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  1. Ok I was going to make a joke about weight rate of bus roofs, but dam that was impressive.
  2. JUPITER, Florida -- Professional golfer Tiger Woods has been arrested for driving under the influence, according to ABC affiliate WPBF. Jupiter police in Florida confirmed that Woods was arrested for DUI around 3 a.m. Monday on Military Trail, just south of Indian Creek Parkway. http://abc7.com/sports/pro-golfer-tiger-woods-arrested-for-dui-police-say/2050763/
  3. This is one of my favorite chairs, it's called the "don shoemaker.".
  4. The return of Africa's oldest water festival - CNN https://apple.news/AICUSLu08TJqOTp13tMdsGw
  5. On CBS in the US.
  6. He could contact his classmates who graduated the year prior, some of them should be work in the field.
  7. Don't want the look.
  8. Just plugged in the info for my home in Colorado, $56,000 to install roof. Not sure I am ready for it.
  9. The tat is 11th ACR (armor cavalry regiment) Black Horse, currently that unit is iat Fort Irwin, Ca. Good unit.
  10. Hey I got moves too, my hand to my wallet, all the girls like it.
  11. iPad 4gen, for reading, music, movies, IPhone 7, and just got the air buds these are good but left ear is not the best fit.
  12. Just in from United We will increase incentives for voluntary rebooking up to $10,000 and will be eliminating the red tape on permanently lost bags with a new "no-questions-asked" $1,500 reimbursement policy. We will also be rolling out a new app for our employees that will enable them to provide on-the-spot goodwill gestures in the form of miles, travel credit and other amenities when your experience with us misses the mark. You can learn more about these commitments and many other changes at hub.united.com.
  13. I do not believe the Dr. has a aggressive bone in his body. Airlines are required the tell you why you are being removed, and this is to be done in writing. This notification was never done. They (united) failed to follow long standing rules.
  14. I read a story a few years ago, a guy was telling about how clean it was in the North ,and that they had no pest at all, and he was asked about rats , " o no sir not one rat any where".
  15. Yes that is true, but they won't arrest you as you step off the plane, that is a plus in my book.