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  1. My, that's a very liberal point of view you have...
  2. The IRA were rebelling for their freedom and an end to oppression and occupation. The Mohamadins are trying to impose their will and take over the world. One is fighting to end oppression the other is trying to oppress. Apples and oranges...
  3. It seems that the bike you own is prone to clutch/slipping out of gear issues. The fix could be many things, change oil to spec fresh oil, adjust cable (it looks like there are 2 adjustments on the cable one at the lever and one in the middle of the cable) These are the things most people can do at home with minimal tools and experience. After that it gets more complicated. There is a clutch adjustment inside the motor case, make sure the clutch cable is loose, remove the case cover, loosen the lock nut in the center of the clutch, turn the clutch rod in until it just bottoms out then back it out about 1/2 turn and tighten the lock nut. It's a simple adjustment but a pain in the a** to get the cover off. If the problem is in the shifting mechanism, the fix seems to be cleaning up the shifting actuator or adding a shim to tighten up the linkage . Beyond that, it could be bent shifting forks, have you ever dropped the bike on the shift lever side? PS, don't forget to lube/check the cable itself, they can be prone to rust and fraying inside the casing causing binding I have included a few links that might be helpful. The last link is a download page for the complete manual, Just click on the top left of the page where the download icon is and follow the prompts. If you have problems downloading I can sent the pdf file to your gmail. Anyway good luck with problem, check out the following links... http://ybr125owner.blogspot.ca/2014/08/yamaha-ybr-125-clutch-problems.html http://www.motorcyclenews.com/new-rider/choosing-kit/2011/august/aug3011-yamaha-ybr125-clutch-problem-/ Manual https://www.manualslib.com/manual/612290/Yamaha-Ybr125.html?page=48
  4. If your a senior, why not.
  5. Try Cucumbers
  6. A convection toaster oven will circulate air inside the oven heating the food more on one side then the other. The food requires turning for even cooking, at least thats the way it works in my ge gas convection oven. This type of convection claims 25% faster cooking time. An air fryer blows from the top and exhausts the hot air after it passes over the food giving more even heating, claiming up to 50% faster cooking time. I would guess that anything you could cook in one oven you could cook in the other, with size being a determining factor.
  7. A few months ago I watched a couple videos on Air Fryers, it looked interesting so I picked one up. More than impressed with the speed, simplicity and diversity of this cooking method. It functions using little to no oil for cooking so you get the added benefit of a more health meal with a low energy footprint. Generally most things cook in about half the time of a conventional oven and it doesn't heat up the whole house, weather permitting you can just take it outside on a nice day. There is an easy learning curve and from my experience you just use the recommended cooking temp of the recipe or whats marked on the box of frozen food, if applicable turn half way in the cooking cycle. To date I have successfully cooked, steak, roast beef, roast pork, fish, calamari rings frozen and fresh french fries, cherry pie, bread, buttermilk biscuits, egg rolls, spring rolls. What impresses me most is the way it cooks meat, well browned on the outside and juicy inside. Roasted potatoes and veggies are a close second. You will be amazed at what you can actually cook in an Air Fryer and there are thousands of recipes on the net. If you decide you might like to try an air fryer take into consideration that a larger one will be more versatile. The one I purchased is 3.5 qt and it will hols a 3 lb. roast or a 1.5 or 2 lb. chicken. In retrospect if I were to bye one now I would look for a 5 qt. machine. Air Fryer at Lazada similar to mine http://www.lazada.com.ph/gourmet-gadget-gg-588-1500w-air-fryer-black-5680144.html https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJ4nGi9zMnI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2aR5Sm_X2U
  8. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Octane_rating The higher the octane rating the slower the gas burns. Using a high octane gas in an engine that does not require it (low compression) will actually make the motor run worse, so its just a waste of money. Philippines: A brand of Petron, Petron Blaze is rated at 100 RON (the only brand of gasoline in the Philippines without an ethanol blend). Other "super premium" brands like Petron XCS, Caltex Gold, Shell V-Power are rated at 95-97 RON, while Petron Xtra Unleaded, Caltex Silver, and Shell Super Unleaded are rated at 93 RON. Higher octane ratings correlate to higher activation energies: the amount of applied energy required to initiate combustion. Since higher octane fuels have