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  1. Cordova should get a real fecking job if she thinks she worth more than minimum wage carrying stuff to and from one place to another and refilling drinks. Robots will be replacing all these lame jobs soon anyway (and even some not so lame jobs). Just like USMC-Retired always says when he's talking about health care, he made the proper choices in his life and did what he needed to do for his family and now he has private insurance out the ass, and he's not willing to spend one extra cent to help anyone else who didn't. It's the same with this tipping nonsense, just because this lady got knocked up and has a family to feed, we need to pay extra so she can make 20,30,40 bucks an hour doing a job that any one could do? She didn't do the right things in her life and now she's gotta deal with the shitty opportunities she has in front of her. Or just go get a real job.
  2. Do you servers waiting tables to "make a living" still get upset if you don't get a tip on top of a forced "gratuity"?
  3. "Conservatives" of LINC I can't wait to hear you rip this old lady apart...
  4. How much should a server make anyway? We keep talking about how they make less than minimum wage, but at the same time you guys are advocating even leaving 10% for shitty service. But the server has multiple customers an hour, if you "stiff" them, chances are you did not steal from their pay in a way that would put them below minimum wage. They really deserve to make 3,4,5,10x minimum wage for the same 1 hour?
  5. I had that problem, got it back 1 day after expired, they didn't say anything at all just silently charged me for the month and whatever other fees it caused and transferred the entry to the new passport.
  6. I don't hate BofA - they really have the best online banking/notifications/bill pay and have never screwed me, I just switched back to using them as my primary bank for US transactions recently. From there I'm able to use their send money to any one service to send to (myself haha) to my Schwab and Citi Accounts very quickly always an overnight ACH for FREE! BofA definitely blows for overseas use though, I never use the card here ever, it's just my main deposit account, and I push money where it needs to go, Schwab, Fidelity, State Farm, USAA (all free ATM's).
  7. Update: I finally called their main line to inquire. I shouldn't have been so adverse to calling. Here is a tip on the website they have a list of toll free numbers from around the world and the quality is better than when I'm calling from my Smart line (and paying for it). Use Skype and it's 100% free. They had a note on the account, they already forwarded it to my branch. The branch said they had been trying to to contact me and sure enough they have been. I keep another cell for all official business (that won't ever change) but I stupidly had it on silent and I don't look at it often enough. This is separate from my day to day cell which I might toss a sim for any reason. Totally my fault. Anyway they said they always hold large transfers (this was about $95,000) for verification of where the money came from and where it's going. They wanted proof that I was transacting a house purchase. So I brought them a copy of the SPA and reservation slip and signed off on it, they will forward that for releasing. So hopefully should get it in my account soon, they said maybe later today OR "this week" haha. Lessons learned: 1. Keep my phone on / ringer on 2. Don't be afraid to call and follow up
  8. They are in good company :
  9. Pretty sure, and all the other details. What bank do you send from in the US? Done, waiting for the dollars now. Very comforting haha. I don't know it's a new account. and BOFA does say they are a slow to pay country. Large amount. Hopefully tomorrow. I'll give BPI a call.
  10. Wired the money to my new dollar account from my parents Bank of America login 12 AM PH TIME on Thursday. Still nothing yet in my account ... nerve wracking. But BofA even warned me that PH was on the "Slow-to-pay" list. So who knows when I'll get it, only been about 2-3 banking days depending how you count it.
  11. Why should the zitfaced kid in the drive through at McDo only make minimum wage ? While the fecking waiter at Olive Garden thinks he's entitled to more. What ever it takes to get these guys up to minimum wage and off my conscious and social pressure without spitting in my food. I'm willing to pay 30% more if that's the price on the menu.
  12. That's the stupidest question I've ever heard, why SHOULD they make MORE than that? and again, were just talking about the baseline, you guys can keep paying more.
  13. Raise the prices 10% and pay everyone minimum wage, if some high rolling bleeding hearts think that delivering food to a table is worth more than that, you can continue to over pay.
  14. Yeah do you guys think we owe money ON TOP of the service charge? How much more ridiculous can this get.
  15. This stupid thread makes me want to make sure I tip as little as possible (when I fear retribution) and make it a point to give jack shit ZERO any time I can get away with it. Time to stop supporting this corrupt system.