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  1. I have a 6kw Gen set for the house to power up my incubators when theres a power outage but man that thing drink so much petrol. Well maybe because the whole house was using it too I had 2 incubators running at 500w each the AC was running including all the appliances in the house
  2. A couple of years ago there was a storage solution called Ultra Capacitors. There are like 5kw storage you can buy. One day Tesla motors used them for their cars and you can never find Ultra Capacitors anymore. How I loved to have copied the Schematics of that. Now Bosch have a power storage but you can only buy them in Europe. Its a bit pricey but it could be the best investment to get off the grid permanently. I think they even have a 10 kw storage now. http://www.bosch-solarenergy.com/media/bosch_se_serviceorganisation/kundendienst/speicherloesungen_1/en_5/bpts5_folder-EN-1410.pdf
  3. I like the idea very much but where I am planning to build the house, the whole town don't even have a river. We have to dig quite deep in the ground to get to the source of the water.
  4. Bro I am waiting for that price too or lower I am sure no ones gonna buy that on what they are selling right now. I agree its a very good location but its gonna be a lot of work. And pretty good management needed too.
  5. Basicly according to the Philippine Real Estate law foreigners can only buy properties that are part of a group just like condominium units and town houses with out having to have a Filipina wife. These Germans built the resort and built houses inside the resort. So the houses have become part of the resort and other Germans can now then purchase the houses for themselves with out marrying a Filipina. The owners of the resort now wants to sell the whole resort and the other owners wants to sell their units too. It goes to say that marrying a Filipina to start a business in the Philippines is a very risky endeavor but I am not generalizing a lot of foreigners are successful with their marriages and I am happy for them. But there are some unfortunate ones and my Sympathy goes to them.
  6. Shes not selling her place i am not even advertising i am just telling people what i heard of not interested and i don't wanna be part of anything on it i am happily where i am right now
  7. Just a house in the mountain
  8. I'd like to be completely off the grid What do you guys recommend for storage
  9. Does not sound like a good marketing for Toyota imaging bad tenting and bad shock absorbers i might check my Hilux then Anyway what happened to the real cheap check in motels Maybe the blue pill took effect quite instantly cant wait to get to the motel
  10. I'd suppose they did not include this on the invitations
  11. Last I heard the Original Price was 80M pesos but now apparently it was 35M Included are 5 apartment sort of hotel style buildings the restaurant the swimming pool There are private houses inside the area that were bought by private foreigners apparently they wanna sell too. Its really not managed well now theres still a lot to improve. My niece has her own private unit there and I got all these infos from her It is a great location I agree I can only wish I have that much money
  12. Hey guys here's a good opportunity Narra Park in Alcoy is for sale and the price is dropping right now. I've got nothing to do with this but just in case someone will be interested on a resort here's the one. The good thing about this they still have spaces inside to build houses and that's the only way foreigners be able to buy one in the country I took some Photos https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzXzeaykdOzXSzIwRkdBd0dqd1k
  13. So do we really need to register and have a license in the Philippines
  14. Thanks for the inputs guys I also just signed up for 1 unit at the Horizon Towers. I thought while its still on pre selling I would just jump on the opportunity. Its a 2 bedroom unit at the 37th floor maybe I will just rent it out since i am only in the Philippines 1 month of the year and my family are scared of living that high. We shall see.
  15. I recently started this Free Range chicken project to produce brown eggs. I ordered 500 day old chicks and they are now 1 month old. On their 3rd month I will transfer them to my proper area in the mountains where they will continue to grow and start laying eggs