higher activation energy requirements, it is less likely that a given compression will cause uncontrolled ignition, otherwise known as autoignition or detonation. The compression ratio is directly related to power and to thermodynamic efficiency of an internal combustion engine (see Otto-cycle). Engines with higher compression ratios develop more area under the Otto-Cycle curve, thus they extract more energy from a given quantity of fuel. During the compression stroke of an internal combustion engine, as the air-fuel mix is compressed its temperature rises. A fuel with a higher octane rating is less prone to auto-ignition and can withstand a greater rise in temperature during the compression stroke of an internal combustion engine without auto-igniting, thus allowing more power to be extracted from the Otto-Cycle. If during the compression stroke the air-fuel mix reaches a temperature greater than the auto-ignition temperature of the fuel, the fuel self or auto-ignites. When auto-ignition occurs (before the piston reaches the top of its travel) the up-rising piston is then attempting to squeeze the rapidly heating fuel charge. This will usually destroy an engine quickly if allowed to continue. There are two types of induction systems on internal combustion engines: naturally aspirated engine (air is sucked in using the engine's pistons), or forced induction engines (see supercharged or turbocharged engines). In the case of the normally aspirated engine, at the start of the compression stroke the cylinder air / fuel volume is very high, this translates into a low starting pressure. As the piston travels upward, abnormally high cylinder pressures may result in the mixture auto-igniting or detonating, which is why conservative compression ratios are used in consumer vehicles. In a forced induction engine where at the start of the compression stroke the cylinder pressure is already raised (having a greater volume of air/fuel) Exp. 202kPa (29.4Psi) the starting pressure or air / fuel volume would be 2 times that of the normally aspirated engine. This would translate into an effective compression ratio of 20:1 vs. 10:1 for the normally aspirated. This is why many forced induction engines have compression ratios in the 8:1 range. Many high-performance engines are designed to operate with a high maximum compression, and thus demand fuels of higher octane. A common misconception is that power output or fuel efficiency can be improved by burning fuel of higher octane than that specified by the engine manufacturer. The power output of an engine depends in part on the energy density of the fuel being burnt. Fuels of different octane ratings may have similar densities, but because switching to a higher octane fuel does not add more hydrocarbon content or oxygen, the engine cannot develop more power. However, burning fuel with a lower octane rating than that for which the engine is designed often results in a reduction of power output and efficiency. Many modern engines are equipped with a knock sensor (a small piezoelectric microphone), which sends a signal to the engine control unit, which in turn retards the ignition timing when detonation is detected. Retarding the ignition timing reduces the tendency of the fuel-air mixture to detonate, but also reduces power output and fuel efficiency. Because of this, under conditions of high load and high temperature, a given engine may have a more consistent power output with a higher octane fuel, as such fuels are less prone to detonation. Some modern high performance engines are actually optimized for higher than pump premium (93 AKI in the US). The 2001 - 2007 BMW M3 with the S54 engine is one such car. Car and Driver magazine tested a car using a dynamometer, and found that the power output increased as the AKI was increased up to approximately 96 AKI. Most fuel filling stations have two storage tanks (even those offering 3 or 4 octane levels): those motorists who purchase intermediate grade fuels are given a mixture of higher and lower octane fuels. "Premium" grade is fuel of higher octane, and the minimum grade sold is fuel of lower octane. Purchasing 91 octane fuel (where offered) simply means that more fuel of higher octane is blended with commensurately less fuel of lower octane, than when purchasing a lower grade. The detergents and other additives in the fuel are often, but not always, identical. The octane rating was developed by chemist Russell Marker at the Ethyl Corporation in 1926. The selection of n-heptane as the zero point of the scale was due to its availability in high purity. Other isomers of heptane produced from crude oil have greatly different ratings.
  9. Looks like it's a protest for turkey lives matter..
  10. You can install Kodi on your computer, has been working fine for me the last couple years. I gave up on the boxes. http://kodi.wiki/view/HOW-TO:Install_Kodi_for_Windows
  11. Looks like you can bring 50,000 php. https://www.philippine-embassy.org.sg/the-philippines-2/bringing-currency-into-the-philippines/