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  1. All it means is that you (or any entity that that gets their hands on it) must return it to the US Government upon demand. https://www.uscis.gov/ilink/docView/22CFR/HTML/22CFR/0-0-0-1/0-0-0-2898/0-0-0-2995.html
  2. Judged by twelve? There is no such thing as a jury in the PH.
  3. Jesus they have sure upped their rates recently. It was a bargain before.
  4. Wow I just read it, what a ridiculous case. Why does it take several appeals to get a valid judgement in this country, or so it seems.
  5. shippingcart.com (lbc) , by sea cargo, get a quote there
  6. only a mere 27" , I want the one with 4 screens in one. Clark to Korea (or HK) direct to everywhere else, pretty good.
  7. and yes the best thing about AC is that is far enough from Manila, and at the same time it's close enough to Manila.
  8. Get a place that has Converge Fiber and you will be fine, I couldn't find any new 4k monitors worth a shit here, even on Lazada. So I ordered a Dell and shipped it here for 45 bucks on shippingcart.com. They have PLDT Fiber in some Cebu buildings but it doesn't seem to hold a candle to converge/comclark. I used it at Lagardia Flats II - it did seem stable just not really snappy at times.
  9. RDP and Screen Connect are my life. Generally its fine, still prefer to work locally though when possible.
  10. Haha, its comedy how some of you guys touting some bs laws about a passport not being allowed to be out of your hands. It's very common when applying for any type of visa that you submit your passport and sometimes don't get it back for weeks.
  11. PH: USA: HK:
  12. I have the 150/150 plan, honestly for PH standards, even TH standards Comclark is the best damn thing to happen to my life in the Philippines (because I need it to work). Internet is just one problem I don't have here at all period. Note how fast it is to HK, generally if I VPN to HK I can get a better route to the US.
  13. There is no reason for them to be asking for that, wtf?
  14. Your old passport expired while you were here, and you discarded it?
  15. Maybe, maybe not, they don't seem to be doing much of a check when I exit most of the time, but the ECC is a real check they even give that VIMS certification form. If he was on BB they wouldn't have bothered with an ECC at the airport. People slip through departures all the time, even Filipino's haha. I would have taken my chances on that route than an ECC.