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  1. I need clarification on what PRA currently is requiring for "police clearance" I just obtained my police clearance in Florida from my local sheriff, notarized, notary authenticated, sent to Philippine Embassy (TODAY!) in DC for authentication and now am concerned I don't have proper document. (thanks to post by bkkmarlowe) I did send copy to PRA in Cebu, waiting reply regarding acceptability. Anyone with recent experience, I would appreciate the help. Want to be sure I have acceptable clearance. Thanks, Gino
  2. I am in Florida, USA. I am trying to get all documents together to apply SRRV, BEFORE coming to Cebu. I have original certificate of marriage from 1999, PRA says I need the NSO version. What is best way to get NSO certificate of marriage sent to USA? I am coming to Cebu in May. Thanks, Gino