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  1. I'm trying to understand exactly what you mean by this generalization... US citizenship is a requirement on a job "clearance", there are still rates/MOS that do not require for a military member to acquire US citizenship. And, as far as origin of birth...well, unfortunately, we in the military specially are aware of the likes of one to many like John A. Walker. Perfect example of a sailor born and raised in the US, betrayed his own country. http://www.usni.org/magazines/navalhistory/2010-06/navys-biggest-betrayal So, I don't think the citizenship really played a big role on this situation. An INDIVIDUAL that got blinded by his own hunger for power and greediness, certainly an embarrassment to the nation as a whole. He was trusted with a very important job and he took it upon himself to misuse and abuse his authority. No mercy for his a## for sure. But, certainly does not overshadow the good faith of the rest of service members currently standing the watch.
  2. I agree with you totally on OP's girlfriend situation. Got to start the dental hygiene at the earliest age or you'll end up with those issues.
  3. I would personally not know the consensus on that, but to say that proper hygiene is not taught in school in PI would be a lie (granted they had to go to school), very similar to washing your hand after you use the bathroom, before eating, brushing your teeth 3x a day, trimming your nails...basic stuff. Why do people in general would have cavities, decays, bad breath/halitosis, because they don't floss, brush their teeth. Too lazy. Can't afford to buy toothpaste? could be...who know's, again thats a choice. Just hoping if you have to choose between buying a "load" for the phone or spending money for internet cafe, or playing next door bingo games, choose to buy a tube of cheap toothpaste, more important to ones health.
  4. OP, just curious as to what generation and how remote from civilization are these ladies coming from. I get the being poor reasoning but knowledge about toothpaste existence, proper hygiene, brushing your teeth .... Literally, the marketing for toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash, teeth whiteners are all over billboards and televisions....You must really like her to want to see this issue resolve, I hope she appreciate that. Good luck to you both.
  5. Theres no reason to feel bad. Its your house, your party, you decide on how you want to spend your earnings/money. The pressure is not so much on you but your wife. Depending on how she's taking it ..... that could be OK for you both or thats something that she will feel unhappy about. Many will say..."unhappy wife, sometimes could lead to.....". It's not so much that they are trying to pressure you personally, it's what they've been use to. No one should make you do what you don't want to do, they would feel the same way if you start telling them to pitch in because that's how it works in your house. Tough love. IMMEDIATE FAMILY ONLY is definitely reasonable, Don't see anything wrong with that. Your wife and the relatives should understand your not a Filipino, this is not your way of thinking and best for everyone to be just as considerate of your reasoning and realistic views. They'll get over it and know better next time what to expect. Teach them a little bit about 'budgeting" and misconception of trying to impress other people under false pretense. That's just my 2cents!
  6. Thank you ALL for sharing your thoughts on this. I have no personal intention to depict any talk of whether your pro nuclear and anti nuclear or environmental propagandist. Clearly, we all have to be sensitive to the tragedy that occurred in Japan and its people. Just as we have to be sensitive to our own soldiers tragedy. http://www.cnn.com/2016/03/08/asia/fukushima-five-year-anniversary/index.html http://www.redflagnews.com/headlines/ret-military-scientist-exposes-fuku-cover-up-in-bombshell-interview
  7. For the ship only the Nukes and Engineering people are issued with that, for us that are not ship based...ahhh...don't remember exactly when but I know its not after a few days has passed and also only the Pilots and Aircrew and Maintenance working on the contaminated aircraft. Not sure if its so much obtaining justice right now, but more on acknowledging that such issue exist and finding ways to ensure that we are better prepared and how can we better in keeping our sailors safe.
  8. http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/crippled-fukushima-reactors-are-still-a-danger-5-years-after-the-accident1/ ......one of the many being reported out there about the subject. I will never be an expert in radiation or nuclear warfare but I thank God for the knowledge of people that do... ***I heard the same thing, "don't worry the radiation emission is so low just like your using the microwave", then you got shipmates that were responders and they are slowly dying. I totally understand that you are skeptical about this...there are many of us that are first responders and not showing symptoms and wonders how lucky we are and sad for our shipmate that has it, and can't help to think if we were truly FREE from it, or 10-20 years from now will see something. I plan to live/buy property in Cebu....should I be thinking twice?
