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  1. Sugar is just one of carbohydrates. So You skip pasta/noodles, bread, rice, potatoes, milk etc? These turn into sugar in our digestion, some faster some slower. I never buy/use white refined sugar. I use honey to my fabulous sallad dressing (mustard + honey = good marriage). Sometimes use muscovado in my curry, somehow it works with mustard oil. Only problem with muscovado is kids like it like crazy. Have to hide it good. Excess use of sugar is another story.
  2. Tell me something I don't know. Fruit sugar is OK, said my mom. Many studies of aspartame. Just pick one You like. I also smoke and drink
  3. Tango? You mean Tang. Tang has no sugar. They have aspartame = no calories. Family favorite now Dalandan. Also we buy pineapple juice. Key word is 100% Pineapple juice. Juice drinks have added water and sugar. 240ml can 22 peso. Provides 100% of daily vitamin C needs.
  4. This means Marine Le Pen is next president. She wants immigrants out of France and France out of EU.
  5. PNP stationed and in alert in Panagsama. Normally You see them seldom. Talk is that AS may come to kidnap tourists. Panagsama is loaded with visitors. Probably this alert just echoes of Bohol fighting. But Dumaguete and Bohol not so far away from here... PNP says have to report boats and men not known lo locals.
  6. Hold Your horses man. Swedish welfare story is after WWII when adapted the German Heimat idea. Beginning of 20th century Sweden was the poorest country in Europe. Sweden have to close their borders so not every citizen became American
  7. Japan speed limit max 100 kmh and I guess police better equipped to control than in here. So how to enjoy big bike in Japan? In PI speed is basically free ('cause police never out there) but the roads too bad for high speed.
  8. Let me disagree. In city best bikes are these automatic scooters, no clutch, just pull and go. I like Rouser, have a 220 which is good for even longer rides, can even take rough roads. Of road is another story. Best bike? Looks like many a brand left Thailand and now in Indonesia. How much better Made in Japan, I also want to know...
  9. Latest news tell this arrested terrorist is Rustam Akhmedov from Uzbekistan. Russia wanted him for terrorist crimes but ofcourse the PC Sweden didn't follow. And this is the result. https://vk.com/id357158184
  10. Arrested man a father of 4 from Afganistan. Swedish PM welcomed all muslims into Sweden, now 2M born abroad (mostly muslim) in a pop of 10M. We must thank PM that we are no more safe in our country. PM hailed for 59 missile attack in Syria. Why not hail this attack?
  11. http://edition.cnn.com/2017/04/04/us/roman-polanski-plea-rejected-court/index.html Why not international arrest warrant work? One more famous in same branch and of same ethnicity married his own daughter, and goes free
  12. Very much prefer to sit next to a skinny china-man and not an obese westerner who is flooding my seat, stink bad and talk loud. And I like noodles. And the Chinese air-persons always welcome in my wet dreams. Man them hot
  13. They wanted to give me CC when I opened a currency account. But I took a debit card instead.
  14. Worked for me anyways. But as You say, it's more fun in PI
  15. Bad luck, man. Or... Did mine in 32 minutes. They give You 2 numbers (Globe and Smart) to text to after 2 months to ask if Your card ready. They don't notify. You must act.