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  1. i have done it with my Credit Union Pentagon Federal Credit Union , but only a few times as they really got me on the exchange rate conversion. Had too do it when they mess up my ATM card for two months, while they got my new card to me thru my sister. I think it cost me like over a hundred $ for a $2,000 swift transfer each time . Too china bank ,and china bank charge me only a few Pesos like 300 to 500 as i remember . Was simple to do for me just needed china banks code # and got the money into my peso account with in a few days , The credit union send pesos from what they told me, I have never been inside of the credit union doors as i open the account from the PH many years ago after NET Bank when into FDIC receivership in 2008.
  2. Ok you stole my question about what the difference in checked luggage and carry on ,OK you say a window sit is the ideal place well what if you had 5 rag heads all check there laptops in there suitcases >With all laptops set to blow at the same time would that not be enough energy to do bigger damage?
  3. Yes now they really look dump and famous . Drive there new car to the area there going to steal from that shows how smart they are for sure, give me a break!!!!!
  4. I have used this several times, but may get you shot,if they know your real name or your address.If they give you a recite that is not a official BIR recite. You can usually get your money back easy ,just tell the boss you will file a complained with BIR that they gave you a non official BIR recite,that usually will force them into giving you a refund or doing what you want. It even worked at a Taiwanese store.They would not give me money back for a pair of shoes my wife bought there and they came apart the first time she wore them. They wanted to just give her another pair of the same shoes . But in those days 0ver 7yrs ago i think the fine was only like 10,000 P fine. I think now much higher like 50,000 to 100,000 P ,that can be imposed by BIR
  5. As far as i know China Bank is the only bank so far that has the new chip card out there as the Bangko Sentral has told all PH banks to have out to there customers by Jan 1,017 ,Are the banks that don't have out by then, are responsible for all losses from fraud due to no chip yet .See below there statement.If i am correct on understanding there reg? While substantial compliance has been achieved in updating software's, upgrading ATM and POS terminals, and replacing credit cards, the replacement and distribution of debit and prepaid cards are still lagging behind because of sheer volume of outstanding cards. In this regard, the ECFLSF sets forth the general principles in the allocation of liability and resolution of disputes on fraudulent transactions arising from counterfeit cards. As a market-based enforcement mechanism, the ECFLSF operates in such a way that a BSFI that has adopted the secure EMV technology shall be protected from financial liability arising from losses on counterfeit card fraud. The liability for this type of fraud shall shift to the BSFI which is not or is only partially compliant with the EMV requirement. This is considered fair and appropriate since the industry has been given more than three years to undertake full migration.
  6. Not SO!!!!! Just 99.9 % i have been driving here 9 plus year 3 different cars,and each day like i almost get in a close call each 1,000 meters or so. But knock on wood so far so good.I found out if they start to pull out in front of you from some alley or corner,, horn first, then just turn you wheels toward them and they usually back off ,but some times they keep coming then i have to go one step further like just block there way. It could be deadly but what the fxxk at 77 who cares i don't give way ,the wife been telling me for years you going to get shot,hell they shoot you for parking wrong so i know it could any day . The bad thing is the car i have now is a little KIA so all the big cars think i am a easy push over so have to fight back ,when i had the big SUVs was different.So if you want to drive here buy a big car or truck you will not get a lot of asses trying to prove they can scare you .
  7. Have no answer to those questions go to the Cebu office of the Embassy and check. I do know that Metro Bank will do somethings other banks will not do and you can always try MR Bong at China Bank IT park good luck
  8. Message for U.S. Citizens: Adult Passport Renewals – By Appointment or Via Mail with Payment Beginning April 1, 2017, all U.S. citizens renewing their adults passports may now choose between TWO OPTIONS when submitting their application form (DS-82) and passport to the Embassy. Option 1: Book an appointment on the U.S. Embassy website. You, or a designated representative, will need to appear for your appointment date with the completed DS-82 application form, recent 2”x2” photos on white background (no eye-glasses), and $110 passport fee. If you are sending a representative on your behalf, the representative must have a written, signed authorization letter from you, authorizing the representative to apply and make payment for a passport renewal on your behalf. Option 2: Follow our current mail-in process by sending the completed and signed application and your prior passport to the U.S. Embassy. All mailed-in applications must now include a U.S. dollar demand draft made out to “U.S. Embassy Manila” in the amount of $110. If an application is sent without the enclosed U.S. dollar demand draft, the application will be returned to you and will not be processed. Currently, we can only accept demand drafts from any of our three participating local banks: Bank of the Philippines Islands (BPI), Security Bank, and Banco De Oro (BDO). Our no-walk-in policy for adult renewals still applies except for those who have a valid emergency travel in less than two weeks. For such cases, the person is advised to walk-in to the American Citizen Services (ACS) section with the confirmed flight itinerary, plane ticket or medical records (if urgent travel is due to a medical emergency) and will be carefully assessed if the request warrants an emergency passport issuance or not. For specific information on adult-renewal process, please visit our website: https://ph.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/passports/renew-an-adult-10-year-validity-passport/ ____________________________________________________________
  9. Just close all the mines till they hand over the guy so easy they will give him up quick or maybe the biggest mine operation there has to give up one year profits to the mission that would tech them a lesson for sure.
  10. Only for a woman who marry s a Filipino man
  11. Nope this from what i have read is old Spanish law some thing to do with for only a woman because in the old days where considered the masters and if you married them you became part of them, hope i can find the old law some where in my files but maybe one of the good brains here can search it better than I Have done all kind of searches nothing guess my brain gone bye bye again .
  12. Well fro, what i under stand if a woman comes here a marry a Filipino man she gets some type of permanent resident also.
  13. I open many bank account with only my Ph PO box address small cites usually have open boxes and if you tell the post man any letter that comes into the box if he deliver it to you he gets a hundred pesos.Works great for the SS mail always gets to me ,the only problem is he will bring mine one day and the next few days the one for my daughters mail from SS that comes to the Pay Rep my wife. Try china bank in IT Park ask for the manager Mr Bong ( the china bank close to the entrance of Waterfront hotel but in IT Park). As long as you have a ACR card no problem about the address and a bill,just tell him Big jim send you to him. The PO Box in carcar city cost like 1200 peso a year but a more expensive place is in Ayala mall in the services section think the fourth or filth floor where (Go shipping is locate and the sewing repair place) they all give you a recite that you can use as your billing notice Good Luck PS at the post office show a bill for a monthly rental at your hotel works some time also as the post office wants a address too heeee
  14. Did not say any thing about him being charge by the US said in the US he would not be charge umder a new law that was enacted after the crime ,please read again . Smile