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  1. Or by 'Mericans who wanna acquire 40 acres for that thar homestead.
  2. And it works. Paul, you remember my friend Tom, from Arkansas, (may he R.I.P.) he was the same way. When a couple of punks were scaring people out the front of our Liloan house by firing off a few rounds from a pistol, Tom went out there and confronted them. They actually pointed the gun at him and he just lifted up his shirt and showed/told them where he had been shot by bigger guns than that little peashooter and if they didn't get the f**k away from our house he was gonna grab the gun and shove it up the ass of the one who runs the slowest. They left. This is not a course of action recommended for everyone but them Americans from the deep south don't put up with scare tactics. Shoot to kill or don't bring a piece. And, as it seems in this article, when the bad guys shoot and kill you then whether you submit or back down makes not a damn bit of difference.
  3. Like I said where did the cladding come from? If it's China then we don't know what it was Reynobond PE cladding panels are made in France http://www.plantas.lt/file/repository/technines-specifikacijos/Reynobond technical data.pdf
  4. And the Judge says: You are trying to turn this trial into a joke. It is a second offense because it isa bomba joka and so the fine isa double. Next case.
  5. I am surprised that the pics say SuperCat again. Last time I rode on one they had painted out the SuperCat and changed it to 2Go like in this pic. So are the pic in the OP just old file photos or are they going back to the SuperCat name?
  6. I agree, but the way the wheels of justice turn in Philippines that will happen about 2 years down the road unless its a bailable offense and he can afford the bail.
  7. So anyone want to plan a get together for Friday June 30 in a densely populated place? Or are we gonna stay home and discretely watch what happens on CNN? To believe, or not to believe, that is the question. (If Hamlet were around today he would have said that.)
  8. Sounds like that joke "bombed"
  9. http://www.philstar.com/headlines/2017/06/21/1712076/ncrpo-probes-spread-terror-memo I wonder if the OP is the memo referred to in this article
  10. I've heard it said that the ship on the starboard side has the right of way (provided there is room to maneuver out of his way). Is that true. I've also heard it said that that "The heavier vessel always has the right-of-way.". Is that true? Serious question here. Navy guys is it true? I can provide links but I don't know if the rules apply worldwide so I ask the navy guys. If so then the cargo ship had the right of way. If someone hits you, when they have the right of way, then its your fault for not getting out of the way. How can you blame the ship that had the legal right of way. even if they were on autopilot? So a play on words to say they are only at fault for "not avoiding it" sounds a lot like BS.
  11. I am not sure they do that if the guy has only been in the country of 6 to 12 months but if you have been here longer than 2 years and 10 months they will insist on an exit ticket that shows you are outta here before the 3 year period runs out.
  12. Well that's good news. Hope they go easy on ya.
  13. Many of us will be really curious to see how that goes. By the time the calculate the late fees and the extensions charge and any ECC required, the way others are reporting I'd be guessing they want to hold your passport for a week. Keep us informed as reading your experience may help someone else avoid missing their flight out of the country.
  14. With almost an hour difference in the reported time of the accident you have to wonder if both ships were using the same time zone or if one had switched to daylight savings time.
  15. Question: What happens to captains when they lose their command? Do they retire and take command of container ships in the merchant navy?