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  1. When I buy stuff with bitcoin, it's generally stuff I don't want the government to be able to trace back to me. But it's hard to buy bitcoins without providing all sorts of personal data. I have some accounts at a couple of Aussie bitcoin brokers that have all my personal data. Not anonymous but it's very easy to buy. I make my bitcoins untraceable by sending them to a laundry to be washed and from there to my offline wallet which of course is completely anonymous with no way of connecting it to myself. The beauty of an offline wallet is that you can secure it with a 13 word passphrase after which you can delete all traces of the wallet from your computer. Then when you want to use your bitcoins, you can regenerate your wallet with the passphrase you memorised. In theory you can carry around millions of dollars in your head as long as your don't forget the passphrase.
  2. It's a very good question to ask oneself and for many I think the answer does not come quickly. Nor should it as it's a life changing decision that can't be undone (at least not past a certain point). My partner wants kids a lot more than I do, but nonetheless after careful consideration, I do want them to happen. My reasons being: 1. It would make Mrs happy and I've no doubt she would be an awesome mother. 2. I'm bored. Been bored since I retired 12 years ago. Got plenty of money but nothing interesting to spend it on. Children would be sometimes entertaining, sometimes, annoying, sometimes damn stressful but overall definitely interesting and help to pass the time. They would be schooled in Philippines and Australia, hopefully to get the best of each culture. I like to think I could be a good father but I really don't know. For sure I would be nothing like my own father because I am nothing like my own father. Which suggests I might be a good one. But then it takes two to tango. Hard to be a good father to a bad kid and some kids are just born bad I think. You roll the dice and you live with what you get because you can't send'm back. Other than in an emergency, I will not be changing diapers. I have changed close to 3000 diapers in my life (daughter from 2nd marriage) and that's enough. But Mrs is totally fine with that so not a problem. This assumes we can have children. After 7 years of cohabitation, there's been no sign of the stork. We have both been tested and her plumbing is fine as is my junk so we fall into the 10% category of unexplained infertility. We are about to embark on IVF which has around a 40% success rate per cycle. It costs around $5000 each time and I have committed myself to a maximum of three cycles. If it doesn't work we will leave it up to nature and if nature ultimately fails us, well there are certainly advantages to being childless so we will be fine.
  3. I have enormous respect for the Queen. I can't imagine a worse job to be born into. No privacy, no freedom, no fun, no real holidays where you can relax and let your hair down and get up to mischief. Instead she has to spend her life 24/7 being a Queen. Which means an unending series of boring events to attend and listen to excruciatingly boring speeches during which she's not allowed to fall asleep. Gossip mags constantly searching for salacious stories to print about her children. A life under a microscope where the slightest slip is magnified enormously. And yet she handles it all with such class. The British royal family contribute far more to the economy than they cost. But I feel sorry for whoever ends up having to sit in that chair. So much never ending duty, and so little compensatory fun. I certainly couldn't/wouldn't do it. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.
  4. I already listed my itemized expenses. What expenses do you have trouble believing? I buy whatever I want. I just don't want much and always love a bargain. It's not difficult at all for us to live on $12k a year. My late mother used to say the pension is too much cos it keeps piling up in her bank account and she has to find something to spend it on or it will get to a stage where it will be reduced. Living comfortably in Australia is cheap. EXCEPT for accommodation which is insanely expensive.
  5. I'm retired so I don't need to travel to work each day, so minimal fuel cost. The figures I quoted were for living in Australia. We travel back to Cebu every year and those costs are in addition. I enjoy life rather too much. Getting a bit overweight from all the good food. Was a big mistake buying a breadmaker. Having incredibly delicious fresh cooked bread hot from the oven every morning is ruining my diet. Different people, different situations, different needs. I don't have a family, only a spouse. Certainly, families cost more to run than singles or couples. But the OP asked about living costs in Australia. I stand by my figures that a single guy would have no problem getting by on $12k plus accommodation. That allows for food, utilities, internet, petrol, rates, transport etc plus enough for some luxuries. It works for us. YMMV
  6. Well you are quite wrong in this case. I have well over a million bucks invested that return me a very handsome reliable income. The only downside is that I won't be eligible to collect the pension when I am of age. But perhaps my frugal mindset, lacking in materialism, is what enabled me to amass a comfortable investment portfolio. Money may not buy happiness, but it definitely buys a lot of security and peace of mind.
  7. Why? I mean what is it you are buying that costs more than $6 a day that is so essential for your happiness? I eat well, I sleep well, I enjoy my brisk walks. I websurf, program (for fun), research etc. I do a bit of gardening. I'd love to know what it is I'm missing out on that can easily be fixed by spending more money. If I want something, I buy it. But most of the time I just don't want anything more than I have. Everyone get's their pleasures in different ways I guess. Mine don't require a big expenditure. But my curiosity remains unsated. What are you spending money on that gives you so much enjoyment? It's probably something I wouldn't particularly enjoy but then again I might. Hence my curiosity.