  9. Personally knew and work with some of the affected sailors from previous tours. I was also in Japan when this happen, and our squadron was one of the NAVY helicopter squadron fully engaged in the rescue operation.
  10. There's a lot of coverage, never from the major network. The smart ones say, no one wants to touch it because its a political suicide for any network to take on or even the US. But the Reagan sailors and their sufferings are real.
  11. I can honestly tell you.... it's hard to think straight when you knew some of them, their family and what they're going through.
  12. thebob, there are reports of Japanese citizens with high presence of thyroid cyst and nodes and children being born with birth defects, from the time it happen (2011 to present time). I do agree with you that a lot of the news feed about this are not coming from US Major Television Network but here was evidence and acknowledgement from TEPCO of radiation leaking to the ocean. There's a lot of speculations for sure......but, truth be told...radiation definitely existed. Pumps at Fukushima plant halted, toxic water leaking into ocean - TEPCO Published time: 21 Apr, 2015 16:02 Edited time: 21 Apr, 2015 17:50 http://on.rt.com/uyjrah General aerial view of Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO)'s tsunami-crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Fukushima prefecture (Reuters / Kyodo) / Reuters 1 All the eight water transfer pumps at the Fukushima 1 nuclear power station have been shut down due to a power outage, leading to a leak of radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean, the plant’s operator said. TrendsFukushima nuclear disasterTagsEcology, Natural disasters, Japan,Security Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) reported a power outage on Tuesday, according to Kyodo news agency. It follows the line of the toxic leaks that were reported in February, when at one point around 100 tons of highly radioactive water leaked from one the plant’s tanks. READ MORE: 100 tons of toxic water leaked at Fukushima plant The February report prompted TEPCO to launch a pumping process at the site; this began just last Friday. The pumps were confirmed to be working Monday afternoon, but at 8:45am on Tuesday they were found stopped. The incident and the amount of water already leaked are being checked, according to the company. The pumps are used to transfer tainted water from a drainage channel to a channel that leads to an artificial bay in front of the station, enclosed by a fence. Earlier this year, TEPCO stated that last May’s water samples from the drainage channel contained radioactive materials. The concentration exceeded the legal limit, which is estimated at just 30 becquerels of radioactive strontium-90 per liter. Overall, in the period between May 2011 and August 2013, according to a series of statements from the company, groundwater leaks ended up in as many as 20 trillion becquerels of cesium-137, 10 trillion becquerels of strontium-90 and 40 trillion becquerels of tritium reaching the sea.
  13. I'm sure some of you have heard about this and possibly was in Japan and/or have participated in the rescue and evacuation effort (directly or indirect exposure to radiation).What's your take on the ongoing CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT against TEPCO? Who should take the blame for putting our soldiers in harm? Appreciate any personal thoughts on a very sensitive issue..... (I hope the URL and the video work, not sure what section to post appropriately, appreciate the MODs help. Thanks!) LATEST REPORT: http://www.redflagnews.com/headlines/51-sailors-from-uss-ronald-reagan-suffering-thyroid-cancer-leukemia-brain-tumors-after-participating-in-fukushima-nuclear-rescue-efforts-video-reports Fukushima Coverup: Sick US Navy Sailors’ Class Action Law Suit, US Government, Doctors Bury Truth about Fukushima Radiation By David Gutierrez Global Research, March 10, 2015 Natural News Image: Navy Lieutenant Steve Simmons U.S. Navy sailors exposed to radioactive fallout from the Fukushima nuclear disaster have been falling ill, even as the Defense Department insists that they were not exposed to dangerous levels of radiation. Many of the sailors have now joined in a class action lawsuit against Fukushima operators and builders Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco), Toshiba, Hitachi, Ebasco and General Electric. Even if they wanted to — which many do not — the sailors would be unable to sue the Navy. According to a Supreme Court ruling from the 1950s known as the Feres Doctrine, soldiers cannot sue the government for injuries resulting directly from their military service. Mocked and attacked On March 11, 2011, a massive earthquake and tsunami triggered multiple meltdowns at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan. It was the worst nuclear disaster in history, releasing twice as much radioactive material as the 1986 