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  1. The future is here. http://www.foxbusiness.com/features/2017/04/19/toyota-big-rig-with-zero-emissions.html
  2. Everything in the Philippines is up for interpretation of the person in charge, as already written, try different bank branches, what you do need is enough money to make it worthwhile for the branch to want you for a customer, bills or lease or some other proof that you actually live here. It is becoming a catch 22 to get a number of things done here but money talks here... As for the voluntary ACR card, it supposedly is only issued in the main Manila office, according to one member when I posted about getting one in another thread or earlier in this one, ask at the BI...
  3. Whatever you say Bill. How many times have people had their credit cards or atm cards shut down or expire while here without even realizing it, I had that happen to me with my US Citibank atm card one year in April, it expired while here and had I not had local accounts with sufficient money in them then I might have been on the street corners with a cup lol, it seems Philippine ATM cards do not expire while US credit and atm cards do expire. I suggest everyone keep their expiration dates in mind as it can take days or weeks to get a new card. As for it being unlikely the machines are down for a long period of time, we are talking about the Philippines right, not the US where things usually get fixed fairly quickly, do you and others remember years ago when the international lines went down for weeks, it can happen and did happen, what says it will not happen yet again. Anyway each of us has to do what makes us comfortable, I am more comfortable making sure that I have many ways to get money, how much a person keeps here is also up to them, I sure as heck am not telling people they have to have US $10,000 here but sufficient money for any emergency that might come their way, for each of us that might be different...
  4. Think you have no bugs or ants in your home or condo, then try this. We would see an occasional stray ant from time to time and that includes turning the lights on in the middle of the night, so once again this year I made up my mixture of brown sugar and boric acid mixed with water and put it in a plastic soup cup like the one below. Note: looking at the cup the entrance to the cup is inches off the counter or ground and that we washed the cup before use, thus no residue of food anywhere on the outside, yet when I placed it on the counter and shut the lights, hours later there was hundreds of those tiny ants in and on the cup, I let them eat until their heart is content and bring it back to their nest and then spray Raid into wherever I see their trail going back into and then around the cup but not on or near the cup so all die within hours and then no more ants for days, yet days later there are more but not as many as before and coming from an new hiding place, I keep the cup out and after a few more days there are none to be found, that is until next year when we come back again. Anyway my point is simple, if they can smell food in a cup inches off the ground, then there is no place safe from them getting to food or trash.
  5. No way to get rid of garbage is a good way, I think I would prefer the way with a garbage can in a garbage room over a chute but as long as there is garbage or food, there is a good chance of pests. Heck I sometimes get ants in our condo and my wife keeps the counters and unit immaculately clean, those little buggers can smell food that has not even touched the counters.
  6. Read my post again. I wrote that sometimes their credit card machines are down, thus they often will not treat a person without a decent cash deposit or a document to put a lien on property, I do not wish a lien on my property, thus possibly preventing me from ever selling it the way things get screwed up here, thus cash on hand is just one way of being prepared.
  7. My point was that most people would not buy next to a garbage room, I know that I never would, be it here or in the US. Rats, mice, ants and roaches are a fact of life here and even in parts of the US where we live the rest of the year, so at some point you may find that to be the case in your condo garbage room, I know that I have watched some people toss their garbage down on the floor below our chute because they were too lazy or afraid they might get some germs by touching the handle of the chute, if you have a garbage can, then the same will likely eventually happen in your garbage room too and then there will be a smell and a large chance or pests. Heck if rats can find their way into Makala's kitchen cabinets, surely at one time or another they likely can find their way into your garbage room.
  8. Problem is that under US $10,000 may not cover many hospital bills for serious health issues and sometimes their credit card machines are down, yet I guess we could just wait until we or our family member dies should we not have access to enough money in an emergency, in my case it would not matter to me but should it be my wife needing care, then it would matter a lot to me.
  9. BPI at Ayala I believe is also open 7 days a week but only 10-6, yet there are BPI machines all over Cebu.
  10. The problem I have with filling out a new form every year is what happens to all the old forms, do they toss them in the garbage, or keep them all and if they keep them all, what would stop an employee from stealing some. Either way, having our ss number and other personal information floating around is not a great idea, and especially not, in this ever increasing identity theft world.
  11. Someone want to make some pesos, chances are he is an overstay. Joke lang While I would never wish to suggest any of us turn in another of us, people who need to resort to begging for all these years should more than likely not be here in the first place and they also make the rest of us look bad.
  12. They should send some harvesters to the Philippines to pick some up for breeding, seems we have too many here now, maybe they can start at Makala's condo complex. BTW those photos have got to be nothing but propaganda.
  13. Well, IMO and had it been me, he is at least better off dead that turned into a vegetable but rules of the road should be enforced here for the safety of the many. This using the sidewalk or side of the road and passing on the right is too darn dangerous. I guess at least it was good that the driver stopped instead of leaving Bruce like a dead dog in the road. RIP Bruce, good you had a good life and at least lived it the way you wanted to live it. BTW I am pretty sure that I met Bruce years ago and think it was at the Sandtrap.
  14. You know all, this should be a prime example for those who say "but I do this or that all the time and nothing ever happens" well I am sure Bruce did that all the time and I am sure for many years nothing ever happened but this time it did.