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  1. It's not being yelled at. This has never been a problem. Any of us who've gone past basic training (when, as we know, you're cossetted) have meet corporals (and it tends to be them rather than sergeants) who are sadistic beavers. The notion that, "It makes you hard" is rubbish. Train men hard and treat them with respect is a useful mantra for any army.
  2. No contribution to make as I don't live there....but it's a beautiful house.
  3. I could imagine an intact male Ridgeback taking on anything. My girls love sliced carrots and tummy-tickles.
  4. I have a pair of mother and daughter ridgebacks (I mentioned this before) and, honestly, they are like kittens on stilts. I have no doubt they could be trained to defend and protect and certainly the dogs are of a different character to the bitches. They also need exercise. A lot. I take my two out for a run (well they run and I cycle) in the morning and my daughters take them out after school. If you don't do that you get a bored dog. For security? I'd get a wee yappy terrier. I can't stand them but they are territorial. The clue's in the name. I'll amend this post a little. An intact (ie with balls) male Ridgeback trained for security work with the right handler is both fearless and fearsome and would guard the family compound. I'd not trust him with strangers so I'd see him as a liability.
  5. Almost certainly your gmail account will work over the web (if it doesn't you're in trouble) and almost certainly you need to look at your Outlook SMTP settings to marry it up with gmail again. Take a look here: https://www.bing.com/search?q=outlook+smtp+settings&form=EDGTCT&qs=AS&cvid=7d36746b87c447e6a824080edfd24db2&cc=GB&setlang=en-GB
  6. Yes I have and it's easy to drive in the city centre as everything moves at a slow pace. I'd not do it again as it's more cost-effective to hire a car and driver for the day.
  7. Dell Boy does Philippines.
  8. I read the link that you posted. I am truly astonished.
  9. Is this a policy that only applies to girls? How about ages? I could sort-of understand it applying to young teens but does it also apply of the girl/boy is aged 18+
  10. I wore hard lenses for years and they were terrific. You did have to be careful about length of wear per day and making sure they were in solution long enough. I wore them for about 20 years without a problem but they eventually started to irritate my eyes so I gave up and resigned myself to glasses.
  11. My 15 year old Sony FM radio tuned to BBC Radio 4. Does any other civilised person shower and shave to anything else?
  12. I disagree with this but I do think there are two obscenities here: Obscene act 1: Dragging a man off a plane. Wrong by anyone's standards. Obscene act 2: A 7 figure pay out. Wrong by anyone's standards. A hysterical act followed by a hysterical response IMO.
  13. I reckon a hog roast in England would easily be £500 so 32K php before they drink.