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  1. Please post user report how it goes.
  2. lol.. thanks for sharing.
  3. I wish life was black and white so I could really rail and bash the Tizon kids for not standing up their parents especially their MOM and calling in Social Services and getting the STATE involved in ripping up their family, incarcerating their mom who was physician to the downtrodden loved by many for her charitable work.. and deporting Lola back to poverty Philippines where she didn't have any family. Seems Lola was stuck in a dysfunctional family needed,loved, and yes used and abused. Seems to me the author Tizon came to reckoning of the injustice his family had inflicted on this lady LOla and in the end Did the right thing by giving her his family and a home, freedom, love, and respect. He obviously loved her more than his mother.
  4. Ok so what would you have done in the situation? That was my question to all the bashers. Also I don't believe in 1999 when she went to live with his family that she was slavin' she basically had no place else to go.. and he took her in. And paid her that after he had taken steps to get her naturalized as a US Citizen. He did give her ticket home and checked in her ..and she wanted to go back "home" the US. He gave her his family and Love and space and a freedom to do what she pleased. Yep its sad story but think given the situation the Author did what most was noble in providing a home for her.
  5. For all the Alex Tizon Bashers: And what what would you have done in the same situation? He inherited the situation and I feel like he dealt with it appropriately. Its a sad story...but what is really sad is all the tongue lashings and mental abuse she suffered at the hands of his parents. Lola loved his mother despite, and her children and there children. She was family..she would never have been happy repatriated back to the PI away from her family. The gross sins really took place when the Lieutenant gave her to his mother.. and when her Mom and Dad stole her away to the US and did not pay her... By the time the Siblings were adults.. The Situation was what it was..She was family... in a frail abused position but needed and loved as family. Yes I agree the family should somehow pay her back salary back to her family or build a children's home in her name as an honor to the lady who raised them. I do not see the children as complicit in the sins of their parents.
  6. You set up shipping from Amazon to LBC's LA address . They Open the Box ..take a pic of the item and repackage it. and consolidate ship out over the philippines with a bunch of other orders .. When it arrives Manila..your order is separated by LBC and sent to your Philippine address by LBC.door to door service. We ord3ed from Ebay and Amazon and had the Items consolidated by LBC in LA..and sent in one package. Worked Great YMMV. But i would say give it a try.
  7. True . he wouldn't need an ECC until he is over 6 months past his Balikbayan stay period, but if his name was in the database already dont you think immigration would have snared him as he tried to exit the country?
  8. So the man is a business owner of two Subway franchises... I wish he could have brought one to Cebu! If he was extradited i wonder if he had crimes to speak for in the US or were all the alleged crimes done in the PI> I think he is fortunate that he was able to get sent back home. If he is guilty I hope they throw the book at him with full force.
  9. Used Continental ..which was provided for the note holder Maybank.. it was really good insurance and paid off a 50K parking lot fender bender without batting an eye..no hassle. BUT i dropped it after the first year because of expense. I am shopping for one now itn 20K ball park.
  10. Ahhh ok i get ya. Would love to see some of your videos of Hong Kong if you have them posted somewhere.
  11. hard to make money like that when those 4 big Jet turbofans are guzzling fuel. Oh ok that makes sense then... The A 330 just cant quite make it there safely.. You sound like you know what you are talking about . What are you some sort of Aviation guru columnist.? It would be amazing if they did get some new 777ER or 787.. but I would guess they would keep it in the Airbus family.. whatever that might be.
  12. Told ya so...nah nah.. but thanks for the GREAT post with all the pics very helpful! Again surprised they didn't ask you stop with the photo recon. I Just might actually get a membership though I am loath to pay for the privilege to spend more money as Landers is very convenient as opposed to S&R for me anyways.. Paul should give bonus points for the great contribution!
  13. These pilots were not even born the last time the PAF had a jet. the Jets as I understand add a nice punch and are useful warplanes to have in stock.. but for fighting the Abus and Pirate boats.. they need like you said better helis, good maritime patrol fast boats, and affordable to operate eyes in the sky. The Attack helis are too operationally expensive to keep flying roving about the sea lanes, but needed ! the New Korean Boat offloaded onto the Philis helps bone up the RP Navy.. with a new boat, you got to have a crew and an officer class.. Give them something more to upgrade their skills on. I wonder how much of the annual defense budget the boat will gobble up?