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  1. As someone who had all sorts of firearms in his possession in the PH, I have had this discussion with command rank police officers , my own attorneys, prosecutors and even a judge (all known to me personally). Was told that no one would pursue any action. Castle doctrine is very strong in the PH. One's biggest concern is the propensity for families to seek out revenge for deaths of family members - regardless if they were killed during a drug raged home invasion.
  2. You are just associating yourself with the wrong people? Most of them do know how to spell "Filipino".
  3. Indeed. But one will want to give serious consideration to moving afterwards.
  4. Marmite available at: Howzat sports bar in Makati (Kalaayan between P Burgos and Rockwell) or if you are in Alabang pop into The Union Jack tavern in Festival Mall, they have a small British grocery in the back. Vegemite I've seen at the grocery in basement of Landmark. Unreliable stock however.
  5. They sure do advertise it as usda. But I'm with you. If you believe casa verde's meat is USDA then I've got some land you might be interested in.
  6. While I'm sure Queensland has seen its share of dogs... This was the Diamond Manila.
  7. I don't know what the official policy is, but I have purchased inside of an Ayala mall several automatic knives over the years. And of course subsequently was free to roam around the mall with them. I usually have a knife in my pocket. There is only once I have been asked to leave it with security and that was at a major hotel that had dogs/metal detectors/hand pat where I was meeting people for dinner. Hammers, now those are a different story.
  8. 410,000 PHP per month...
  9. I'm terrible with names of places so I've probably been in Beats but wouldn't remember the name. There are several 'normal' bars in that general area, but none of them are really my cup of tea. Already mentioned Cubano place is OK. The Joker's Arms recently reopened just a bit down Jakosalem opposite side of El Gecko. Used to be a decent bar except for its very out of the way location. They seemed to be in sort of soft opening mode when I was there a couple months ago.
  10. I have heard it used by Pinoys more times than I can count.
  11. I've never relied solely on a Philippine license. My latest US license is good for 8 years and can be replaced online and arrive in the mail in a few days. No lines, and no affidavits!
  12. Looks like a nice unit. I like the display feature on the controller. I have a DJI Phantom 4. After a few flights around the yard and taking some pics of my house it became a bit of a 'now what?' sort of toy. I had an interest in buying some foreclosures for a while and a drone is a good tool for a quick look around a property that you can't or don't want to walk around. Seems like anytime I think about taking it somewhere I don't want to be bothered with trying to carry it on a plane or losing it to checked luggage. Not to mention the LiOn battery restrictions are perplexing. Right now I'm on a road trip of which the highlight is a national park where they are banned. So alas, my drone is sitting at home in the $250 Pelican box I setup for it.
  13. I've had the silly receipt and no plastic for two years.
  14. Racism is alive and well and going very strong in the Philippines. Racism doesn't always necessarily relate to the black race...
  15. Nice place. Hope you find a decent tenant.