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  1. Do you really think so?.. I have not been there but..My take would be lack of dedicated supervisory personnel. Here in AC there is not anyone flitting around with food and drinks.. no standing around shooting the breeze, no flirting playing grab ass.. pretty much all professional and business like.
  2. It is interesting to see the disparity with the different BI's in different areas. I have never had a problem in the Angeles City BI. It used to be alot more trouble than it is now... Before.. a bunch of copies of this and that, 2- 2x2 photos, remembering my initial arrival flight date and number. long pants and full shirt and shoes... Now-.. come as you are.. very short form.. no copies.. no photos.. if I hit it right.. in and out with-in an hour.. and now?.. no fee for "express" service.. which I never really got that anyway.. I have yet to see anything here express. I have seen the same disparity with the LTO's also.. some are a frigging nightmare and some are helpful and slick sailing..it is like none of the Govt. services are actually connected to eachother and no standard operating procedure.
  3. I went into the Angeles city Bi on tuesday to extend 2 months on my tourist waiver... I had no problems.. I did notice the fee was lower.. They still do not do 6 month extensions though... it has gotten to be kind of a joke between me an the BI dude I always end up with... It took me an hour .. I went and had lunch in-between.
  4. And cable.. That is a lot of water.. at the rate I use water, and we water and hose down outside every day (not during rainy season.. I am not a politician)... that amount would be almost 10 households at my rate of usage... That seems alot more than a faucet drip or toilet tank running. Me thinks you have a major type leak someplace... My water bill here is less than 300P a month... but then I have gotten naked and into the shower only to find I didn't have any a few times also...
  5. One thing that really surprised me when I got here was the QUALITY of the concrete blocks. I am sure some are ok but I have seen alot of them you can literally just pull them apart with your bare hands. And these are being used in new construction. ..and also?.. why doesn't anyone ever strike the joints here?
  6. IDK man.. I have spent many a night with bar girls.. in small local bars.. not Walking Street bars. I sit talk and had a great time.. didn't take them home.. didn't pay them for sex.just hang out and had a great time... Oh they were available to take home.. but after a few times coming in?... they knew I wasn't there to boom boom.. made some good friends there.. just people after all
  7. IDK.. maybe I am strange?.. I have never felt the need or desire to do that... I guess there is a a bit of voyeur in all of us... the snap shots in my memory seem to be enough for me.. no need to share...
  8. Hold my beer please? ......
  9. heh.. this time of the year here.. the cuddle is limited to the shower together. lol.. What I wonder is ...I mean we love but this time of year.. we tend to avoid the snuggle... we have no aircon. If I can get 2-3 hours of cool when lay down I will buy this... don't want to sleep on plastic for that tho if I can help it.
  10. so?... you lay directly on this?.. not on top of the mattress with a sheet over it?.. how long does it stay cool?.. do you have to lay it in the tile floor to cool it before using it?
  11. I had this exact same problem with cucumbers..and tomatoes also... I thought it was lack of bees too because I hardly see any here... I ended up taking a early morning when they were cool and a little damp and did it myself with a cotton swab.. It is tedious but it works.
  12. That would be me.. I follow and seek out every word you type an want to like them all.. ur ma heeeroe
  13. My mom used to use lard to make pie crust... to this day it was the best I ever had... I make french fries with lard... I save my bacon grease too.. try a little to grease the pan if you make grilled cheese sandwiches...grilled sharp cheddar with onion and tomato cooked in bacon fat.. hard to beat that with any stick..:P
  14. a couple of packets of regular yeast does the same thing.. it adds the needed bacteria to the system.. soap and cleaning solutions kill the good bacteria that eats the poo.. Toilet paper here basically melts in water.. as I am sure you have found wiping with it. Septic systems here are the weirdest I ever saw.. mostly just a tank.. no leach field and all household water goes into it.. or it ALL goes into the street gutter in front of the house.. that's pretty common really..
  15. I drink some beers.. I like a decent sour mash sometimes..I found a good deal on Stoley's vodka here and with the heat I am liking that alot chilled in the freezer on ice with calamansi .. as far as beer it depends on the day.. I will on occasion buy "imports"... but when I am thirsty.. a SM lite really cold works good for me..