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  1. Do you have the flight numbers? I'm trying to find any JetBlue flights that connect to the Philippines - they seem to go to Asia but do not list any destinations (not even code shares) to the Philippines.
  2. Why wouldn't you just provide that card while handing over your passport to make things easier?
  3. One thing you could do is the 13A permanent resident visa? One thing you could do is the 13A permanent resident visa?
  4. Be careful some would flame you here for even suggesting this lol. JetBlue flys to PH now? Must be a code share? Why else would they give a damn about your visa status if you are just connecting to Korean Air?
  5. I'm not quite sure but Z benefits looks good.
  6. PH starting July 1, will be P17K per year for ALL foreigners.
  7. Doubt it and you are also excluded from a few benefits in the document.
  8. Yup, and no one could cheat on those employer plans it comes out of your check,.
  9. Yup I plan to, I need to renew anyway. But I was referring to the existing two pricing levels P2400 if you make less than P25K a month or P3600 otherwise. I outta be paying P3600 but I'm ripping them off says Salty Dog
  10. There are 2 tiers, but you are right when I went to Philhealth they just quoted me the P2400 a year and I said nothing.
  11. Isn't there still an order of approval? I know when a dual citizen is processed at a consulate there is an order of approval.
  12. I'm guessing the wife is not 60 yet either? So she doesn't even get the benefit.
  13. I want to cry, the effective exchange rate on my house was P39 to $1 Oh well, I need to buy some PHP haha.
  14. Also all these plans are touting how you don't need to see a doctor to get coverage, I actually WANT to be evaluated by their doctor so I know that they are covering whatever they say they are covering for sure.