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  1. my dad has CIGNAL HD 999 package and i can confirm is broadcasts all the stuff ppl like you and i like. And good english news channels too! what is reasonably fast broadband to you? PLDT have fiber to the house down that way now. we get a good steady 100Mbit and unlimited data with them in Consolacion.
  2. no such luck for quick phone calls in this country haha However i see the point you make, probably not the most sensible thing to do without consulting a professional on the subject. I just wanted to know if anyone knows the reason this red product is so much cheaper.
  3. Haha he is on the tit and has been since birth. I'm new to all this but the missus is the full quid, and she wants him on tit + supplement from 6 months on.
  4. So me and the missus are keen to ensure the little one (now 5 months old) gets decent nutrition while im back overseas working. Ive been looking into the more expensive brands of milk supplement you get here, and found something which confuses the hell out of me. We have seen "Promil s26 gold two" which is about 2050 plus for 1.8 kg. this is for 6-12 months. Bt then there is this other product by promil, in red packaging, for 300 pesos less, simply labelled Promil S26 two, again for 6-12 months. I look at all the nutrition information on the back, and it appears that all the good things are more plentiful in the cheaper one..... I'm trying to do some product research on the net, but can find absolutely NO information on this Red box Promil S26. To add to the confusion, the labels seem to say something about a new name. ie, THIS IS THE NEW PROMIL s26. Fark its confusing, anyone able to shed any light.?? The Wyeth Philippines website who is apparently the manufacturer, has no mention of any of these products.
  5. Hey Mikala, if you end up in strife ivI'e got one at my dads house in Consolacion which you are absolutely free to borrow for as long as you need. It has slight taper at the end but can do bottoming work for piping installations. 1/2 inch BSPT, which is actually what the threads are here, not NPT. so that what you want. Almost identical, but slightly different. Well actually i have come across one NPT fitting, sold in ace hardware. You wouldn't expect the philipinos to enforce a standard on plumbing fittings imported would you?? PM me if you would like it. It was about 120 peso at ho tong
  6. well unfortunately i can assure you u missed out with that sfaff member. They do have every tap and die. when they said NO STOCK SIR, that means they dont understand and dont want to continue to deal wiht you. They would have been confused when you said NPT. With these people, ive found you need to start off with the very basic request, with a picture. Then when they bring you one, you say, ok i need it in this size. They have it i assure you. Their prices for industrial type things are amazing. Hydraulic presses which have a bit of rust on them, about half the price of those at Belmont. Power tools are all identical in price to belmont, but the girl that sells them at ho tong is much prettier. If you get a chance to go back there, and go upstairs to see all the actual hardware,, you will be in heaven.
  7. yeh at the end of the day its 20 pesos. However, when the highest of authority makes it so rightful to do so (putting discrimination on a receipt) , it stressed me out to the point of wanting to hurry up and get a visa for the missus and get the feck outa here.
  8. haha me and my dad have become so used to that kind of thing, that it is now embedded in our DNA to prepare ourselves to scream "go away" as soon as we open the doors and get out of the car at any kind of establishment for foreigners. We are so used to it, that it has started to turn into an ignorance of even genuine government authority! Policeman pulls you over, NO THANK YOU SIR I DONT FEEL LIKE BRIBING TODAY BYE!
  9. yes, what im saying is, they have wired it so the battery always connected to the CDI and therefor to the coil, so it is constantly draining the battery. SIGH i dont have the energy to try to explain to them through interpreters what they need to do. Strange however that it is at 5 volts at the moment. i woudlve thought it would quickly drain to 0. i guess it gets to an equilibrium where current no longer flows at about 5 volts. This family are pretty well off, but yes, things like batteries, it seems people refuse to spend money on parts like that here. Its a luxury to have a push button start, however, its not a luxury to have a spark that is strong enough to stay alight under acceleration,. its a requirement, which is exactly the issue they are facing now. The shortcut they took some time in the past of taping the ignition wires together, is the dumbest thing ive ever seen and is the cause of the drama they are in now.
  10. this was last years receipt. First govt ive seen which is willing to racially discriminate and put it on paper.
  11. for me, itd be cheaper just to suck up whatever pain im in, get on a plane back to oz, and let Aus govt public hospital healthcare sort me out
  12. ok so, ive learnt something, the stator doesnt just charge the battery and power everything, it has a seperate output for the CDI and coil. However, this motor, is one of a kind and it gets even more complicated. The reason i found 5 volts at the coil is that they have wired the CDI permanently on from the battery circuit, whenever they did this they must have thought the CDI would only be powered when the pulse was sensing, when in fact its quite the opposite. the CDI is always powered when wired like this, and always sending a steady 12volts to the coil in this case, whatever volts the battery has left. And while the battery had more than about 9 volts, it was enough for the battery to act as a capacitor, or a voltage regulator, but now that its completely dead and sulphidized, its like a big resistor connected in parallel. I assure you, they simply do not think, they act and then think later. But that is something we have to come to terms with and live with by choosing to come into this culture.
  13. Yeh whats theentry fee now? we paid it because it had environmental department logos all over it, im sure its legit, but im also sure they are spending precisely 0 pesos on environmental issues and all of it on investing in more ways to make more money out of it. ( more tables, more businesses etc)
  14. U know what iveseen that up at the 3rd falls i think. But i never really thought about it too much. U make it seem like a scam haha. me and dad always walk all the way to the end and find ourselves sitting with the cows wondering how long it will be till it erodes a new waterfall. spectacular place