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  1. I would think that his life would be in danger if he returned to the Philippines. I don't think the police would think too kindly of his efforts to expose their incompetence and his demise could be portrayed as 'justice done'
  2. This is the case that caused me to seriously question my desire to move to the Philippines. I remember when the judge questioned the police on who altered a license plate to match the ID of what the witness provided, the police answered that the accused must have done it. The judge then asked why would the accused change their license plate to match that of the vehicle being searched for. No answer and nobody punished for that. Showed me how completely vulnerable foreigners are if you are ever accused of anything. Evidence totally disregarded or fabricated with no penalties.
  3. 'Im guessing that if you used VOIP and set up a date you could find yourself accused of trafficking in the Philippines. Since that was the internet.. lol
  4. This girl was just a kid herself when all of this began. How did someone like her find themselves in this situation? Where were 'her' parents at that time?
  5. As far as I know the only actual 'Right' that illegals have is the right to leave. By all means let them fight for that right.
  6. It's not about 'who's boss'. We are adults and we talk these things through.
  7. My point exactly, it's a completely non necessary surgery
  8. My older boy here in the USA is not circumcised and he has thanked me for not having that done to him. But now i have a Phil-Am kid (7 months) and my asawa is nagging me about getting that done. There is a 50/50 chance that i will retire in Phils one day and she says that if he is in school there that other kids will pick on him. My attitude is 'f them' he can just kick their asses if they tease him. But maybe i am being hard-headed? Thoughts? -quito
  9. He will have plenty of time to learn how to dance to "Thriller"
  10. I would bet in the other direction, that she probably looks 15
  11. i remember this very clearly. everyone was making money renting rooms to the scientist, selling foods and gear. nobody wanted it to end. it was all a hoax.
  12. That hotel is nestled between the Inner Harbor and Little Italy. Both of those areas are somewhat safe. But it would not be wise to stray far from that on foot.
  13. I'm from Baltimore. It all depends on what specific area you are referring to. There are some areas that are on the lower economic scale but consist primarily of single European nationalities and can be somewhat safe. Like Little Italy, Highlandtown, Pigtown etc. Some areas that are near where all the academic stuff is, ie John's Hopkins, are very nice but are right up next to some not so nice areas. You don't want to be straying into the wrong area which could be as simple as crossing the wrong street. If you were able to name the Hotel i could tell you more but it's also possible that this individual would not actually be living in that particular neighborhood so probably would want to know that too
  14. I'm willing to bet a lot of guys on this site have had sex with more people than most of the bar girls. Got to keep in mind that not only are these girls economically poor but they are culturally poor as well. A lot of them grew up in environments where being a bar girl was not considered a bad thing and if the family pressures them to do it for the sake of the family they will. You say you would never sell your body but what if it not only resulted in you being hungry but your family being hungry too. It ain't Kansas.