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  1. That's the original location. Mixed reviews abound with CV - the bottom line being 'hit and miss'. When there were (VERY) few choices in Cebu it shined through as one of the few refuges for some semi-decent, Western-esque food. Time has been good to their bottom line, they have other locations now , Ayala being one of them. They have become a favorite of Koreans in Cebu. I haven't been to that location in some time.
  2. So how did things work out with Ian and Margie?
  3. Is this like one of those FB things where you answer questions and post it for your friends to do the same?
  4. I've been to Palawan a few times. Have hit all of the major tourism highlights. As mentioned PP is a nice little place, but not much at all to do there. Your month long visit is certainly a good idea before making any decision to move there. Is your significant other from there? Or are you a bachelor looking to strike love riches there?
  5. I should probably be more verbose, but every time, every flight, it never fails, I'm always thankful. To be exact, my thought is always: "Thank F@&K that is over!"
  6. The female flight attendant showed the most leadership of all the staff in that video. Maybe she is the lead, if not, she sure played the roll!
  7. It is very likely that someone will, most jetways have cameras.
  8. I'm not even sure what your talking about now, so it's hard for me to provide a relevant response.
  9. It is about time we get a proper passenger bill of rights. People are intimidated and fear challenging airline cabin crew about anything for fear of being tossed off the flight and arrested. But at what cost comes our newfound freedom? Is it now OK for passengers to be abusive to other passengers, since now all airline staff will fear taking action and being the one who single handedly brings their company (and perhaps their co-worker's pensions) into a death spiral (PUN well intended)? Conflict needs to be resolved with cage matches, nothing more, nothing less.
  10. Oh the horror (aka sweet victory for the lawyers) - turns out Mr. aggressive yet light in the loafers was in fact the FLIGHT ATTENDANT! One we put our trust and faith in to keep us safe!
  11. The real hero here is Surain Adyanthaya. For without him, personal injury lawyers would be working on affidavits alone!
  12. The devil is in the details.
  13. I think you saw a different video than I did. The captain was reviewing the situation and the douchebag ground crew member who allegedly 'strollered' the passenger came on scene. It is typical of criminals to turn up at the scene of a crime under investigation. Arsonists are famous for this. Maybe light in the loafers underachievers who like to assault women with baby strollers do as well.
  14. I watched the video. He didn't "intervene", he poked his nose into a situation that was being addressed by airline staff. Everyone wants to be a cop until the cops arrive and tell them they are under arrest. Everyone wants to be a judge until they get their ass handed to them by the real judge.
  15. The ground crew employee needs to be dismissed. Regardless of what happened, he is not fit to work in that capacity. The passenger who threatened the ground employee should have been removed (with force if necessary). Replace all smoking lounges with cage fight venues. Get the anger out before boarding. Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to travel free, The lawsuits will pay for those who refuse of your stern rules we bore. Send these, even the homeless, personal injury lawyers abound lift my fist beside the cabin door!”