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  1. Not me please , who ever is the one i will bring coffee, if jolliebee has coffee ,as all there stores are out now have been to four different ones for the last few days sorry sir no coffee at each one , i say why that, they say sir no delivery !! As you know they cant buy at a store that against reg i guess.
  2. OK went back today, talked to all the supervisors on the fourth floor at Golden Peak Hotel.Finally after 30 min they all agree i have to register in my name with the 13a visa even if i paid the advance payment ahead on the wife. also they have a new circular out yesterday that mention the advance pay finally. So i paid again for 2017 from April of this year thru April of 2020 for a total of 7,200 P and now i am covered alone and the wife cover under her own policy with the Z plain till Jan. 2020 also. So think maybe it will work out. But maybe not the cost this way was a total for the wife and child alone ,4800 for two years . 7,200 P for me alone for the rest of 17 18 19 and till April 2020 wow (over 40,000 P if you wait till after July 1 2017)what a deal ,does not seem right maybe next week they will say we made a big mistake. Even have a card and just have to add a picture and get it put in plastic. Thanks guys for making me check further ,smile tonny
  3. Wow first i have never used Phil Health in 12 years on it, so maybe your thinking may not be true .Take a poll how many members have used it for only there self.Now as to your reasoning on the July 1 2017 cut off.So we paid for 2017 in 2016 ,so by your reasoning they will just kick me off even i paid before there new rules went in to force seems not right but who knows and the supervisors said no they can do that. Also he said if you are enroll under the wife before and paid in advance before the July 1 date you are cover under her till that time is up. Now i know they get things wrong and ,I do know there is no guarantee they are right but neither is there a guarantee the circular is correct as it says nothing about the promo and that if i register under my name i can pay two years in advance and only pay 2,400 for those years that is there policy and i saw nothing any where for that promo. (like the papers here the guy was shot no the guy was burn to death or the lady was drowned no now they say she was shot!!!! So it a shot in the dark. So like i said i will go back and check again and also pay under my name also and let the wife and child be cover under her plain as i already paid that for the next two year so i just pay another 60$ bucks to make sure, so cheap. Also that way the wife and my daughter cover under the Z coverage better that under my name right. So i can;t be so positive as you guys, too who is right or who is wrong. But hell i have only been here 12 years and guys told me years ago not to loan money i would be shot or never get paid ,hell i have made a lot of money in 12 years lending, but heck i might get killed by a chicken bone soon,and at 77 it would be time i guess. So you guys think what you want, i do a double check and triple check and probably find out we both wrong heeeee Thats the PH WAY!!!!
  4. Yes it clear but it saying after July 1 2017. But it says nothing about the promos and you can pay in advance at all and not pay the (15,000 or the 17,000)but pay 2400 for advance years just crazy for sure. So really it all bullshit maybe but they took the money and gave me a recite for two years of payments and as the other member said he paid for 3years under his own name so really confusing for sure. The way it was explain to me was if your wife pay before July 1,2017 for 18 19 years you are paying before the regulations go into effect so once your paid your covered ,like she paid already for all of 2017 in Dec. 2016 so maybe it is , and maybe not . YOU KNOW HOW IT IS HERE YOU NEVER REALLY KNOW !!!!! And they don't know either!!!!!!
  5. Wow they told me totally different at the main office here in Cebu at Golden Peak Hotel. The head guy on the fourth floor said if i pay for the wife before July one i am covered under her as did it before the new July rules.I will go back and ask for sure thanks, crazy wow!!!!
  6. I post a few days ago about there promo if you are covered by your wife now you can pay ahead till Dec 2019 at a cost of 2,400 a year and be covered till then under her plain if you don't do that then after this year you have to have your own plain she can be cover under you but no Z coverage ,now some one said they paid for three years maybe so even better. After 2019 i will just cover my self and let the wife keep her plain for her and my daughter ,that way they still cover under the Z coverage. But who knows what is true, will really find out if i ever go to the hospital.
