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  2. The way I get it, public health care is free there. I went to a public health facility in Anda and they literally refused payment. It was not a hospital - just a little clinic. One might extend this - philhealth is made to operate in the public health arena - not expensive private hospitals. When used there it pays much more as the cost is much less. That would explain the differing assessments of how much it pays... You could hop a jet to guam, where I've heard medicare and US insurance are accepted (it being a US territory). Apparently it's not too far. Anyway, my current plan is to locate a public hospital in my small town, then go there if and when... When I'm on the ground I will research this further. If I can find information that might be helpful I will report it here. If everyone does this we just might define the best way to proceed, in light of the circumstances
  3. aha - i knew if i kept reading i would find something... here it is. if you're sure they will admit on the presentation of philhealth? scenario: philhealth gets me admitted, they let me call the states that night, my limit on my card gets raised then, later, cigna repays the charges iffy, i know, but something is better than nothing?
  4. I really want to find a solution - just like everyone else in here. Can you still read the original thread? It says I am banned from it?
  5. No - thank God - I have not. I have found Cigna to be good at paying here. That's all I can say. As I said, I am still seeking a solution...
  6. As you will. Seemingly a simple statement... People say we create the world, in which we live. We do not create it outright, to be sure but we create it, still, in the moment we decide how we will perceive it. I am well aware PH is no bed of roses. I also know every rule has it's exception. I did no american bashing. I do americA bashing. AmericA is just another pretty little lie we tell our kids and, sadly, the weak and the stupid tell that lie to themselves. Things go better - life is much happier - that way. I'm 67 so if ever I will "grow up" I already have? I guess I didn't catch your drift on "things are usually what they seem here." I'm not going to rise to your bait, object to your flippant attitude or even reverse your "thinking" by saying I can't wait until your glasses come off, concerning "america." I have no need to be right and making you wrong has no value, to me. I guess I will say you are free, in "america" - free to do, act and especially "think" as you are told, or pay the price... Create as you will. Make your world a reflection of your self. Just leave me out of it, ok? I hope you're old (like me) as the thought of a young person being as jaded and bitter as you come off sends a chill down my spine
  7. Sir, if you have a medicare supplement it will cover 80% - with the nasty caveat that you will have to pay up front then they will reimburse. I'm really sorry to hear of your injury and it seems ironic that it happened in a police station. I am heartened that any accident was adjudged not to be your fault, though. Had you suffered from dengue before? I have been given to understand that only "serious dengue" is really dangerous (as in permanent damage) and usually it only occurs after repeated infections with the regular kind? Maybe you had the regular kind and were not aware of it? Most people do not get really sick from it, or so they say. Mosquitos usually bite only one person... but maybe some species but more than one? I'm taking 3 cans of deet and i left 3 cans there, last time. Dengue scares ms.... What can you tell us of those nasty parasites, diseases, etc? Anything I should know/do?
  8. Mr. Knight, could it be that u r judging events in PH with the bias, caused by your too many years in the united police states? You might ask yourself that? Give the PH people a chance - please don't treat them as if they were americans... 'cause they're not, believe me. I said it before and I'll say it again - the vast majority of the PH people are gentle and beautiful. Considering them as americans will guarantee that you will never see that... and that would be a shame
  9. Well, headshot, I hope u don't think I am making it up? ? Suddenly I am banned from reading the original, now closed thread? Else I would respond with a link to that post. Anyway, someone said it was still a good deal in that thread. And so I asked. All of which leaves me right where I was, which is nowhere. My medicare supplement will pay 80% but I have to pay up front, then they will reimburse. I have a hard limit of $200 a day on my debit card, to avoid being ripped off.... I could get a credit card but, unlike most, I read the application - roflmao! No way in he77 I sign anything like that! I'm amazingly healthy, considering how ancient I am I take good pills - what can I say? PQQ and CO-Q10 and Piracetam... Still, an accident might happen? Apparently, the community has yet to find an answer to this? And so it is in the US, as well, if you're not 65+ years old. Even then... it can be dicy. I take it a joe (that's what they call us - lol) who is a senior citizen does not get it for free? I think I know the PH people... at least a little. I admire them. I am going there because of them - well, that and my money actually buys something there. I read how they will let you die if you can't pay up front. I don't believe that - not for 1 second. Maybe you can't get a triple bypass (or whatever) but when I was in Anda (on bohol) I got a little sick and the place refused to even take my money. THAT about gave me a heart attack - right there - a DOCTOR, refusing money? I had to make a donation. So I did - 500 pesos and they were grateful! There are some really mean people in here. So much so that now I am leery of making physical contact with the "expat community." I don't see why PH even puts up with "us." In Dumaguete the situation is really bad for "us" because of a few assholes - who are not even americans at all. But everybody is laying for you - even the laundry place! It's horrible to think what we teach the gentle, beautiful people of PH is what a redneck is... So very sad. Well, this time *I CAN* do something about it, and *I WILL.* I will let my light shine on them - all of them. I will show them that not all joes are nasty people. Who will help me?
  10. r u certain of this? others have said it paid much more?
  11. "... yeah you don't tug on Superman's cape, you don't (!), into the wind, you don't pull, the mask, off that 'ol lone ranger and you don't mess around with _____..." (Jim Croche) Ah, but is there a sequel to a class action lawsuit? Then perhaps individuals might remain anonymous?
  12. https://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/ invaluable resource - updated frequently
  13. i pay $2,400 / year for my "free" medicare and supplement, here. so, from here, it looks like a he77 of a bargain but, as someone said, what does it cover? i'll have to find out...
  14. i'm not sure... of everything. not sure i will, or even can live there. i thought i would live on cagayan de oro - WRONG. if we knew the future there would be little point, to living? lol i will try to network when i get there.