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  1. Silang Is in Cavite, Nosocal lives in Laguna.
  2. I just found this online for Doctors Sucalit https://www.practo.com/philippines/cebu-city/clinic/sucalit-dental-centrum
  3. My wife and I also use Doctor Sucalit and his wife who is also a dentist yearly for cleanings and about 8 or 9 years ago he put 4 caps on for me for the price one would have cost me in Florida and he put a bridge on for my wife and both of us are still satisfied with the work.
  4. So does anyone know of a followup story on this, has Mr. Rough been deported, arrested, or?
  5. They might be screwed, it is more fun in the Philippines.
  6. No but it hurts me to see how little the people in the Philippines are often paid and how poorly many are treated by their employers, with those 6 month contracts in order to not have to pay them the 13th month bonus. I cannot understand how in a country like the Philippines where wages are very low per day, no benefits, no nothing, why items cost so much when compared to the USA or other places, it just does not make sense to me that the few rich families are that greedy that they cannot at least share part of their wealth with those who work for them.
  7. And the rich keep getting richer off the backs of the average working stiff, in the meantime the average working stiff has no reason to care about keeping the shelves stocked only to make the rich owners even richer, thus we the shoppers are the ones that suffer. I wrote a long time ago back when President Arroyo was in office saying how the Philippines could be the shopping mecca of the world if only they were more competitive in pricing. by buying in quantity as a conglomerate but it fell on deaf ears, probably because they are buying in quantity and still charging the higher prices, so the few rich families that control it all, can get even richer.
  8. Think of it this way, instead of screwing goats, they supposedly get 72 virgins when they die, so you would be doing those that believe in ISIS and those that believe in jihad against anyone not Muslim, a favor.
  9. The need to see the religion of the captain of that cargo ship or whoever was operating it to see if it was yet another terrorist attack.
  10. So with all these things going on in the news, how anyone can defend these people and their religion is beyond me.
  11. I guess since I have 2 Carrier splits and did research on Carriers that must be what I was thinking they are are like.
  12. Or run one at a time, as I have been told they have two compressors, unless that one doesn't.
  13. The also sell some cheeses in Rustans but no where near as a selection as the above.
  14. Good news, hope it works out and gets rid of a lot of those jeepneys.
  15. I think one thing we non Filipinos need to realize, is that the Philippines is their country so our ladies might just know a little more than we do about how things work, so when my wife taps me on the leg or arm, I usually at least listen to her and then make a decision based on all the facts, so in a case like that, I might tell her to ask the taxi driver why he took the longer way. Often taxis will try to avoid traffic, thus sometime take a longer route which might actually turn out to be faster and in the scheme of things, what is an extra 5 or 10 pesos to one of us, for me it just means I deduct it from the tip they would have gotten if it turns out that they went the long way to try to get some extra pesos, since I know how much it should cost on average to most places we go. Also many of the taxis are old and many of the short cuts to Winland for instance are via screwed up broken up roads, thus sometimes the driver is being kind to our backs when trying to take smoother roads or kind to their old beat up taxi. Not everyone in the Philippines is out to get us, some people do things for different reasons. So i will add, is my wife submissive, no and I would never wish her to be.