Chernobyl disaster. That same day, the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan was redirected to the coast of Japan to participate in relief work for tsunami survivors. When sailors from the ship later began to fall ill, Congress asked the Defense Department for a report on the issue. The Pentagon report concluded that the sailors had not been exposed to enough radiation or contaminated water to cause health effects. Yet in the four years since the disaster, at least 500 sailors have fallen ill, and 247 of them have joined the class-action suit. The 100-page legal complaint chronicles their symptoms: an airplane mechanic suffering from unexplained muscle wasting; a woman whose baby was born ill; a sailor told his health problems must be genetic, even though his identical twin is perfectly healthy; and case after case of cancer, internal bleeding, abscesses, thyroid dysfunction and birth defects. The defendants initially claimed that they could not be sued in a U.S. court, so plaintiffs’ attorney Paul Garner asked the sailors to come to a court hearing in San Diego, to offer moral support. Nearly all of them refused, for fear of public attack. Initial plaintiff Lindsey Cooper, for example, had already been mocked by atomic energy experts on CNN and by conservative radio hosts. Others were afraid of being perceived as anti-military, or un-American. Powerful interests at stake Only one plaintiff was willing to show up: Lieutenant Steve Simmons. Once a triathlon runner, Simmons fell ill a year after returning from Japan, suffering from hair loss, muscle wasting, migraines, bloody discharge and incontinence. His fingers turned yellow or even brown, and his feet have now turned dark red. He suffers from whole-body spasms and must now use a wheelchair. He has never received a diagnosis for his problems, and sometimes he wonders if his Defense Department doctors are deliberately withholding one, so that the Department need not be held responsible. One doctor, he said, told him it would be better if he didn’t know the cause of his illness. Disturbingly, Spiegel Online reported: Early on, [simmons] was in a military hospital in Washington DC together with three other men who had similar symptoms, he says. They had served on nuclear-powered submarines, but they disappeared from one day to the next, and when he asked what happened to them, everyone acted as though they had never been there in the first place. Simmons believes that the Navy meant to do good with the mission to Japan, and does not blame USS Ronald Reagan‘s commander, Captain Thom Burke, for what happened to him. But he is troubled by Burke’s silence now, he says. He believes that Burke will not speak out about the case because he hopes to become an admiral. “Personal, diplomatic and economic interests are all at stake,” Simmons said. “They’re leaving us alone. They’re closing their eyes, keeping quiet and waiting for it to blow over. There are sick soldiers everywhere, many in the hospital in San Diego, or in the medical center in Hawaii. They are ordinary folks who are poorly insured, with family and kids. Loyal and scattered. Most of them don’t know how to react. Those who raise their voices are denounced in the Internet for being unpatriotic. You have to put up with a lot.” Sources for this article include: http://enenews.com http://www.spiegel.de
  14. I'm sure this won't be the last incident here in PI. In lieu of the video, my comment was not to depict American Soldiers in bad light, and to glorify the PNP. I would be the last person to be talked about existence of corruption, incompetence and dirty cops in the Philippines. Nevertheless, many of you had gone ports, enjoyed your booze and women WITHOUT liberty incident and look forward to a couple more ports after that, just as witness incidents that are just plain stupid and want to punch your shipmate/s for "ruining" the chance of having the next port especially if the next stop is Thailand. I do enjoy my ports. Best part of deployment. I hate the "babysitting" part but unfortunately, that comes with the job. Below is a good read of what's currently the LIBERTY POLICY and where each unit/command tailor their policies. This is enforced by pentagon on the US Forces on top of adhering to local policies. https://www.fcg.pentagon.mil/fcg.cfm PACOM Liberty Requirements:a.PACOM memorandum dated 27 May 2015, Subject: US Pacific Command Liberty/ Requirements for the Philippines, reinstates the Philippine liberty/pass policy for all military personnel, including Reserve and National Guard personnel who are on temporary duty orders, liberty, or pass in all areas of the Philippines. This policy does not apply to personnel on leave; however, leave shall not be granted to personnel for the purpose of avoiding Liberty Policy requirements. The policy does not apply to personnel who are assigned to the Philippines under Chief of Mission authority or assigned to Pacific Augmentation