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  1. I have bought a few cheap phones in Philippines and never really been happy with them until I found a Huawei on sale for about 9K pesos. It was similar to this Lazada model http://www.lazada.com.ph/huawei-p9-lite-16gb-gold-5436369.html But that one on Lazada is not on sale for the price I paid. Seems Huawei is one of the better Chinese cell phone companies who seem to be copying a lot of the IPhone features, such is MHO. If I find another good one on sale I may buy one for myself. My ex took the last one and she is thrilled with it :-)
  2. Does it work well with the muriatic acid the girls use to clean the toilet every week. Yeah, I know, tell them not to do that. but do they ever listen?
  3. At least thats what one Cebu newspaper had to say a bout it a couple years back http://cebudailynews.inquirer.net/33646/septic-plant-law-to-bar-dumping-in-rivers
  4. I have not yet been with a filipina who drives. It may happen one day, but I have been with a lot who like to ride and that's fun.
  5. How so? Has he no filipino/American children? Could it be in a corporation? Are there no other ways? You may be right but it is not obvious.
  6. I've been in jeepneys that don't blow the horn at them. Instead they cross over to the other side of the road, where the dog is sleeping, in an attempt to run them over (and I was on a couple that succeeded in their efforts). But hitting a dog while on a jeepney is not a big deal here. Hitting one while on a motorcycle is. So dogs thinking they owned the road is unlikely to have contributed to the Jeepney accident on the hill. More likely its the Jeepney drivers thinking they own the road.
  7. She is a local girl. When people are threatening to kill her husband if he does not drop his lawsuit she knows they mean business. I am sure she tried to convince Gene that it was a real threat but he was the kind to stick to his rights and not be put off by threats, even though he had to know these things do happen, He was no noob, not by a long shot. So she probably had time say "I told you so" just before she jumped in the back seat".
  8. You likely did. If you follow the link in previous posts there is a facial pic of him that you should be able to recognize.
  9. I knew him VERY well. He was in that land dispute for at least 5 years and always telling us other foreigners that he was "winning" his legal battle. He was a great guy. Stood up for what is right. I am shocked and dismayed to hear of his passing. He bought land here from a disreputable individual and used all legal and proper methods to get proper title. He spent a large sum of money improving his property and taking care of his family members. A real gentleman and the second such person to die in Biliran from hired guns in the past year of so (Colin will surely read this and know that I refer to Hank.) It is a miserable fact of life here that you so often cannot win legal battles against filipinos because even if your are in the right you will often be "dead right". Yes I am jumping to conclusions as to who is responsible here but I think the true culprit will be obvious to those who knew him well. He will surely be missed in the community and was most well known with the expats who used Chamorita as their watering hole. R.I.P. Gene
  10. When you say NO parking space, does that apply to motorcycles? You have mentioned rental spaces available for cars but have you looked into motorcycle parking at all? I am a bit interested but don't want to waste your time unless "my ship comes is" as they say. Still, motorcycle parking must be easier to find or rent than parking a car?
  11. I have heard many say the same except they leave out "for the"
  12. Dang, sure glad I was not busted for running sex tours from Canada to the Mustang Ranch in Nevada back in the day. Of course, in those days prostitution was legal at the Mustang Ranch and those ho's were just average American gals, not 'victims'.
  13. The driver's license is useful for as ID for filipinos but many don't care if they have one to drive. Lets face facts, they are driving a (possibly) stolen motorcycle, with no plates, OR, or CR and they stop before getting to any police checkpoints so what possible difference would it make if they had a driver's license. AHA they need it to get a passport
  14. The only real answer is maybe. You better get your ducks in a row. They have proven to be pretty firm on the "get outta the country after 3 years" rule unless you are incapable of travel.
  15. When I was driving Greyhound we sometimes had the opposite problem to this. Sometimes, when there was an accident, people around would rush to get ON the bus, then hold their neck in front of any cameras and give agonizing looks, all in hopes of getting in on whatever insurance settlement was coming.