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  1. 2,000 USD per-year???
  2. Sure, I actually searched to see where that new airport currently stood thinking that it would help to offload some CEB traffic. And I think it will do just that, but it sounds like it's designed for an annual capacity of 1.7 million passengers, and the existing airport already serves, what? Close to 900k? So I don't think there's going to be a lot of excess capacity there by the time it's completed in 2019. CEB is going to do more than 9 million passengers this year I think? Closing in on 10 million maybe? Not sure. We know that you can squeeze a good deal more out of a single runway, but here? in phils? how much more? SAN was my base for a few years and they're the busiest single runway in the US at about 20 million passengers annually. So I kind hold my thumb up to this and say, yep, time to get moving on another runway at CEB. If they start now, with a bit of help from Panglao, they might just avoid traffic congestion at CEB becoming a major problem. Maybe.
  3. Yeh, we just did a quick walk through the other day, too crowded for anything else really, but didn't see any Nathan's either. And I was looking. The food court line was way too long for me to think about seeing if they were selling Nathan's there.
  4. Why do you think that is 'racist'? It really isn't at all. Confusing skin color with race is, what? very American?
  5. Ahhh, apologies, just came back from signing up but had not seen this. I will remember to ask when we go in (tomorrow I think).
  6. Yes, it's mostly business class for me, but personally I'd never pay for that myself. But then I've never had a leg bypass either. But it does bring up another good point - what 3 classes of service does the airline have? I'm Star Alliance so it's EVA or Asiana, both top tier airlines. I always go to or through LAX so I have a strong preference for EVA simply based on the departure/arrival/connecting times, but I also like that EVA has Business/Premium/Economy. Sometimes the price difference between Premium Economy and Economy on EVA is very small, 200 or 300 USD. On Asiana the price for Business class is going to be 3 or 4 times the price for Economy typically. I've flown all 3 classes on EVA and I'm fine even with Economy (and proper scheduling and planning so that I at least have an empty seat next to me if not an empty row). I've only flown Business class on Asiana. Business class versus Business class I prefer Asiana when I am awake and EVA when I'm sleeping - I really like what someone once described as the EVA cocoon. When the pricing is right I think that EVA's Premium Economy can be a very good value, and it *might* be enough to allow you to be comfortable without having to pay for Business class.
  7. The only difference I see is that there are more people here that walk through life with their head in the clouds. It's irritating, but most aren't trying to be rude or annoying, most are simply not very attuned to their surroundings. It's certainly a world-wide phenomenon, more or less like that in all places, through in some true cultural differences and that's about all it is I think.
  8. https://www.t-mobile.com/optional-services/roaming.html I don't know any detail regarding T-Mobile, but I have my Sprint SIM in slot 2 of my dual SIM phone. I get free roaming for data and text, and charged something similar to the T-Mobile rate for voice calls (I never use the voice, don't pickup or make calls, just call back on Skype as needed). With Sprint's Global free roaming you're limited to 2G for data (SMART is their partner here in phils), but I use my SMART SIM for that anyway. In other countries, even at 2G Messenger, etc. are typically usable. The point is that you may already have the ability to receive SMS here in phils, for free, you might just have to get 'unlocked' or signup or something with T-Mobile.
  9. The new Landers on Cardinal Rosales opens tomorrow. I was talking to a neighbor today, her sister in law is the manager (or something like that, hired from S&R where she held a similar position), and she mentioned to me (unprompted) that they will have Nathan's Hot Dogs. No idea if she meant in stock, food court or whatever, but will probably have a chance to confirm tomorrow.
  10. And late at night / early in the morning the LBs. I crossed that 7-11 off my list a long time ago because I got a little tired of having to deal with the LBs that are at the corner of or just a bit up Molave.
  11. Yep, and that's the way to beat the 'Port Taxi Mafia' that some folks complain about. We usually come into pier 3 so it's a very short walk over to the taxi queue at Robinsons.
  12. Well LAX isn't going to get many votes I'm sure. I've had both LAX and SFO as my 'home' airport, but that involves a lot more than making a connection. Ultimately a good deal depends on your connecting flight/airline/terminal arrival/departure times. SFO does have the AirTrain which usually beats walking it at LAX or taking a shuttle bus. Although stretching your legs a bit might be nice if you have the time. Using PAL is just wrong, too many far, far better airlines to chose from. And probably cheaper also.
  13. Thanks, I was wondering about that very thing.
  14. Well, when in Rome? I spent many, many years with my Japanese ex trying to ride comfortably as a passenger back in the US. Failed. But I did learn to just bite down hard and keep my mouth shut. Or drive myself.