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  1. that was some stuff...when he first said "I drive from coast to coast and that shit looks flat to me".. had me rolling
  2. I get some Hungarian sausage at SM Clark here on Luzon that are pretty good. And once in a while I find Jonesville Brats... I'd like a mess of Nathans' though.. I have not seen them anywhere. Another thing I have trouble finding is a decent dill pickle..
  3. yup.. legal weed ..it's a wonderful thing..:D
  4. yeast.. is the the answer....packet of yeast every few months down the bowl.. gets all them digestive enzymes working.. Trust me I know my shit..;)
  5. what does a banca that size cost anyway?.. I am just starting to look into the logistics of a boat here.. i need details?
  6. I think you all take this shit to seriously...
  7. I use a vpn thru google chrome.. I occasionally have an an issue.. no biggie.. log out.. direct to another source.. move on.. nothing monumental with it. Oh and yeah.. it is free...it has been maybe 8 months?.. seems to still be working. When I access ip addy?.. everytime is a different..not a dime invested and it works.. hard to beat that with a stick
  8. BTW... it used to be that Chesapeake Bay was THE place to have crab, oysters, clams.. duck..(altho duck is migratory and I stopped hunting them to eat after I saw a bunch of the kind I liked to eat outside of a chemical plant) Chesapeake Bay...only just now beginning to recover from waste disposal from Baltimore and Philadelphia (except now regulations of waste will be pretty limited by the new EPA guidelines).. used to be..in my Dad's time (he was born in 1909) it was a haven... for many things.. and it was even for me in my youth... learning to sail.. watching old black girls giggling and picking crab meat.. un-limited crab bars and galvanized bucket's of ice and rolling rock beers.. and the first brown girl I ever bounced... My point is.. if there is one... this is an old culture.. way older than America.. I look at it like this.. If you don't like the taste of tripe?.. and if you eat tripe and it gave you a belly ache... um?.. don't eat tripe i ate a huge platter full of raw oysters that came from Crystal Bay just outside of Manila.. awesome.. fresh and delicious... all I ended up with was a large bar bill and satisfaction.. go figure
  9. if you buy live shellfish... get a 5 gal bucket and fill it with FRESH seawater.. put them in for a day or so... do it twice if you need to (change the water)... same with snails.. a shoebox of oatmeal for snalis... a day should do but I do 2.. cleans them out Only time I have gotten sick from sea food here is from a restaurant. btw... most Talapia is raised on human poop. Asians have been fertilizing their rice paddy's and vegetable gardens with their poop for countless generations.. you have eaten that shit and not even known it.. don't be scared.. it cannot be any worst than the crap the USDA allows into meat in the USA .. growth hormones..antibiotics.. steroids..etc.. you all eat that crap and call it good
  10. Last sept I went back to the usa for a visit.. my acr card ran out in august.. I had to renew it before i could leave. I did not get the actual card until I got back but the receipt for it was good enough.. ... but that one is still valid now so no worries. I am here on tourist visa waiver.. actually the tourist "visa" is not a visa.. it is a visa waiver.
  11. more than likely there is more underlying in this story than what has been reported. I have yet to have a "heated argument" with anyone here.. over anything. Too bad he's dead and I'm sorry for his family's loss.
  12. HEY.. i like that squirt cheese.. even if it is fake.. I do buy decent cheese here..when I can find it. even then not like there is a huge selection. Best I have had came from OZ and NZ.. not a fan of that french goat semen cheese.. I tend toward a good biting chedder.. and thank you Lord.. no one in the house really likes it but me..
  13. Damn man.. thank you so much.. I am book marking this page. I have had good luck with some stuff and crap-o-la luck with others.. but then I am in a bad area to grow also. (ash path from Pinatubo).. I had really good luck with collard greens but cannot grow kale for beans. One of my main problems with some things.. beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers.. seems to be pollination. (and of course insects).. there just doesn't seem to be alot of bee's here.. I have a ton of blossoms.. but only a few fruits.. I did the Q-tip pollination thing and got better results.. but nothing like what nature brings to it... I am hopefully moving soon to somewhere out of the ash path and hope for better results. btw..I have spent countless hours and piso getting carabao poo and mixing.. what with the compacted burnt limestone ash and my sweat.. very little result... except for the amount of SMG consumed..
  14. I myself will never buy property here. I just never know when I am going to want to move on.
  15. you know what? no matter how you shake it out.. or how righteous you all want view this?.. this guy is dead dead dead... and that is a shame.. and I am sorry to him and his all... you jump into a totally different culture and bring "fair" and "how it should be"... and make an issue of it?.. you are bringing not "here"..but "there"..it just don't wash I am sorry this guy got his ass wasted.. should not have happened.. I hope his family is ok