  8. I eat awesome home cooked meals, cooked by my beloved made from the finest quality ingredients bought at the most economical prices, The only problem I have is I'm struggling to stay trim with all the excellent food here. Far from being a "miserable existence", I have everything I need and mostly all I can reasonably want. I'm still in the dark as to what other people are spending money on that requires a lot more than $12k a year. I assume they must eat out a lot. If your wife can cook, you can save a fortune and IMHO enjoy tastier meals than any fancy restaurant. Oh and I never eat noodles! (or any other kind of fast food)
  9. I really struggle to understand what people spend their money on that they apparently need. We live in a Melbourne suburb in a flat I own. Our monthly grocery bill comes to around $300 on average. Spend $45 a month on internet. Utilities average around $150 a month. Petrol costs $60 a month. Rego and insurance, annual car servicing and council rates come to around $2600. So all bills are paid for around $9000 a year but occasionally we go out (not often) and occasionally we buy stuff we don't need. So $12k fills all our needs plus enough luxuries to be comfortable. As long as you aren't paying for accommodation, $12k is easy to live on. What else does anyone really need? Are you not happy if you don't spend a lot more? I'm not taking the piss, I'm curious.
  10. A couple can live comfortably in Australia on around $12000 a year PLUS housing. Groceries are dirt cheap in Australia but accommodation is insane. Yeah he could survive adequately on $30k but it wouldn't be a good deal unless accommodation was included.
  11. I've been taking the maximum daily dose (40mg) for more years than I can remember. My bloodwork doesn't show any deficiencies. And even if it did, I'd still take it. I have chronic GERD and omeprazole is the only drug that cures it - albeit only for 24 hours. Without it, life is horrible. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2874135/ Sounds pretty safe to me.
  12. A few years ago, after a party at our provincial homestead, we had a near death experience. Our estate is surrounded by 9 foot chb walls on a ROW that has 5 lots, ours being the only one with a house. After the party, I was sleeping it off in a drunken stupor so all that happened was told to me by my Mrs. She got a text claiming to be from the NBI saying they had a warrant for her arrest and to please open the gate. She thought is was just some idiot having a bit of fun until she saw fingers under the gate trying to move the bolt. She called the cops who told her do not let them in as they are definitely not NBI! They said they were on their way. 15 minutes later, 6 uniformed dudes packing serious metal quietly crept up and surrounded the house. No screaming sirens like in the movies. But by then the bad guys had left. I was impressed at the police response. But much more I was amazed how incredibly lucky we were. You see about a month earlier the gate had fallen off and I only got around to fixing it a couple of days before. Had the bad guys come earlier, they could have pushed open the gate with a finger and we would have been fecked. I'm a very easygoing slow to anger type but the idea of someone robbing me infuriates me to the max so if they had got inside and bailed us up, I may well have done something stupid and got shot, or even worse, Mrs might have got shot trying to protect me. I hate guns but after that near death experience, I am considering getting a gun. I would feel no guilt whatsoever shooting someone who was threatening me or my loved ones or trying to rob us.
  13. I've always been most attracted to women who love sex. Women who don't I really can't be bothered with. My Mrs doesn't nag or complain about the lack of bedroom activities. But any time I'm in the mood she is ready and cums every 30 seconds or so which is pretty awesome as I don't have to do anything special. She can usually sense when I'm in the mood so she isn't surprised when I say "hey babe, let's fu ck!" Some years ago back when my libido was still around, we were in bed and I was busy doing stuff on my laptop and not really in the mood for hankypanky but Mrs was wanting some. When I made clear I was busy, she said no problem and proceeded to use her mouth to get the apparatus operational and then she climbed on board and bounced up and down until she had her fill, all the while I was tapping away on my laptop. It was quite surreal and funny. Like Paul said, filipinas have got to be some of the most sexual women in the world. I don't really think about sex much anymore, except to wonder sometimes, why I don't. But we do enjoy spending hours every day cuddling and being generally romantic which is pretty awesome after 7+ years of cohabitation. I wouldn't say our relationship was entirely sexless now but certainly sex has become trivial and unimportant. But we never stop being romantic. I'd really hate it if I got bored with that.
  14. I have used cialis in the past during some marathon sessions but in general I don't have a problem getting it up - as long as I'm horny. Problem is I don't really get horny anymore. My B12 and other vitamins are fine I think as I have some bloodwork done every year or so and all my numbers are well within the normal ranges. I eat a pretty healthy diet so no reason to suspect a vitamin deficiency. Dafey is right that I posted this more out of curiosity to see if other's have experienced the same thing. I don't think there is necessarily anything wrong or anything curable. I suspect I've just reached the limit of how much sex you can have before it gets boring. I have done some wild things and fantasised about some even wilder things I would never dream of doing in real. I always had something in the dark recesses of my mind to get the motor running. But it seems like the tank is empty. I've done or imagined doing everything I have the slightest desire to do and there's nothing new or different or exciting about any or it anymore. The happiest times of my life have been firsts. First motorbike, first car, first kiss, first time falling in love etc. But constant repetition dulls the senses. I suspect the same dynamic happens with sex. Foreplay can still be fun especially with someone new but actual sex, too often I start to feel bored during the act as I don't feel a level of excitement building to the point where the activity is... completed.
  15. I run about half a mile 3 or 4 times a week and do about 1/2 hour of strenuous gardening most days. I'm sedentary but not a total couch potato. I'm not vegan and I'm not a fanatical vegetarian. I eat meat maybe 2 or 3 times a month on average and fish whenever I feel like it. I just happen to think eating meat every day is unhealthy. I don't preach and I don't try to convince others to follow my example. I'm not a lefty socialist who thinks anyone who thinks or acts differently must be corrected. I do what I believe to be right for me. I suspect when it comes to libido, there's a limit to how many orgasms you can have in one life. Constant repetition of any activity, however fun, eventually pales. Even variations of such activity eventually become boring.