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  1. That was my 1st choice but the insides of the lock had fallen apart. Too many people trying to force it to work. The Locksmith said it couldn't be salvaged.
  2. Our Builder must have purchased the door locks in bulk. I couldn't find the Model of the Brand they used, so I replaced it about 5 years later after too many keys were floating around and the lock quit functioning. But then, the holes patterns did not match up with regular Brands, so I had to search the City to find one that did. Lots of time wasted trying to find what you need there. The dead-bolt I had originally purchased was no longer carried by any Hardware Store there, so same story as above!!!
  3. I not only changed the lock, I added a dead-bolt lock. The door lock can be opened easily with a piece of heavy plastic swiping it down the closing side of the door. Early on there was 1 robbery done this way and I also watched an Assoc Worker do this for an Owner that had locked his keys in his condo.
  4. Don't know if our Assoc gets VECO commercial rates or what their rate is. VECO rates start at 7.865 pesos (wholesale) and 10.68 pesos (residential) + 12% VAT + 0.75% Local Franchise Tax (LFT) of Cebu City. We are charged 12.5 pesos / KwH VAT included. Our water is charged to us at 60 pesos per CbM and I don't know the "normal" rate for Cebu City water usage is.
  5. Yeah, that's them! Don't know how you found them. He used to sign his Posts: Richard Novac (with a "c", not a "k")
  6. Does the name of Richard Novac ring anyone else's bell besides mine? Was it here or in our old Forum where he was a Member picking our brains? Maybe I've just been in too many Forums and Yahoo Groups in the last 20+ years. Sounds like he found the woman he wanted and needed with Evangeline tho...
  7. Most Builders have this deal worked out with the Gov't. It's usually touted as a big selling point for pre-sales.
  8. Old style, I haven't seen smart meters in Cebu. Not sure of their mark-up.
  9. In our condo each owner owns their own meters. The Condo Assoc. bills us with their mark-up for usage.
  10. Yes to both. Also we can have a worker shut off the main electric panel in the Electric Room. But we only turn off the water when the Condo will be empty.
  11. Our electric meter is in the Electric Room near the transformer by the elevators. The water meter is just outside the front door in a small enclosed space.
  12. At the Robinsons grocery store near our condo in Club Ultima I go into that line when the others are crowded. I've had young Locals ahead of me wave me ahead of them. If anyone objects (rarely) I wave them ahead of me. A lot of times the Checker will talk to those in line ahead of me and they move over or go to another line if they are young.
  13. I see that You Tube's mandatory Ad does not show up on this. Is it that way for everyone? If yes, that's a nice feature of this new Forum!!!!