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  1. Some of the major hotels do a Thanksgiving meal or buffet. I know the Cebu CIty Marriott does, albeit a bit pricey at 1600 php per person
  2. When I opened my peso savings account at BPI in 2006, there was no ACR card requirement, but I still had to provide them with a copy of my Social Security card and 2 photos. So I don't think the SSN requirement is new.
  3. I don't know about the other cities on that link, but the Los Angeles office you referenced was only a remittance office and is no longer there. It was replaced by 'Lucky Money' remittance service.
  4. I don't know why some of you are getting such bad exchange rates from ExpressSend at Wells Fargo. Yesterday I just sent 15,000 php to myGF to pickup at BDO. Bank exchange rate published on internet was 44.6 and the bank sent the money at 44.0347 exchange rate. So only a little more than 1/2 a peso difference, plus the $5 fee.
  5. I fly Cathay Pacific to the Philippines from California twice a year and that earns me enough miles to maintain Silver Status (30K/year). That gets me business lounge access at all connection and arrival points, priority checkin, no charge for exit row booking, and frequent free upgrades when flights are full. I'm not sure if the other international carriers offer the same perks for us semi-frequent travelers, but it's well worth for me as I like this airline and the connection in Hong Kong is not bad.
  6. I see...that's what they told me when I opened the account back in 2006...I see its 3000 now but 5000 minimum to earn interest...
  7. A BPI peso account has been very beneficial to me.... I have peso account at Jones branch in Cebu, which only requires a 5,000 peso balance to be free of charge. Where in the US are you? There are several BPI remittance centers throughout the US. I'm in the Los Angeles area and I have used the remittance center to send money to my own peso account ($7 flat fee for any amount sent). It converts dollar to peso close to market rate. Also, my banking in the US is at Wells Fargo Bank and I can set cheaply transfer money online from my BPI account using the ExpressSend feature they offer to account members. Costs $4 to send under $100, $6 to send larger amounts such as $400 -$500 (converted to pesos at decent exchange rate). Does Chase have a program similar to that?
  8. Assuming you have your SD Card plugged into a USB slot on a Windows 7 computer, highlight the assigned drive of the SD Card in Windows Explorer. Then click on the Organize tab, Folder and search options. Go to View tab and the is a radio button under Hidden files and folders which controls showing and hiding files, folders and drives. Hope that's what you need.
  9. Thanks for the responses.... Some replies to the comments: - Yes, I have a rental contract and a copy of the Korean's passport...included on the rental contract are the terms of the lease which also define late fees, renter responsible for all utility bills (water, gas, electric cable) though I pay the association dues. - The management company, property manager and myself all have accounts at BPI (same branch, even), I have remitted money to them both electronically from here in the US (we have a BPI remittance center in Los Angeles), and I have received the initial 2 deposits electronically from the property manager into my account. Also, when this began, I asked the property manager if a commission, as a percentage of the rent, would be incurred. She told me no, just the first months rent is the only cost to me and that I would be advised of any type maintenance problems arose in the future, I would be advised of the costs. I was somewhat surprised there was no additional commission on the rent collected. I will be in Cebu end of May, so if things don't improve between the management company and me in the next couple of weeks I will get in touch with you who have sent me contact info and hope to meet up when I'm there.
  10. Thanks for the reply...unfortunately I don't have enough posts to send you a PM...please just PM me his contact info....his email also if you have...
  11. I hope this is the right place to post this.... I currently live in the U.S. and I have a condo (for future retirement) in Mactan, at the Residencia de Vistamar. It is currently rented out to a Korean since October 2012, on a 1 year lease. The lady managing my condo is an acquaintance I have known for a few years (through my purchase of the condo) and works in the Sta. Lucia office, which is the management company of the Vistamar properties. Anyway, she was good about finding the renter, handling the furnishing of the condo, collecting the rent the first couple months. She only asked for the first months rent as her commission, and the future monthly rents would be deposited in my BPI peso account. However, since the first couple of rental deposits I haven't gotten any further deposits and I am now owed 3 months. I got a couple early replies to emails in February asking where the rent deposit was with her saying the renter out of the country in Korea. Since the I haven't gotten any replies to several emails since then. Since I'm not there its hard to know the existing circumstances and I accept that it was risky venture renting my place from afar. What it comes down to is I want to change property managers but don't know of any reliable ones. I will be there in Cebu next month for a couple days and would appreciate if anyone knows of good, reputable, reliable rental property management outfits, and what they charge. Thanks for any assistance...
  12. RisingSun, you might want to go to one or more of the 'bars' and talk to a papasan or manager of where to get the Kamagra. In Manila and Angeles, many of them have a stock of various aids (Cialis, Viagra, Kamagra, etc.) to sell to customers...just a thought.
  13. Gee, I didnt realize Cebu was part of your kingdom... If you can't simply answer my question, please don't reply at all. Do you live at one of the resort beach areas? The jet skis are there on the beaches whether you like it or not, and I dont think a half hour rental is gonna make a difference in disturbing you (if so, try ear plugs).
  14. I'm going to be in Cebui for just a couple days in November and a HK that Im meeting there says she always has wanted to try jet skiing. Since Im only there a couple days I need to restrict this outing to the Mactan beach areas. I looked all over web sites, and rentals seem to all be in the 3000 peso per hour range, and usually operating out of a hotel or an agency out of the hotel. I'm not staying at any of those hotels (Im already booked at Quest near Ayala mall). 3000 seems quite high for a short time rental, and we really only need to rent for a 1/2 hour. Are there cheaper rental outfits on the beach? Is it possible to negotiate with a Jet ski operator on the beach? That's how I used to do it down in Mexico, rather than arrange it through the hotels/agencies.