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  1. I was stammering..... I meant the normal reflective foil lining placed under roof Photo changed
  2. Is the styropour expensive?
  3. Hahaha no I changed the head...it's only my BODY hahah
  4. Thanks for ur replies.... Did this styropour keep ur place cooler ?L L
  5. I'd be happy to get anything like it either wool or f glass Havelland as long as it has similar insulation properties as the batts I use in Aust. I want to line the Cebu's houses ceiling with these Aussie type batts or anything like them or do the same job My roof has that normal sparking style reflective stuff but it's pretty ineffective so if anyone knows of a product available and where to get it , it would b appreciated..
  6. Hi does anyone know if it possible to get batts like u do in Australia in Cebu? For ceilings!
  7. Spydoo hahaha I'll b wearing them with my Eagles jumper on Friday night down Mango while watching the Sea Eagles game I promise to shave my butt cheeks 1st !!
  8. Thanks will go by and checkout their schedules
  9. With the NRL season about to start I wanted to know where I can watch NRL games in Mango area ? Go the Sea Eagles Thanks
  10. please let us know how u get on with ur transit ...if u made ur flights or not??/
  11. I appreciate ur efforts Jon and yes u are right about the people u deal with initially with these companies,,,,,the woman i dealt with from Manila, was in denial, that a box that had gone missing from there care for weeks could of actually been tampered with in the philippines !!!!..hahhaha Yet the boss was more understanding and realistic....... As a footnote this years boxes to the village haven't arrived yet, but I will report back after they arrive and I arrive there to open them...
  12. I'm in Naga , Cebu from 18/1/16 for a few months and always bring my tennis gear, but can't always find any one to hv a hit with anyone??????
  13. I appreciate all the efforts and comments re my boxes being stolen from I have talked to Tristian Tagle and to be honest he seemed a reasonable man.....He told me that the member of his staff who was stonewalled me has been moved on... We came to an arrangement that although doesn't solve the pilfering of my boxes , at least it was better then nothing....he agreed to send this years Xmas boxes at half price .....yeah I know big deal , but better then nothing, I guess....I again video taped the contents , state of box etc and have the bosses personal assurance that the boxes will arrive successfully this time.... One thing I have insisted my sister in law is not to sign for receipt of goods.....don't sign anything other then that the boxes have arrived.....as when u sign the form they give u on receipt u are basically signing a waiver ......lAnd the receiver has no idea if box is intact until opened and itemised, and no courier is hanging around for that... And as I will b there not long after they arrive I don't want them opened till then so I can check to make sure this years village kids presents make it intact....Ill report back after I get back to Cebu... Merry Xmas everyone
  14. Just came back from Manila this week....I travel in and out 6 times a year and often need to make connections from same and different terminals in Manila. U have a number of problems.....assuming ur on time u then will need about 45 minutes from the time u arrive get off the plane, walk to immigration, pick up bag and clear customs Depending on when u arrive in Terminal 1 , u can get thru immi , pick up bag and breeze thru customs quite quickly but still think 45 mins is realistic. Ur problems start when u get outside terminal 1, a shuttle bus between terminals is available but due to time restraints I would get a taxi ....Even that s not easy....I usually go to the departures level and get a taxi , but usually pass on 3-4 drivers b4 finding one that will use a meter,,,, so good luck with that...l .Now although Terminal 2 is not that far , with no traffic say 15 mins but this is Manila hahhaha and due to road works That are on going around all terminals I think u would need to allow 40 minutes at the very least.....that's the best scenario... Then when u arrive at Terminal 2 u will have a queue to negotiate , to pass thru security to enter the building, .....then go to the check in counter that will close the flight 45 minutes b4 flight time.... As an example next year I fly into Terminal 1 arriving 530 pm and have booked an ongoing flight from terminal 3 the same night and have allowed 4 1/2 hrs between arrival time and departure time... If I was u I would personally change my connecting flights , even if it cost to do so...it wouldn't b much ....better then missing the connecting flights altogether...and would take the worry out of ur travel....Hope that helps