  7. Message for U.S. Citizens The U.S. Embassy would like to remind U.S. citizens that the U.S. Consular Agency in Cebu will open from June 19-23, 2017 for routine services. The Consular Agency will offer services for notaries, legal capacity affidavits, and passports during normal walk-in hours from 8:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. The U.S. Consular Agency in Cebu is scheduled to open again from July 10-14, 2017 for routine services. More information to follow. The U.S. Embassy would like to remind U.S. citizens that the U.S. Consular Agency in Cebu will open from June 19-23, 2017 for routine services. The Consular Agency will offer services for notaries, legal capacity affidavits, and passports during normal walk-in hours from 8:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. The U.S. Consular Agency in Cebu is scheduled to open again from July 10-14, 2017 for routine services. More information to follow.
  8. Yes got a paid receipt for the two years 2018 and 2019 for a total of 4,800 P Good Luck
  9. I guess it a way to get more money into the system that they have to pay back to the audit division of the Philippine government for some of there unauthorized spending i read about. But after the two years runs out think you will be like all the other expats have to be cover under your name only not the wife because it says that in the circular ,at least worth a gamble .
  10. Just back from Phil Health got two more years after this year talk to the collection Dept on the fourth floor the head man in charge of that part of the program for Expats he said THAT THE NEW CIRCULAR IS SAYS FOR !!!! For enrollment of foreign nationals under the informal economy program of the NIIP Includes any foreign national or former Filipino at least 35 old,who choice to retire and live in the Philippines and qualified holder of SRRV or Or Alien Certificate of Registration Identity Card (ACR-I Car) has exceed 59 days are even Temporary Visitors visa So i paid 4,800 Peso to the cashier for 2018 and 2019 as i had already paid 2,400 for the whole year of 2017 already this is a promo till July 1st 2017 then you would pay more i understand , So i am still cover under my wife till that runs out in Dec 2019. But who knows if this is correct for sure but would have to pay for the wife and child any way for those years so did it any way but he said for sure it was true as long as you did it before July 1 2017.
  11. Also just got update on Phil health was there this morning ,if your covered now seems if we pay again before July 1 or 4th of this year and pay the 2018 and 19 premium total 4,800for the 2 years in advance we can stay under the wife's plain i am paying today or tomorrow ,if the supervisor says the agent is right just want to double check then just pay in DEC 2019 for 2020 (at the new rate of 17,000 P per year)with the wife's and dependents under your new plain that will be in your name might even come under the 120 continues payments if 60 or over regulations that your or free even if your a expat but no Z coverage,but not to sure on that will get more information this afternoon as the car is in KIA dealer next door to Golden Peak Hotel for what i am reading in the new circular i got from them today .But the agent said do before July one but the circular say July 4th . Please so others check to see if they get more information i go back after lunch .
  12. Oh good one don't think i ever heard that one , But if that so why a Xmas is the peso always a its lowest point of the year. A lot of money coming home then for sure,but who knows maybe.
  13. Falling tax receipts pose a debt-ceiling dilemma Maybe the reason dollar been down for a week or is it the way things go with the fed about to raise the rates again in the US ? Any ideas ? June 1, 2017 By: Alexandra Scaggs The federal government’s tax collections haven’t been growing much recently. That could be a warning about the health of the American consumer and, by extension, corporate earnings. It also has some implications for the Treasury’s upcoming collision with the debt ceiling. Until recent budget director Mick Mulvaney said last week that tax receipts have risen less than expected this year, and warned the ceiling would therefore be breached in August without any policy changes. , analysts were forecasting a hard deadline of October. The data appear to support Mulvaney’s point. Treasury Department reports show that federal tax receipts declined year-over-year in the second half of 2016. That’s the first time they’ve fallen over a six-month period since the recession. (Receipts grew again in January, February and April, but not by enough to make up for the decline.)