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  1. We tried but even Delta from FLL to Atlanta has done the same thing to me every year for many years except for last year, last year they had Balikbayan in their computer. Anyway the wife found this flight online for half price, so for that price I really cannot complain as long as I finally got on the flight and it was nice having the wifi on the flight. I will call Jet Blue corporate offices when we get back to make sure they know about the law, just in case we have to use them again next year.
  2. One neat thing they do have is wifi on the flight, I am posting from somewhere near New York while heading to JFK to catch our Korean Air flight.
  3. Well once again I have run into a problem getting a boarding pass because my ticket is dated a few months out. Jet Blue apparently does not know about the Balikbayan law or that all that is required for anyone is an onward or return ticket dated for whenever. Be advised that if you fly with them then it would be best to either have a visa or a ticket dated within 30 days, even if you are a Balikbayan, as even with a copy of the BB law and an email I have from the BI, I almost did not get a boarding pass.
  4. Look out Cebu, here we come, leaving home in 45 minutes...

    1. Lee


      Well Jet Blue is worse than Delta, took over a half hour to get a boarding pass since they do not know about Balikbayan law and insisted that I need a return ticket dated within 30 days, someone needs to teach these airlines the laws. :(  

    2. TheWhiteKnight


      The Philippines simply needs to update their records in the IATA and all of that could be avoided but they haven't. Have a safe trip.

  5. A friend and I tried the Big Tom's close to Escario where I live, they gave us a few french fries and I do mean a few, not even a quarter of what McDo serves, a tiny burger that McDo puts to shame but the meat was not bad, I surely would never recommend it to anyone thou, a whooper in Burger King would be a much better choice IMHO.
  6. The exchange rate going up is great for those of us living on dollars or other currency that is also climbing and I like 50 to 1 US dollar because it makes figuring out costs of items much easier for me, but yes, for those of us who own something that we might wish to sell, once again, we get screwed as it climbs but it sure is good for those who might wish to buy.
  7. Thank you for your interest, I will send you a private message with my contact information and you can have your sister text us whenever she wishes to see the unit.
  8. They have to be eunuch's, anyone else that would hurt like all hell.
  9. Heading to Cebu Wednesday, yippeeeeeee...

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    2. cebubird


      Why is this post format different from everything else??????

    3. Lee


      Because it is a status update which can be found on the home page right side while scrolling down.

      The best part of our vacations going to the Philippines is catching up with friends we already know and meeting new friends. Cheers all, hope to meet some of you during this yearly stay.

    4. cebubird


      Sorry-still makes no sense at all.

  10. When I open the youtube it goes to a new tab, I am not sure if it is because of what I am using, windows 7 with Google Chrome and Firefox browsers, in the Chrome settings I have ticked "continue where you left off" maybe that is why.
  11. there is also, the below, so if the goal is not achievable by telling the truth, then it is okay to lie, thus we are back to square one which is what I quoted before, a Muslim can lie anytime they want to if they can justify it in their own mind.
  12. As you know, my wife and I bought a few condo units for similar reasons, just in case something were to happen to her, I could still own and sell the condos without having to worry about time limits to sell since many things in the Philippines can take years to sell if in a high price range, of course unless we give them away, thus my buying 3 separate units should make it easier for me to sell them each individually should I wish to, but we will likely keep the two we live in for my wife for when I am gone, hopefully the wife will outlive me since she is younger yet I have had many friends die who were much younger than me, so one never knows. While this topic was not originally about condos in Cebu, buying before units are built relates to all places in the Philippines, be it houses or condos, when we bought ours they were already built and while far from high end, we do not stand to lose as much money or have to wait forever should we decide to sell in order to break even or make a small profit but for anyone who does not know, in the Philippines there is a 6% capital gains tax on any property sold, and that is even when no profit is made and even if sold at a loss, that too makes buying and selling a little more difficult a decision to make, knowing that we all start out 6% in the hole from day one should we have to sell shortly after buying, or even years down the road.
  13. To be clear, the condos in Florida that I mentioned in that post are very high end condos, I have not seen even one condo in Cebu that would hold a candle to the ones I was referring to that are in Florida and that includes those being built that cost upwards of p40 million. My point to my post was land and labor surely has to cost less in the Cebu than in Florida, so why do many condos in Cebu cost so much and give us so little for our money?
  14. Very funny, thanks for posting it...