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  1. Never said I am tourist. Just picked my permanent extension. Not so much of a pea/bean lover. I like peanuts (bean/pea?). Also like mongos very much. Reminds me of 'ärtsoppa'. In 'ärtsoppa' I put mustard, in mongos I put hot sauce. Asawa makes great mongos. In mercado one (1) serving mongos is 10 p. Clean, no baboy.
  2. Relax man. Flautas, burritos - wrong country. Try Mexico. Before start cooking, look what You have in stock, or change menu. I like the local style; no time, no hurry, no high blood pressure. If You don't like the customer or don't even want to check just say: No stock mam/sir. And give a big smile. It's like in the States where 'Have a nice day' cannot be taken literally. You are here on holiday (a least I am). Anger seldom solve any problem. Spain has 'manana'. Thai have 'mai pen rai'. Try 'unya' or 'ugma ba'. Best anger management is a big laugh.
  3. Update... Today received my card, took 3 months. They did not reply my inquiries expect the first time after 2 months. Then still on review. So on my monthly trip to city I just went to BI and I was lucky. Card is for 5 years. Anybody got the announced 10 year card?
  4. http://edition.cnn.com/2017/06/12/health/global-obesity-study/index.html
  5. Philippines no need special navy ships
  6. Design from 1997 to sell in China, Taiwan, Philippines. Never sold in Japan. Extra stuff? Sat-tv? Give me break
  7. Price 1m plus? Why not GX MT, same engine which is most important. all others just cosmetics, for just 685k cash?
  8. Funny police always (after attacks) say we do know these terrorists and they been monitored a long time. And still terrorists can do their murdering.
  9. No more GT Express for me, You are a sardine too many in the tin. I always take Librando air-con, i.e. open windows. Faster than GT. Life-line in my province; send a letter, money, groceries, fish, chicken, goat (no pigs), right in Your door step (by the high-way). Ceres wont do that. Also in Cebu city You avoid the mafia in South Terminal. Just hop in a taxi back in Librando terminal. Cannot do in South Terminal. But then I ride from Bugal-bugal to Ciudad and back. Librando rides only to Badian. Frequent connections with Ceres to Bato.
  10. This one http://www.classic-british-motorcycles.com/1973-triumph-bonneville.html Top speed 105 mph with sun in Your back. Nice bike. Definitely
  11. Confirmed. He was a big seller of that thing. So the shooters were boys in brown (blue?). Like the one before in Julie's corner. Good work.
  12. Pinoy, me thinks. Fiesta now in this brg
  13. That was normal. The only traffic rule is: Me First. What side of road does not matter. That's why I take my bike to Ciudad. I like dirty driving. Always did. Maybe I invented it
  14. For Your Information, boats from Guihuligan, Negros to Tangil, Dumanjug are seldom in schedule, often cancelled. And in Guihuligan not much to experience, nor in Tangil, Dumanjug. Moalboal is ofcourse a nice stop over. Big chance You wanna stay. Also San Carlos or Kanlaon City, City (sic!). I have done all these roads, mountain roads round Kanlaon definitely most scenery.
  15. Complete and fine now. Night and day.