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  1. I think the point of the article is a negative slant toward older american men with " looking for a petite wife " " husbands pouring mixed drinks " and the victimish " debt of graditude " ....... Drunk american men looking for a young skinny wife that acts likes she owes him something IS what the author is really trying to imply ...... Most guys dream of this scenario but sadly enough its just not cool to say so
  2. Be sure to check out the slideshow on the follow up article . I see us americans havent lost our sense of fashion ! Interesting article overall
  3. I agree . Neither is falling in love . What if the koreans married all the victims/hookers in this case while out on bail ? This would make the earlier financial transactions the beginning stage of a " courtship " . If so hats off to our fellow foreigners for trying to help some struggling filipinas and make honest women out of them
  4. Wouldnt it be wise (especially for a newcomer) to have a printed copy of this law on his person if he was to be admitted for something major ? Especially for trumped up charges , ect that would take time to work out (show law if need be to leave) . It could be very intimidating (insinuating u cant leave) regardless of the law when pressured , while sick , ect . Might not diffuse the situation but couldnt hurt
  5. graded on a curve and being a fan of chinese food.......how could you not ?
  6. You gotta give (most) filipinas credit . The fact we dont read about more of this stuff means a lot when you consider they have the HAMMER if they want to make false accusations and they have a lot to gain by doing so . Its a credit to them that this sheet aint happening every 5 minutes in a country full of starving and desperate women . Can you imagine if western women could drastically improve their lifestyle (money) and get revenge at the same time by calling the cops in 5 minutes ? Sure it happens but its not an automatic payday and the ex or newguy aint always going to jail in the usa without some evidence , history , believabilty , ect
  7. I wanna meet the guy that tries explaining this to the judge !
  8. If he was here on a visit and had her over multiple times (where he stays/lives) he could be new to the culture . If hes a practicing attorney he probably didnt have time to read it on forums (culture) and thought it was perfectly normal to sleep with her in his motel room and let her know where he lives ..... Shes 27 , and he met her online , and she has stayed with him before . Not her first rodeo ..... Safe to say by third date most filippinas (even the hookers) want some kind of "committment" and this poor bastard thought they were just having a good time . He rejected her when she tried to stay another night and said she loved him . She might have had good intentions in the beginning but rejection and hurt feelings and emotions got out of hand ..... its the chopstick thing that dont add up
  9. the old polish lawyer with a chopstick joke comes to mind Assuming this guy is innocent to some degree ( wasnt his chopstick) i sure hope he can pay quickly or whatever it takes to leave the philippines fast . Gotta think the recent headlines will make an already bad situation worse . I hope he survives
  10. I think "new girlfriend" being the key factor (first few dates) for the testing thing . Before a guy gets to the her contributing part . I sure get your point in the long run though . Id hate to be testing her with the change on our 20th anniversary dinner date !
  11. Hahaha " proud survivors that wont settle " sums up the whole scene dont it ? I dont even know what they survived .... Funny how you might dodge an asian "golddigger" but hard to really look down on them in the same way . Maybe its cuz their always feminine and arent switching roles all the time so we dont wanna treat them like men
  12. Thanks ! Might stay at tune motel (my price range) next to airport depending on flight times for onenight at kul . Looks better then stopping at manilla , ect . Got a longstay motel lined up in pp (possibly stay a month or longer) but always looking for tips and backup resources just in case . Motel wise not picky accept inroom internet ( slower speeds ok if have to) and not bad location ( foreigner area initially for sure ) Looks like a 20 dollar room in pp is ok for what im looking for
  13. Flying from cebu to cambodia next month . Anyone got any recent history on cheapest/convenient airfare and route , motels , ect ? Looking to stay one night in connecting city
  14. The clever ones wait tell about the third time for the count to be off . I think saying " you can keep the change baby " ahead of time can help keep a guy delusionally happy while feeling generous at the same time