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  1. I spent 3 years at Clark 77-80 and ML had no effect on my routine. Everyone had to be off the streets by midnight.
  2. And the shock they will be in when they find that their virgins are of the same sex as them.
  3. I'm glad to see them cracking down on these sexpats. Maybe the sexpats will find another place to play instead of coming here. Throw a couple of these guys in prison for 20+ years and word will get around that the it's not a safe place to play. Philippines don't need this kind of tourist here.
  4. Another law on the books that will never be enforced.
  5. Hope he enjoys his jail time! Maybe someone could send him some lipstick. I'm sure the inmates will have their way with him when they find out what he has done. Unlike the jails in the US there is no protective custody.
  6. For those that carry knifes you may want to read up on the law. BATAS PAMBANSA BILANG 6 AN ACT REDUCING THE PENALTY FOR ILLEGAL POSSESSION OF BLADED, POINTED OR BLUNT WEAPONS, AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES, AMENDING FOR THE PURPOSE PRESIDENTIAL DECREE NUMBERED NINE. chan robles virtual law library chanrobles virtual law library Section 1. Paragraph three of Presidential Decree Numbered Nine is hereby amended to read as follows: chanrobles virtual law library "3. It is unlawful to carry outside of one's residence any bladed, pointed or blunt weapon such as "knife", "spear", "pana", "dagger", "bolo", "barong", "kris", or "chako", except where such articles are being used as necessary tools or implements to earn a livelihood or in pursuit of a lawful activity. Any person found guilty thereof shall suffer the penalty of imprisonment of not less than one month nor more than one year or a fine of not less than Two Hundred Pesos nor more than Two Thousand Pesos, or both such imprisonment and fine as the Court may direct." chanrobles virtual law library http://www.chanrobles.com/bataspambansabilang6.htm
  7. I use Navy Federal Credit Union, unlike USAA they have branches throughout the Pacific Region. Most bases in Korea and Japan have a branch and they are also in Singapore.
  8. Another one that needs to be put on a airplane and sent home.
  9. They should have just killed them instead of letting them live. Time to rid the earth of these types of people.
  10. He will be in custody soon. http://news.abs-cbn.com/news/03/20/17/family-to-surrender-cebu-road-rage-suspect
  11. I had to do this last year. You need to sent to the IRS a copy of her passport which has been authenticated also known as red ribbon. Easiest way to do it is use this service http://www.authenticationexpress.com/nationwide.html they will guide you through the process.
  12. I use https://www.onlinevideoconverter.com/video-converter Seems to work on Vevo based songs.
  13. Keep in mind that Alphards only come with gasoline engines.
  14. In Dumaguete just down from Immigration is Naturally Negros, they stock fresh honey and a number of other things. No need to go to Cebu for honey. http://naturallynegros.weebly.com/