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  1. That's an old video. She's been defeated since.
  2. No mystery here, mentally unstable person + gun = rampage.
  3. If Sonnen manages to win, it will cause some chaos in the division. The belt will probably get passed around rapidly as Sonnen has zero submission defense, and there are a few good submission guys hanging around. Regardless, I see Silva retiring after he wins, as I doubt he will fight Jones.
  4. That fight was rather disappointing. I don't expect people to stand and trade shots, but Guida pulling a Dominic Cruz with 1/10th the striking was brutal to watch. As for Sonnen, the guys has his moments and all, but I find it hard to support a cheat. Mind you, I can't stand Anderson either, so I hope they both KO each other and cause anarchy.
  5. Phil, You should try to hit up Pacific Villia 1, its practically right outside your doors, and there are plenty of foreigners in there that probably have no idea about your place (unless they read this forum). I lived there for a few years, and I barely ever turned left out of there (A right turn takes you to the city)! There is also Bayswater homes nearby. There are plenty of locals and foreigners around, hope you manage to get some coin out of it no matter what you guys decide.
  6. Was at Wombat's last night, had a Prime Steak Sandwich (with fries), the girlfriend had a beef fajita, and we split an order of potato skins. With drinks (non-alcoholic), came to 540 pesos. Very good service, good prices.
  7. I agree with your disagreement. Munoz has potential, just needs to learn some (better) striking. Everyone knew Overeem was going to get popped as soon as a random test was issued, guy either has a direct genetic link to cavemen or was on the juice, hmm wonder which. Looking forward to SDR, Struve, and Bang's fights. Usually entertaining.
  8. "Love thy neighbour", unless they are gay? Not very PC. I could care less what people are doing in their bedrooms.
  9. I've always used EZTV, never had an issue.
  10. What on earth is a Graboid? Don't people just download magnet links and uTorrent and go?
  11. Lets see, there are 10 times as many Americans than Canadians, so... by Canuck math that would be 5.83 trillion in comparison. Now whats the US debt? Also, we Canadians wouldn't be so much in debt if we didn't try so hard to keep our igloos so far into the summer...
  12. Kandaya Fitness, it's in the Bayswater subdivision (close to Deca 3 and Grand Mall). They have cardio machines, free weights, all sorts of stuff. Nice place, nice staff, its where I go.
  13. Sounds like he will be very lonely with that attitude. "..Open your mouth and remove all doubt" and all that.
  14. You are describing EXTREME feminism, not feminism in general. "Face it pal, the Chris Browns are NOT that common, maybe one in million guys is a jackass like that." So there are only 300 men in the US that abuse their wives? That statement is shockingly ignorant, and another reason why the movement you so despise continues with momentum.