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  1. Takes some nerve or stupidity to head to a place where the abo,s have little or nothing for support and think your going to pull off a rescue. Looks like their reign of terror is fading a bit. Could be a good thing that a cash reward is being offered for info or their heads. Cash rewards would be cheaper than mobilizing an army i would think....
  2. Hoping he's the sultan of swing. It would be nice to see him, his family, all his friends and cohorts live up to the sultans namesake
  3. Interesting turn of events, makes me wonder how deep abu's influence is in the southern Philippines. I would think that swinging from the end of a rope would give the twat all the privacy she so desires and deserves...
  4. I read that as well. They were planing on waiting at the terminal, lots of people waiting there. I informed her of the possible delay and told her to get accommodations in Toledo before all the reasonable lodgings were taken. i
  5. The wife is in Toledo now trying to take the ferry to San Carlos City. The ferry has been shut down since 9am Saturday morning and they don't know when it will run again.
  6. Forests and my mom always said "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get" The same holds true for substantiated and unsubstantiated facts of the cyber world. ("I`m only interested in real news") With breaking news, It' quite similar to the box of chocolate theory. But the truth usually comes out eventually. ("Should I start spreading this "news" as factual information or should I remain patient and wait for confirmation and call it pure conjecture and gossip for now?") I can only see two options, go and ask forests mom or head to the scene of the crime and be an eye witness. But ultimately, do what feels best for you. ("I`m only interested in real news ..Not what our in house James Bond`s privileged "information") Then don't read his posts, simple. No need resorting to name calling...
  7. It's too funny when someone makes a post, then another demands proof. It took me all of one minute to find the story. If you don't believe a post then invest a minute or 2 on research before making demands on posters. Posters should be given the benefit of the doubt if you don't have proof to the contrary. Why should someone be spoon fed rather than doing their own research. "According to Captain Jojo Mascariñas, spokesman of the 302 Brigade, there were at least 60 members of the ASG fighting against government " http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/888479/how-suspected-abus-penetrated-bohol
  8. My, that's a very liberal point of view you have...
  9. The IRA were rebelling for their freedom and an end to oppression and occupation. The Mohamadins are trying to impose their will and take over the world. One is fighting to end oppression the other is trying to oppress. Apples and oranges...
  10. It seems that the bike you own is prone to clutch/slipping out of gear issues. The fix could be many things, change oil to spec fresh oil, adjust cable (it looks like there are 2 adjustments on the cable one at the lever and one in the middle of the cable) These are the things most people can do at home with minimal tools and experience. After that it gets more complicated. There is a clutch adjustment inside the motor case, make sure the clutch cable is loose, remove the case cover, loosen the lock nut in the center of the clutch, turn the clutch rod in until it just bottoms out then back it out about 1/2 turn and tighten the lock nut. It's a simple adjustment but a pain in the a** to get the cover off. If the problem is in the shifting mechanism, the fix seems to be cleaning up the shifting actuator or adding a shim to tighten up the linkage . Beyond that, it could be bent shifting forks, have you ever dropped the bike on the shift lever side? PS, don't forget to lube/check the cable itself, they can be prone to rust and fraying inside the casing causing binding I have included a few links that might be helpful. The last link is a download page for the complete manual, Just click on the top left of the page where the download icon is and follow the prompts. If you have problems downloading I can sent the pdf file to your gmail. Anyway good luck with problem, check out the following links... http://ybr125owner.blogspot.ca/2014/08/yamaha-ybr-125-clutch-problems.html http://www.motorcyclenews.com/new-rider/choosing-kit/2011/august/aug3011-yamaha-ybr125-clutch-problem-/ Manual https://www.manualslib.com/manual/612290/Yamaha-Ybr125.html?page=48