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  1. would you feck off you c.u.n.t. Please I've had enough of your shit. Its beginning to make me so angry i may do something about it that i might regret. Is it because you are an american you think you can talk to people like this? To clarify, If you go through a deep enough puddle, the aluminium alloy pin which goes down into the gearbox from the clutch cable can leak, causing sticking and incomplete activation and deactivation of the clutch mechanism. Nothing to do with the plates. This issue was experienced by a friend who happens to ride a yamaha as well, all-beit a much more powerful racing variety, and baffled us all until we were taking apart the gearbox and got to that simple part and were relieve to find it all rusted and corroded. it limited the movement of the clutch such that it would never truly release. seriously you are the biggest tosser ive ever come across on my 15 years of using the internet.
  2. gone through any severely deep water lately? its either a loose clutch giving a false neutral when it doesn't quite get into gear.. or more likely but more costly, worn out gearbox.
  3. yes lets hope its just something silly, but its starting to look like something dodgy is going on here before the data gets out of the philippines id be more worries about security than what you may or may not be able to do anymore. They are ALL thieves at heart.
  4. yep tried it, and same problem, through smart, which is part of PLDT. Globe, havent tested it yet. i will be out of here in a week so wont be able to test it with globe for him. He may be screwed, so i have left a message with a friend of mine, who is the treasurer of the asia pacific internet exchange association.
  5. i woudlnt be surprised if some genius has the job of freeing up bandwidth for PLDT home fibr, and his solution was to just find anything strange and different, and block it.
  6. PLDT have been nothing short of the classic fecking useless in helping to rectify the issue. Lying to us, constantly.
  7. its his employers server, their own VPN. Very large global company, but their IT in Manila are clueless as to whats wrong. It just suddenly stopped working, the US have gone through all the testing of the equipment on their end and its come to me, the son of the employee, to suggest that perhaps its the assholes in charge of the internet in this country sucking up to duterte by blocking VPNs after his recent urge to ban p*orn.
  8. yeh its a good site you can go back and look at the test over the time it ran, and see where the speeds were actually at, rather than relying on speedtest,net's little green graph which u only get to see once. Saying that, on my mobile, i can view historic tests in this detail on speedtest.net just not on the html version.
  9. Anyone on PLDT using a VPN? My father is experiencing a completely unusable speed when connecting to his VPN which is connected to america somewhere. When we disconnect from the VPN he is up at 50 Mbps down and Up, This started roughly 5 days ago. This could spell the end for him. Effectively its so slow that speedtest can not even open, however latency is unaffected at 200-300 ms (dont forget the data is going to america) and he can send messages, but nothing else works.
  10. i would say there was an outage and you got lucky and got in when everyone else was disconnected. haha. But i think speedtest is flawed, the figure is not an average of the download speed of the time of the download test. it seems to be something else, like the best speed or sometimes even the last good speed .. i jsut cant work out the calculation. Try testmy.net great website. Using that as my source, id say the average for globe is about 2mbps across the country This is the best result from the past roughly 2 days. http://testmy.net/db/vPYx9yMLh You can see they were using an android device, and it started off at 70 Mbps and levelled off at 40 at 6 30 in the morning. I have found 5-7 am to be the sweet spot with globe.
  11. can anyone shed light on a comment by my father... Hes been here about 10 years and in his opinion this is the first one that has actually been centred on the mainland of cebu that hes ever heard of. Anyone been here for one that hit was actually on the island? not just felt, but centred. The missus seems to think this is the strongest shes ever felt.
  12. These hav been my first quake experiences. Does this activity suggest the possibility of more to come in the next few hours or days or is it just anyones guess??
  13. yeh the missus felt it lightly and she is approx 8 km due south of balamban
  14. Yeh im sick and at dads house upstairs and all of us got woken ip by it. I thought there was a monster under my bed !!!! Hahaha then turned on my wifi to chek up on it and the missus (in toledo) had said there was a strong earthquake that woke everyone in the village up.
  15. But why wouldnt u want ur hands to look like barbara streisands face?? Philipinos wouldnt even answer an email, they would sell ur email adress to medical advertising companies.