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  1. remember where you are lee! lol
  2. what it comes down to is there is no common sense in most anything over there, but then again living in florida is like living in a third world country!
  3. i would like to point something out to everyone,this is a scam in most cases!these kids are handled by adults who put them out there on the street and they have to bring money back to the handler not food.
  4. sounds like death by a heart attack!
  5. well paul,my brother in law lives next door to me and i think he grabs some water from me also
  6. hey mike, you may want to get a larger capacity water tank.i use 1100 liter tank and it is empty every day that is for a family of 4
  7. thank you to everyone for your input.i think i will drill a well for them and build another underground water tank for myself.
  8. thx roger.yeah i have been there before.do you know if kreash water is still open and selling the 5gal jugs of water?
  9. boss hog, seeing that the goats get fed from leaves and ground plants and they are drying up and turning brown not much for the goats to eat.i lived there for 7 years and in 2009 saw the same thing.anyone who lived in the bogo area would remember the corn fields turned brown.
  10. in answer to your question about the animals,they were pigs and goats about 25 in total.
  11. i probably should tell you it is the sogod and borbon area of cebu.my father in law is a straight shooter and serious person.he had to sell all his animals because of the water problem.thank you for any information that you can give.
  12. sir, that is the story as reported to me in a telephone conversation.
  13. hello to everyone, just got a report from my relatives in the north part of cebu that the water situation has reached critical.they state there is no water from the town pipes and the wells have gone dry.guess that means i have to send more money for bottled water lol but seriously what is the real truth?
  14. ok roger thx
  15. could you buy these chicks (kabir) at the carbon market in cebu city?