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  1. They need to follow the example of SM and put solar panels on the roof so they produce their own electricity when the sun is high and the aircon is needed. http://business.inquirer.net/179216/a-power-plant-on-every-roof
  2. If they add the tax to new cars only then some smart dealers will drive the car to town and back and sell it as a "demo" so its no longer a new unit. And will it apply to 'new' surplus multicabs or is that business as usual.
  3. If its going to cost 17K for PhilHealth then Pacific Cross (formerly Blue Cross Philippines) is looking better and better. http://www.pacificcross.com.ph/PCWService/Content/PDF/20161229074846Premier Brochure_FULL_2016-06 (June04)_P2016-10_web.pdf
  4. It was hilarious. Thank you very much. So much better than modern day comedians. Problem is, site-wise, that the link takes me away from LinC and does not allow me to get back to LinC without refreshing my browser. Anyone else notice that . . Click the link, go full screen, watch the show, then after the show do you have trouble returning to this page?
  5. Look at it this way. They will be worthless at the end of March (reference link) so he may as well try. I'd put them in a letter as first class mail. Write something on each bill so it is legally a letter if it makes him feel better. It'll still take 3 weeks for them to get here and the alternative is to throw them in the trash so what's to lose?
  6. http://cebudailynews.inquirer.net/123284/4-injured-two-vessels-collide-off-mactan-channel This one?
  7. I have had the problem one time, on arrival, with the BI agent telling me the exit ticket must be within 30 days but he may have been just grumpy that day or looking for a "tip" as it only happened once. A friend was denied boarding in the US because he did not have an exit ticket at all (cost him quite a bit as the ticket was US$800 and they would not change the date or refund it for him and he did not have time, cash, or credit card to buy an exit ticket on the spot). I was "temporarily" denied boarding in Canada because my exit ticket was outside the 30 day time frame but a chat to her supervisor and showing my old, expired, passport with a zillion Philippine stamps in it convinced them that i knew the rules better than they did so they let me on. So the bottom line is YMMV every time you come to this country.
  8. I'm finding that a variation on an old line works here: "Is that a foreigner baby you have there?" "No" "Would you like one?"
  9. This from Facebook Bomb Nakit-an, petron with cong. Mate Ave. Extension Near Quarry / police station. Ginpabuto Han bomb experts to nakit-an man became boss gin detonate the bomb..... thank god were nabuthan.Take the taclobanon More comments here https://www.facebook.com/ilovetacloban/
  10. And sometimes you have to kiss a lot of wanna be princesses to find a simple girl
  11. Ya see what the Internet will do for ya? On several and I mean SEVERAL occasions I have gone to BI in Cebu, Tacloban or Dumaguete and had it renewed within 14 days but more than 7 . . so keep up the Googling and I'll keep putting my two feet in the doors :-)
  12. It has been my experience that the BI will not renew your visa until 14 days before the current visa expires. I can think of 3 ways to get around that. Some of the BI offices are flexible so that they may be willing to "hold your passport" for you until the 14 days and have you do the paperwork and pay in advance. Small town agencies are often more accommodating that way and it helps to know the staff a bit (bring a box of dunkin donuts with you). The second thing to think of is that there are BI offices scattered all over the place in small towns so you may find it easier to wait until a while and get the renewal done in another city. The third way is to use an agent who will hold your passport for you and do the renewals at the required time.
  13. During the typhoon on Leyte 3 years ago there were a few of us with gas generators. Mine was a 6.5 hp chinese model and did everything you are requiring up to and including running a 3/4 hp window aircon (It would not run the 1HP model). The problem was gas. I was burning 1,000 pesos in gas for a 12 hour day and it was dang hard to get gas after a typhoon. Other guys were running a Honda that seemed to burn half the gas that my Chinese model burned and they would send helpers to line up at the gas station from 6am until the truck showed up (if one came that day) and get them to fill about 4 of those 5 gallon pails which was generally enough for 2 days. Solar would be great but the cost and longevity of the batteries is worse than the cost and problems of buying gas for the gen.
  14. My girlfriend was bragging to her friend about how such an old guy like me has sex like a 16 year old. She told how I have sex with her 10 times a day and she was always satisfied and surprised as heck that an old timer could manage such acrobatics and energy. She went on to explain how this is not just a one time thing but has been going on the entire week we have been together. So the girlfriends's husband got wind of this and asked me: Is it true? Are you such a superman in bed at your age? What is your secret. So I told him: I'm no superman in bed. Its just that at my age I've been trying all freakin' week and I just can't reach a freakin orgasm!!!!!