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      Hello. If you are a new member, and feel a bit apprehensive about posting in the "open" forums, or, just wish to get your "sea legs" prior to posting in the open forums, feel free to post anything you wish to talk about, in the Newbies Forum. No one will bother you, or give you any sort of grief. Everyone there is happy to help you get answers to your questions.


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  1. We sent a 70 lb. box with UMAC . The cost was 75.00 and took 2 months to arrive in Abuygo , Leyte . Everything was there . When the box arrived they had my mother in law open it and took a picture . You can't send electronics . So I will be using them again .
  2. Visit Davao

    Last year my wife had landed and was one the way to Ermita . If it was a hour later a small bomb when off by Quiapo Church . I think for us it's a three month rental and see from there . We're not late night people . We just like to hang out in the pool and see a movie now and then .
  3. Visit Davao

    Thanks for the pictures . My wife and I have put Davao on are first stop to settle down . You tube videos are so helpful . That's the first thing we notice how clean it was . They have a 911 service . Very good internet and you can rent furnished from 25,000 with a pool .Only have 18 more months to go ..when we're ready maybe someone on this board has a nice rental ..
  4. Wife wants a Raptor...

    That Ford Raptor is a beautiful truck .. I work trade shows and I work the Auto Show every year . I think the sticker price is 55,000.00 .
  5. Wife wants a Raptor...

    Are you crazy letting a Filipna drive !!! Let alone a big truck . I live in Chicago . Everyone of these Immigrant's drives like shit . Half of them were driving Camels and water Buffalo before they arrived here . Maybe owed a motor bike .. lol
  6. Best Quote from a man caught with an underage girl . Anthony Mason of the New York knicks . I met her in a club . You have to be 21 to be in the club . How do I know she's not 21 , cut her leg off and count the rings around the stump .. Hopefully there is some message's that showed she lied about her age . If not lock him up .
  7. Douchebag

    Hopefully you see him and beat that wig off his head ..
  8. Happy to hear your child is better . Was that the cost with Phil health ??
  9. All of Asia needs to get on board with cleaner vehicles . It's killing our planet . When I lived in California in the 80's they started using busses that ran on Natural gas . They can only sell the cleanest burning gas for your car . The air in LA is cleaner than it was 50 years ago . I agree about further stops between jeepny stops but you know what it's like trying to walk in any city your in . Funny story . I'm a big guy and my wife and I are walking in Ermita too get a little exercise . My wife over hears two pinoy's guy's saying her Kano has no money because we're walking ..
  10. Why are you leaving or have left the Philippines

    Congrats on your son's visa . Best of the luck . My wife and I are looking forward to adopt . I hope they can look past a 35 yr. difference in age .
  11. Why are you leaving or have left the Philippines

    Just wondering why people leave, maybe others can learn from those of you who have or will? Off topic . My wife and I are wanting to adopt . When we move there .. Any advice . tried to pm you . Thank you
  12. Moving $$ from USA To the PI

    Thanks Lee . I have to talk to my Citi banker again . Charles Schwab is a option too.
  13. I've been reading this forum and many of the post are older . I'm banking with Citibank now and there fee between accounts is 35.00 up to 50 thousand dollars a day . I don't think I can do better than that . Any thoughts .
  14. How Much To Retire In Cebu

    Thailand has so much more in Culture and food for sure . I have known 12 men including myself that had married a Thai . One is still married to one and all the rest of us are not . Two of those men killed themselves after losing every thing . Thai woman are Sociopaths . If you find a true loving Filipina girl . She's all heart , and don't break it .