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  1. AZUS dual sim phone... I have T Mobile through Walmart in the US, and slap in a Globe sim for the Phils... works out great
  2. EDIT...Wanderlust Air Travel is my brand***
  3. Compression socks need to encompass the foot too. Here are pics of mine (STILL CAN'T REMEMBER THE NAME!) Notice the compression around the arch too. There is a W by the toes. Went to House of Lechon again for my birthday... ripe young 59, GF is 32... I'm still trying to ignore the age gap... with us clicking the way we do its easy. Great food as always. Since hanging out in the city like I live here, I know have a greater understanding about the holy hell traffic! #muthaofgawdchitstorm... that and DIEsel exhaust! Off to the province at 4am... oh joy! Then Moal Boal and no snorkeling now due to GF's job changing training schedule yet again, have to head back Sunday morning. Will have independence day off along with Tuesday, but Tues will be interviewing for another company where her old boss is recruiting her...better beni's since it's an American company and not Indian. Heard That malls and large gatherings should be avoided Monday due to Maute... It's more fun in the Philippines......... Everyone stay happy and safe!
  4. Will look up the brand when I get back in the US... best ones I have ever worn and great reviews.
  5. Nope never read that. Have a medical background and part of my coverage was selling all sorts of compression. I applied some of my training and got up often and stetched along with calf raises and toe raises while seated. This hammy stuff is a new one on me... and I have never experienced this kind of pain from the lack water, really got my attention... never again, scary how painful it was!
  6. Got the socks off of Amazon, zero feet, ankle or calf swelling, great socks best ever. Hammys hurt sitting on that hard seat, did not like the way the edge of the seat applied pressure to my hammys. Next drink water like a fish!
  7. I'm back like a bad movie sequel... day 2 and more rain than my entire first visit. The first leg of the flight I enjoyed a screaming child I'd say was 3... horrible behavior, even worse parents who thought it was cute, including throwing food and flipping the food tray over. This went on for 75% of that flight. I also learned that the exit row seats suck, so narrow with those side walls limit any movement to get comfy on a 13+hr flight. Not built for a wide body like me. I also learned about proper hydration. Wicked leg cramps (both hammys) making sleep awful. I realized not sweating while GF was... that was a big clue. Legs still hurt as of now but are much better. This trip will be a lay low affair... GF'S job moved to Manila and she started training for her new job within same workplace. So no time off for her and my time has shifted to her crap schedule of getting off training at 3am! Making it work... gives an idea of what real life might be like. Will go to the province this weekend, the spend Sat night in Moal Boal. Maybe snorkeling Sunday depending on weather. Food at the Ayala Mall...Casa Verda not as good as IT Park location IMO... Abaca Bakery... sooooooooooo good! Had the skillet and GF had the chorizo and Spanish fried rice... no like! Took home the macaroons for later, really good stuff! This evening before her training went to Kuya J.... had the calamari, chop suey, platter of rice, she had a honey doo type of drink and I had the banana milk shake and 2 bottles of water. Really liked the meal... all for about 680P including 50P tip. Really won't have much too report... I did bail out of taxi on the way back from dropping her off deep within IT Park...traffic was absolute crap and I watched the cost tick away as we just sat there. I paid up and got out in traffic and walked the rest of the way back to the Quest. Felt right at home playing flogger. Pic attached of my tiny Pinay... she knows it will be posted here and is fine with it. Now to drink more water and do some stretches.
  8. Cannot deal logically with those that are illogical... kill a cancer or let it spread.
  9. Have you looked into all the damn taxes etc in doing this? I think you might be shocked!
  10. Damn... pretty much have to roll through that island and just flatten it... sterilize of anything islamic... I just think it's too far gone already, yet another Government who had soft peddled how they address this crap, and now they have a cancer that will just spread. Being rational with people like is just irrational.
  11. You had me until the 10 yr lease. I love the tiny home movement, and if I chose to stay in the US I will seek out an area for this, or live my life on the road. I brought up tiny home living a while back on here, it died a quick death!
  12. http://www.cnn.com/2017/05/28/asia/isis-threat-southeast-asia/
  13. https://www.rt.com/news/390020-philippines-terrorists-civilians-casualties/ This isn't over by a long shot... this looks like a new and worse chapter for the Phils. Choppers in the air, tanks in the streets, and foreign terrorists joining the ranks... going to be like a Asian version of Syria. The military says it has killed at least 61 Maute fighters, bringing the total death toll to over 100 people. The militants seemed significantly weakened by the ongoing military operation and are showing less resistance, but still pose grave danger to locals, Padilla said. Read more Philippines crisis ‘transmogrified into invasion by foreign terrorists’ “We believe they're now low on ammunition and food,” he said. “Compared to the initial days, there has been increasingly less resistance from the militants within Marawi.” In tandem to the military onslaught, the army was also carrying out rescues operations, freeing civilians trapped in jihadist-held areas and bringing them to safety. “We have successfully rescued and assisted 124 trapped civilian residents since the start of the operations,” Padilla said. President Rodrigo Duterte declared martial law across the southern part of the Philippines after IS-linked militants stormed the city last Tuesday. Most of the predominantly Muslim city’s 200,000 residents have fled since the fighting began, but an estimated 2,000 people still remain cornered in areas controlled by the militants. “They have been sending us text messages, calling our hotline, requesting us to send rescue teams but we cannot simply go to areas which are inaccessible to us,” said Zia Alonto Adiong, spokesman for the provincial crisis management committee. “They want to leave. They are afraid for their safety. Some are running out of food to eat. They fear they will be hit by bullets, by airstrikes,” he added. The military intensified its air campaign on parts of Marawi over the weekend as ground troops engaged in street battles with the militants. View image on Twitter Philippines government officials also said that the Maute group confronting the army was no longer considered a local terrorist organization as many Malaysian, Indonesian and “other nationalities” have joined their ranks. Driving out terrorists from the Philippines has become Duterte’s personal crusade who promised to resign if extremists prove him incapable of maintaining peace in his country. “As president, if I cannot confront them, I will resign,” Duterte said last week. “If I am incompetent and incapable of keeping order in this country, let me step down and give the job to somebody else.”
  14. Here they are... no beards since they can't grow them. Look like a band boy band, just a lot more dangerous
  15. https://www.yahoo.com/news/isis-fighters-apos-execute-civilians-100028840.html Sh!t is getting bad!! World