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  1. Sorry, Old Skool. The WEB SITE says 7 days, as reported by Wolfman
  2. I tried to renew 4 weeks early at the old Mandaue BI and big Rey told me they can't do it until at most 14 days before expiry but things change from day to day and person to person and office to office so testing it is really not going to tell us anything. "The book" says 7 days and the people in most BI offices will say yes up to 14 days. Anything beyond that is a bonus.
  3. And thus my earlier comment about driver's stopping to make sure the pedestrian is dead. Cost = 50K pesos to family. Case closed. Or has it gone up to 100K now? In either event, cheaper than the hospital bills and lawsuit.
  4. My opinion, based on having a beer late at night with Bruce on at least a dozen occasions, is that Bruce would not do that. Why would you automatically think the pedestrian is at fault when the young driver is obviously in a hurry to get to a "school event" at 3:30 in the morning. But I do give the driver credit for stopping. EDIT: I do have to wonder about the cause of death. Some drivers have been rumored to stop to be sure the victim is indeed dead. Then there is only one side of the story to be told. But that is just my suspicious mind based on hearing too many stories that cannot be proven.
  5. TRIPLE like. So true for all the advice and experiences ever given on any forum in Philippines. And yet, I doubt Bruce would have lived his life any different if he knew the end result. He enjoyed life, despite the dangers of living here.
  6. Were you jogging on the sidewalk when you got hit. some time ago? Being a pedestrian is simply unsafe here. I have walked around Cebu and Philippines a heck of a lot and come close to being run down on the sidewalk so many times and its usually by people going the wrong way and thinking its OK to go the wrong way because they are driving on the shoulder/sidewalk. So walking facing the traffic here just gives the walker a false sense of security. IMHO from a decade of walking here. I am just frustrated that a guy who did not have an enemy in the world should get taken out by some kid behind the wheel who will not be punished (my guess).
  7. Yes, He was a good guy, a great guy, and did not deserve to be run over. He liked a beer but knew how to handle it so he was often up and about in the wee hours but did not deserve to be run down, whatever the spin the journalist wants to put on it. Here is a 5 year old pic but he still looked the same, near enough.
  8. I have heard that Florida has a problem with unwanted pythons and unwanted immigrants. If this catches on then that second problem may be solved
  9. Were you not reading the reply I posted from BI, The "permanent 13a visa" is ALWAYS conditional on the marriage to your filipina spouse. If your wife ever leaves you then your visa is no longer in effect and you must immediately report it to BI and change to some other form of visa or leave the country. This is not the USA, there are no time limits on how long you have to be married to make the visa permanent Of course I have posted an actual example of one person who has been in this predicament plus actually contacted the BI and actually posted their response that states your permanent visa is always dependent on the state of the marriage. So when you state the visa is permanent unless it is revoked, and I have demonstrated it is revoked as soon as your wife leaves you, then it ain't really permanent is it?, unless your definition of permanent is different than what I read in Websters. I will grant you that the death of a spouse does not cause you to lose your permanent 13a but if she leaves you or you leave her it surely does, no matter how long you have been married.
  10. And here is the answer, proving of course that I was right. (I would not have asked the BI about it if I had any doubts.) Well it would help if you knew that to give me a "like" so I did not have to write to BI and prove the point.
  11. That was not the case. As I mentioned, he did not go to the BI to report the marriage breakdown as he had a 13a which was good for 5 years so it was not until he went to try and renew it, after the 5 years, that they asked about his wife and he confessed. To help those of us who many be confused, I just wrote this request to the BI: Here is the BI Enquiry site that I enquired to. Ask them yourself if you like, or I will post the answer when i receive it https://www.facebook.com/officialbureauofimmigration/
  12. I thought I had this figured out until I googled for directions and got two different roads going to the same place. Can you take a look and tell me which road you took? In addition, do you know what the road is like if we continue from the strawberry farm on to Moalboal?
  13. 2 to one now that Hyaku has verified the accuracy of what happened. Where are your "facts from? Better double check them. EDIT: His only bright side to all this is that he had bought a house, in the name of "Wife", filipina, married to "B", American and he was able to stay living in the house when she left him. The downside to that is that her whole family moved in with him after Typhoon Yolanda and it would not surprise me to find out he is still sharing "his" house with them.
  14. You are clearly lucky. By friend, who is well known in Biliran, had his filipina wife leave him and run off to the US where she divorced him and married an American. She still lives there. "B", who is not a member here, did not go to the BI to report this as he had a 13a which was good for 5 years, right? Wrong. When he went to Tacloban BI after the 5 years was up they hit him up for 5 years overstay as a tourist but forgave him for his stupidity and then he had to leave the country and come back, as a tourist. So when it actually HAPPENS to you, then come on back and report again. Once again, I am fortunate to have another member here, Hyaku, who also knows "B" personally and can verify the truth of this. Or you could get out more and go investigate it yourself. "B" is just one person this has happened to. I can name more but why shame these people whose only 'crime' is believing the BS they read on the Internet.
  15. You just "quoted" my link to the Philippine constitution of 1987. What more do you want? Here's a thought. Go try to get a Senior Citizen's card with your visa. See if they tell you "sure" or "sorry guests do not qualify". Try to do this without making any gifts or payoffs to get a legitimate result.