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      Hello. If you are a new member, and feel a bit apprehensive about posting in the "open" forums, or, just wish to get your "sea legs" prior to posting in the open forums, feel free to post anything you wish to talk about, in the Newbies Forum. No one will bother you, or give you any sort of grief. Everyone there is happy to help you get answers to your questions.


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  1. i have seen a self rising flour at caro and marie last year but i dunno if it is still available now
  2. now i know....thank you!
  3. Learn to laugh at yourself and don’t take yourself seriously no matter what you become. It makes you braver and changes your perspective. Without a sense of humor, the world will be a dull, dreary place. Humor is the only ticket to being childlike and innocent.”


    –King Khan


  4. i myself have never seen pinoy using chopstick at home buh i saw some at a japanese restaurant...maybe you're right its not a common thing in the province but in the city ppl are using fork
  5. yeah....yeah....some of my kabaro(pinoy here) will put msg, maggi cubes and that magic sarap thing in one dish that they are making...tripple kili yo!
  6. S E P T E M B E R

    1. Paul


      What's happening in September?

    2. bernadette


      many actually bt one thing that excite's me is the fact that ber mos is a cold mos

  7. thank you for the recipe...might try this one day
  8. ☼ come out summer sunshine! lemme' feel your heat! ☼ 
    Rain, take your nimbus clouds back to your time,
    you are totally over. It's S-U-M-M-E-R time now...hot AF!  

  9. and im going to try ur method too....thanks!
  10. wettin concern me now is how to go out without getting passing this muddy road....

    1. Davaoeno


      I just love Taglish !! 

    2. bernadette


      hahhaha thats a pidgin english actually

  11. measurement please...i mean how many cups of each ingredients?
  12. ¿Por qué siempre te extraño

    1. Paul


      I couldn't have said it better - whatever it is. :D

    2. bernadette


      I'm just missing someone badly bt I don't wanna tell that earthling hahaha

  13. hahahahaha
  14. Oh hopefully that bridge will be materialize as soon as possible because it has been plan long before...If I'm not mistaken i was in grade 6 when i first heard this news until now no bridge connecting Cebu to Bohol.