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      Hello. If you are a new member, and feel a bit apprehensive about posting in the "open" forums, or, just wish to get your "sea legs" prior to posting in the open forums, feel free to post anything you wish to talk about, in the Newbies Forum. No one will bother you, or give you any sort of grief. Everyone there is happy to help you get answers to your questions.


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  1. She have a sister? I pm'd you.
  2. That's not how it works. GMAT is only for MBA programs, and, as with the, GRE, LSAT, MCAT etc etc it's not a pass/fail test. You get a raw score which places you in a percentile. Each school looks at the score, grades, personal statement and recommendations and makes a decision to accept or deny admission to the respective candidate. City Colleges don't even accept transcripts from Philippine schools so it's hard to imagine graduate programs, which have much higher standards than City Colleges, would accept local transcripts since 99% of Philippine schools aren't even accredited. Then there's the issue of calculating GPA -- what kind of admissions committee would have any faith in grades from a school they've never heard of in a third world country? It can be done, but the main metric is the standardized test, I've known a lot of Filipinos that got rude awakenings when they present their transcripts to US Schools. Practice due diligence , find out ahead of time if your local school is recognized by whatever foreign schools you're thinking of attending. Fulbrights and Fords aren't that easy to get either. They don't hand them out like candy bars. Normally a US based scholarship or grant goes to a US student, not a foreign one, for the same reason Filipino based scholarships usually go to Filipinos and not foreigners.
  3. I'd like to urge caution on this. It's been touched on in other posts -- make sure the school has reciprocity arrangements with US Accreditation Agencies such as the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. http://www.acswasc.org/ or the ABA for law. I've known people with 4 year degrees from the Philippines, came to the states and basically were told all their work in the Philippines wouldn't be recognized. That's something you have to pay for in the USA, transcript evaluation. UP is usually the safest bet but be careful.
  4. They have to jump through a lot of hoops. It's not easy to qualify and once qualified, then you have to apply for a visa and that can be frustrating. The battery of tests also cost a lot of money. I never met anyone personally in CEbu that made it to the USA as a nurse. I knew plenty that went to New Zealand, UK, and other places, but none to US, though I know a lot of nurses that got to the USA via Fiance or other type of visa then became US Nurses.
  5. If I'm not mistaken, the US only recognizes UP and Ateneo for law.
  6. Yes, I agree agree. For the lawyers and MBA's we should deport them immediately, to Antarctica.
  7. My formal education is gooderer than yours is.
  8. Absolutely no question about that. Philippines is way cheaper. If I had to choose between sending my kids to Philippines for school and NOT goiing to college at all, I'd go with the former. But American JC's are still a really good deal and then transferring to a Public school is still a far better option IMO in terms of low cost education. Berkeley is a public school.
  9. It's worse than that, they can't even get top locals to teach.
  10. I'm just saying they're all pretty awful. I hate saying that but it's what I've observed over 10 years. Even the nursing and med schools suck. But at least in those programs the kids do hands on internships and if they go overseas, they have to buckle down for their foreign board exams and that fills in a lot of gaps from the indadequate schooling they received in the Phils.
  11. Bikini bar busted in Mango Ave

    The girls weren't like what? Please clarify. You can close all of them down and it'll just give rise to a variant of the behavior. The girls will work out of regular nightclubs (they already do that actually), do more web based work, or find some other way to exchange their bodies for cash. The bars are just a reflection of a third world economy. The bars are unsavory but they also allow for credible regulation of health with regard to STD's. If you want to get rid of bars, you have to deal with the underlying social/economic causes. Bohol managed to all but eliminate girlie bars, yet there's rampant prostitution there as well. It's just done more on the sly.
  12. Even though I think the US Tourist Visa system is idiotic, have to agree. The bigger issue for me is how we treat Student Visas. "Just got your PHD from Yale? Congrats, now GTF out!" They should staple Work Visas to grads of certain progams and fast track them to citizenship.
  13. I'm skeptical of the list. How can Washington University rank ahead of Dartmouth? And I don't know how the London School of Economics could fare so poorly -- always thought that place ranked with Oxford and Cambridge, though I don't know that much about UK schooling UP is decent enough, I've worked with a lot of smart and talented people from there. There's no question they get smart kids, but if you take a look at the UP Cebu campus, they aren't going to win many awards for the physical facility. It's a dump. If you're looking for a place to spend 4 years and learn almost nothing, I highly recommend Univ of San Carlos in Cebu. UC is worse. Southwestern is worser. USJR is worsest.
  14. Bikini bar busted in Mango Ave

    That's true, that's exactly the what she was telling those guys. But on the other hand, they were getting an exchange of goods for their money. She was a bombshell. She'd hang out at BG's even with multiple sponsorships but rarely bar fine. So for sure, no one was forcing her to go to a bar. She just liked the lifestyle.