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  1. He is a JackAss in general He supports having ISIS fighters in UK and in his city. He is a sheep in wolves clothings. He wants Trump to be banned from going to the UK, but is ok with ISIS fighters coming back to UK. He is a Jackass of major porportion
  2. What does the London Muslim Mayor have to say about this?
  3. Visit Davao

    Looks early morning to me. Streets come alive like most places especially later in the day
  4. Visit Davao

    And it is heavily enforced there.
  5. So they are not making you pay customs and duty?
  6. Did you order any electronics like laptops or computers?
  7. Back in Davao there was due diligence done on people before they were targeted, They would take into account a persons family and occupations into consideration
  8. If you area drug dealer then you are playing with fire Duterte had already told people in Davao years ago if you criminal or part of a syndicate that preys on innocent people then you will be a target of an a assassination.
  9. Been shipping BB over 10 years, about 3 per year, as of date nothing stolen. I have shipped brand new in box laptops and desktops in the past. But I am also aware that something not making it to it's final destination is a chance I take.
  10. Ten years ago I sent a used laptop to PI from USA. I declared value at $100 since it was used and older, and shipped it Fed Ex. Customs wanted $300 more dollars to deliver. I did learn my lesson after that.
  11. Security situation on Mindanao

    I have been going to Davao City for over 10 years, Digos City is about 40 minute bus ride from there south. There has been checkpoints where all the men had to get off the bus and military would check it for bombs. I have never been asked for an ID. Checkpoints have always been there.
  12. As of now I don't see or read any ties to Antifa, ISIS wasn't on the radar for me. This is your typical Texas small town country church in a small city. I am sure there was a person or two in the crowd who may have been coon hunting that night and had brought their rifles or shotgun to church and left them in the trucks. Too bad nobody was carrying, but a church sure seems like the last place you would need to carry especially in small town Texas church.