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  1. I have taken the boat several times in the last few months due to a heart operation. Try to avoid the 'Saint Frances Xavier', I mean it's OK but it's used to train new staff. If you can manage 'Leo the Great', go for it. It's crew is more professional, it's cleaner and overall just better. I really enjoy my trips, it slows you down. Half of the trip you have even a decent mobile signal. If it comes to the 4 hours arrival advice at the terminal prior to departure, that's nonsense. The MNL-CEB trip starts in Manila and boarding starts 2 hours before departure. That's exactly when I arrive, no waiting straight onto the boat. The CEB-MNL trip is different. Sometimes it starts in Cebu and sometimes it comes from Butuan. If it comes from Butuan it is usually at least 2 hours late, this can easily add up to 4-5h (weather etc.) In this case, I check it's position on 'marine radar' so I can estimate the arrival time. Works perfectly for me. Btw, you can buy the ticket at any ToGo branch. No need to look for Travel Agent. Any courier outlet will do. It's even slightly cheaper.
  2. Good question, a bath in Manila Bay as considered by Duterte could be effective.
  3. Well, it's not that surprising if you consider that most 'fallen' members of the PNP and AFP are relocated to Mindanao as a kind of punishment. Great idea, just add some more rotten apples to the basket.
  4. There are rumours of other 'aducational" programmes for the folks. Every time they flash there' toilet', they will get a banana. Every day they send there kids to school, they'll receive a condom.
  5. You'll get cans of sardines in return.
  6. The municipality of Inabanga town, Bohol has released a poster of the members of the bandit group Abu Sayyaf who entered the town’s interior village of Napo and engaged government troops in a gun-battle that lasted for more than a day CEBU CITY — Government troops continued to go after seven alleged members of the Abu Sayyaf Group and their local guide who were involved in the gunfight in Sitio Ilaya, Barangay Napo, Inabanga town, Bohol province last week. The Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police have released the list of armed men who remain at large. They are Joselito “Alih” Milloria, alias Richard, alias Asis, alias Ubayda, alias Poy, alias Dah, alias Saad, and alias Amra. Milloria is a native of Napo who served as guide of the alleged members of the bandit group when they entered the village on April 10. He left Napo several years ago when he married a woman who was allegedly the daughter of a leader of the Abu Sayyaf group in Mindanao. Four of their alleged companions were killed in the shootout. They were Moumar “Abu Rami” Askali, the leader of the group; alias Abu Sufyan, a bomb expert; Edimar Isnain, and an unidentified person. A poster of the suspects was released by the municipality of Inabanga in its Facebook page. “Stay alert and vigilant. Immediately inform authorities whenever you see these persons and other suspicious-looking men in your areas,” the FB post read in Cebuano. Supt. Lorenzo Batuan, deputy director for operations of the Bohol Provincial Police Office, said government forces remained in the field to locate and arrest the remaining members of the group. “We continue to look for them,” he said in a phone interview./rga http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/889645/cops-soldiers-in-cebu-bohol-press-hunt-for-alleged-asg-team So finally it turns out that more Service people and civilians where killed than terrorists so far. At least 6 heavy armed pricks are still running around in Bohol or maybe Cebu, makes me feel very confident in the PH armed forces. But with the detailed pictures and descriptions of the guys at large, they will catch them in no time😂😡
  7. Eight persons died in Cebu province due to heavy flooding even though Tropical Depression Crising had weakened into a low pressure area over the weekend, according to the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC). Seven of the fatalities were recorded in Carmen and one was in Danao, Romina Marasigan, council spokesperson, said on Sunday. “Although Crising had weakened into a low pressure area, the rains continued and we had eight casualties due to flooding,” Marasigan said in an interview. “Their houses were washed away by flood waters… Flood waters have now subsided.” Marasigan said the council was also verifying another report that 10 persons were injured after the tent they were staying in collapsed Sunday morning while they were waiting for the Salubong – the pre-dawn Easter Sunday Catholic ritual reenacting the risen Christ’s meeting with his mother, the Virgin Mary. “They were waiting inside the tent when it collapsed because the rain water had accumulated on (the roof),” Marasigan said. She said there were no more stranded ships passenger as of Sunday after Crising was downgraded into a low pressure area. “Once the warning signals were lifted, the ships were allowed to sail,” Marasigan said. The NDRRMC said on Saturday afternoon that Crising had stranded 4,581 passengers in the Bicol region and the Visayas. It said 34 vessels and 14 motor bancas were not allowed to sail due to the tropical depression. /atm/rga http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/889474/crising-heavy-flooding-kills-8-people-in-cebu
  8. Same here in Cebu City, it came down in buckets and went on for hours as well. No wind at all. Starting late afternoon and stopped 4 or 5 am, non stop. The lower parts of CC in the north must be severely flooded, it usually takes an hour to sink Mabolo, SM City etc. but this was going on for at least 5-6 hours.
  9. Btw, the S7 edge is the better deal anyway. Since it has the same hardware as the S8 and the iris scanner (useless) and bigger screen isn't worth it. You can snap a brand new S7 edge on OLX for 20k
  10. For the last 10 years or so I always had the newest Samsung flagship phones, tablets etc. because I got used to the slick interface and dual-sim option with no technical issues at all. I became actually a Samsung guy. Until I got involved in this famous NOTE 7 desaster or scam I should rather say. Having bought 3 (three) units in early September 2016 of this undoubtedly best phone I ever had, I turned my back on Samsung. Going through the whole procedure, from changing the initial units for so called "replacement units" till the final recall along with threats and blackmailing from Samsung. I finally decided not to accept the unacceptable "offer" from Samsung, which would have cost me almost 1000$. Being a quite pragmatic type of person, I'm not quick in suing but here I had no choice. So if someone wants to purchase the new S8/S8+ you better wait a month or two after release.
  11. I have been on 12 month multiple entry visa for the last two years. Due to my frequent travel schedule I never had to extend my granted 59 days until recently (January). But I tried twice to extend my stay around half time to obtain the ACR card which is mandatory (50US$) with the first extension and needed for certain purposes. Both times the "voluntary" extension was rejected as too early. What kind of visa do you have, a one month single entry or a 6-12 month multiple? I asked, because the first extension is with 8k the most expensive one, for half the money you can buy a return flight to HK or Taiwan etc. It also depends on your future plans in the Philippines, if you have any it could be worth to extend.
  12. We all know how quick you can get screwed in this country by an angry Ex or "business partner" or actually by anybody who thinks he deserves a fair share. In my opinion, the biggest crime this guy committed was doing business here at all.
  13. Yep,he should skip the fish and at least one meal. #disgusting
  14. Yep, that's what I do all the time. Unfortunately there are still some Airlines vehemently ignoring my request to connect with Cebu.