipe and Victor Martin (The Philippine Star) | Updated April 19, 2017 - 12:00am Screen grab from an abs-cbnnews video shows residents using ropes to retrieve injured passengers after a mini-bus fell into a ravine in Barangay Capintalan, Carranglan, Nueva Ecija yesterday. Inset shows an aerial view of the site. MANILA, Philippines — An overloaded mini-bus fell into a deep ravine along a winding road near the boundary of Nueva Ecija and Nueva Vizcaya before noon yesterday, killing 29 of its passengers, many of whom were traveling back to Manila and Ilocos after the long Lenten break. Authorities said the accident in Barangay Capintalan in Carranglan town along the Cagayan Valley-Nueva Ecija highway left 38 people injured, many them critically.eredaid 18 of the fatalities were females. A survivor, 31-year-old Ian Boy Fernandez of Sto. Domingo Bambang, said the bus was trying to overtake another bus when its engine stopped. While the driver was trying to restart the engine, he lost control of the vehicle on a sloping portion of the road. Fernandez, who was with his 38-year-old wife Remedios and eight-year-old son Mico, said he was able to jump off the bus as it rolled downhill and veered toward the ravine. Headlines ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch: 1 As he climbed down the ravine to rescue his wife and child, people gathered at the crash site taking photos. It was not clear if his wife and son survived. Fernandez said the bus was overloaded with more than 60 passengers, 11 of them standing, when it fell into the ravine about 100 feet deep. Malacañang condoled with the families of the fatalities and vowed to hold accountable those responsible for the tragedy. “We express our deep condolences to the families of the victims who died in the tragic bus accident in Carranglan, Nueva Ecija,” presidential spokesman Ernesto Abella said. “We guarantee that the culprits behind the fatal bus mishap will be held accountable,” he added. The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) has ordered the suspension of the Leomarick franchise. It was not clear as of press time if the driver was among the fatalities. Some survivors said passengers bound for Manila would have disembarked in San Jose, Nueva Ecija to get another bus ride to the capital. Nueva Vizcaya Gov. Carlos Padilla rushed to the crash site together with personnel from the Philippine Red Cross and the Nueva Vizcaya provincial rescue team which, he said, retrieved 26 bodies from the site at around 3:55 p.m. He said some of the injured were brought to the Indigenous Hospital in Aritao town, Nueva Vizcaya Provincial Hospital in Bambang town and Veterans Regional Hospital (VRH) in Bayombong town. Dr. Arlene Hara, NVPH head, confirmed 13 deaths at the hospital alone. “A still unidentified victim remains in critical condition at the ICU (intensive care unit) of the Nueva Ecija Provincial Hospital,” said Hara. Dr. Rowena Constantino of the VRH said the dead included a six-month-old infant and seven children as of 5:15 pm. Senior Supt.Antonio Yarra, director of the Nueva Ecija Provincial Police Office, said the accident took place at around 11:30 a.m. while the bus was traveling at around 75 kph along the treacherous Cagayan Valley-Nueva Ecija highway from Santiago, Isabela to Candon, Ilocos Sur. “As of 2 p.m. about 40 victims have been taken out of the bus and lifted from the accident site, which is about 80 to 100 feet deep form the road area,” Yarra said. He added the bus had a capacity of 45 passengers. Authorities said rescue operation was tedious as personnel had to carefully check the injury of each passenger before removal from the site on a stretcher. “The Cagayan Valley-Nueva Ecija highway was closed during the rescue operations, which resulted in about a three-kilometer long queue of vehicles,” Michael Calma, of the PDRRMO, added. ‘Accident prone’ Carranglan Nueva Ecija Mayor Mary Abad said Capintala was about 45 minutes from the town proper and is considered an accident prone area. Reports reaching Camp Crame showed four pick-up vehicles helped bring the victims to hospitals in Bangbang, Nueva Vizcaya, which is closer to the accident area. The mayor said local police are now coordinating with the bus management as initial reports showed the bus lost its brakes as it maneuvered a sharp curve. PDRRMO’s Calma said rescue teams were checking the scene until late in the afternoon to ensure all the passengers were accounted for. “Rescue teams were still checking. If you look closely, the bus appeared to have landed nose first,” he said in Filipino. Meanwhile, LTFRB spokesperson and board member Aileen Lizada said in a text message the suspension of Leomarick franchise takes effect once the bus operator, initially identified as Leonardo Patulot, receives a copy of the order. The operator has two buses, including the one which figured in the accident. Based on initial information from LTFRB field officers, the bus was not out of line. Lizada said they were looking at human error and the condition of the vehicle as possible cause of the accident. If there was overloading, the bus operator and dispatcher would be asked to explain. Investigators would also check on travel time and if there was an alternate driver. The LTFRB recently issued a memorandum setting a six-hour limit of driving for bus drivers. “There are many angles that we need to thresh out,” she said in an interview over dzMM radio. – With Alexis Romero, Ric Sapnu, Manny Galvez, Emmanuel Tupas, Raymund Catindig http://www.philstar.com/headlines/2017/04/19/1691732/29-dead-nueva-ecija-bus-crash
  11. you forgot to photo where they keep the safe, their cctv cams, the guards, and their guns... cause you took pics of everything else. like i asked in your onk king king post, do tjhey not freak out with you taking pics of their store? Great work btw... keep em coming.
  12. nice pics.. did the store not freak out withyou taking photos of every square inch of their place!? I believe their main branch .. does most of the business and this is just a "pretty front" public facing outlet.
  13. So where are the pictures of this most wanted? shouldnt they be posted everywhere?