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      Hello. If you are a new member, and feel a bit apprehensive about posting in the "open" forums, or, just wish to get your "sea legs" prior to posting in the open forums, feel free to post anything you wish to talk about, in the Newbies Forum. No one will bother you, or give you any sort of grief. Everyone there is happy to help you get answers to your questions.


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    well what can i say .. just look at that picture of my wife taken literally just a couple minutes after our son was born .. and after many many hard hours of labor and a 100% natural birth.. she left work when that labor started .. back then she was working a pretty physical job too .. she still looks great even after all of that .. i could say that says alot about filipinas and maybe it does .. but i know it says a hell of alot about my wife .. i'm a very lucky man indeed
    that little boy is 11 now and smart as a whip and the most popular kid everywhere he goes

    they are my main interests .. i have many others .. but they pale in comparison

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  1. you both know you still want one
  2. in the UK what do they mean when they say asian? in the states we mean chinese japanese vietnamese and the like rather than people from countries that are technically part of asia like india russia ..the middle eastern countries and the like
  3. prove it
  4. if you don't want other people to stab you you should shoot them
  5. young journalism student was assigned to write a human interest story. He went into the mountains to do some research. There, he found an old farmer sitting on his porch, introduced himself, and explained his mission. The young man asked, "Has anything ever happened around here that made you really happy?" After a moment, the farmer said, "Yeah, one time my neighbour's daughter, a fine looking gal, got lost. We formed a posse and found her. After we all screwed her, we took her back home." "I can't print that!" the young man exclaimed. "Can't you think of anything else that happened that made you happy?" The farmer thought for a minute and smiled, "Yep! One time a neighbour's sheep got lost. We formed a posse and found it. Then we all screwed it, and then took it back home." Again, the young man said, "I can't print that, either. Let's try another approach. Has anything ever happened around here that made you really sad?" The old farmer dropped his head as if he were ashamed, and after a few seconds he looked up timidly at the young man and said, "This one time, I got lost."
  6. singles fives tens i'll take anything
  7. i am also looking for usd but i have nothing to trade for them
  8. i think we are going to have to agree to disagree on the quality of drivers in the states..
  9. the mentality is different but the poor driving skills.. a solid 80% of the people in the states who have drivers licenses ... should not