Teams, as their detailed liberty guidance is more stringent than this policy. This policy supplements PACOM Liberty Policy for the AOR, dated 25 September 2013. (1) Curfew and Buddy Rule: A curfew from 2400-0500 shall be strictly enforced in all areas of the Philippines. All Service members are required to be accompanied by another Service Member, DoD civilian, contractor, spouse, or adult family member when on liberty or pass. (2) Authorized/Unauthorized Areas: All Service Members who are on temporary duty, in transient status, or on a port call to the Philippines shall remain within the boundaries shown on the maps hyperlinked below unless participating in an event described in section I.F.1.b, below. The authorized/unauthorized areas in the maps apply to activities including all billeting/lodging, all eating/shopping, and to personnel enjoying liberty/pass. (Note: pass is defined as an authorized absence from a place of duty granted for short periods to provide respite from the working environment or for other specific reasons. This includes going out after a normal workday.) PACOM works in conjunction with the local US Embassy NCIS and other US law enforcement agencies to determine the areas of particular risk and establish appropriate authorized areas to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of our Service Members and to minimize incidents that would affect relations with the Philippine government. Links to liberty zone maps: Cebu City/Mactan Island, Clark/Angeles City, Iloilo Liberty Map one (1), Iloilo Liberty Map two (2), Legaspi, Manila, Palawan, Roxas City Map one (1), Roxas City Map two (2), San Fernando Map one (1), San Fernando Map two (2), and Subic Bay. Amplifying information: with respect to Clark, the only authorized area for all TDY personnel to billet, eat/shop, and to enjoy liberty/pass are the Clark Freeport Zone and the SM Mall. All other areas, including Angeles City and Mabalacat City are off-limits. For Subic Bay the only authorized area is the Subic Bay Freeport Zone, all other areas including, but not limited to, Olongapo City and Barrio Barretto are off-limits (3) Hotel Rooms. For force protection reasons, Service Members may only have DoD/US contractor personnel in their hotel room, and shall only visit the hotel room of other DoD/US contractor personnel. Exceptions may be granted with prior written approval of their commander or detachment officer in charge. (4) Enforceability. Subordinate commands shall re-promulgate this policy to all assigned military personnel, through punitive orders, the violation of which shall be punishable under Article 92 of the Uniformed Code of Military Justice as a violation of a lawful general order. This policy will be periodically reviewed based on changing conditions, operational needs, and the strategic environment. (5) Policy Training. Commanders will ensure every Service Member is trained on this Liberty Policy, Philippine culture, crime trends, and other law enforcement information provided collectively by NCIS, JUSMAG Manila, and the Regional Security Office. In addition, Commanding Officers, Officers in Charge, and senior Non-Commissioned Officers will ensure that every Service Member receives the PACOM Asia-Pacific Liberty Brief prior to executing liberty. NCIS will be the lead agency that provides current and additional information to Commanders. (6) Increased Oversight, Shore Patrols and Enhanced Training. Commanders will ensure senior leaders are present in the liberty zones to gauge compliance, increase the number of personnel assigned to Shore Patrol and ensure that all personnel performing these duties are trained. It is vital that personnel assigned to Shore Patrols fully understand the Philippine culture and the potential threats to our Service members in the Philippines. Personnel assigned to this duty must be trained with the most current information and the training must be geared to the specific threats. (7) Philippine Assistance. NCIS will continue to work with the US Embassy Manila and Philippine National Police (PNP) to gather the latest information regarding threats to DoD safety and security; identify locations that minimize Service Members’ ability to engage in illegal activities; and enhance the security in the Liberty Zones. (8) Denial of Liberty or Pass. When an individual violates this policy, it raises concerns of systemic issues---that individuals may lack the tools, resources, and training to understand the consequences of their actions and the profound effect that those actions have upon the bilateral relationship and our mission. Therefore, commanders, in the rank of O-4 and above, or the senior military Officer in Charge for personnel who are on temporary duty orders, may recall to duty status (withdraw passes) all members of a unit, as defined by the Component Commanders, in which one of its members is suspected of violating the UCMJ or Philippine Law. The same commander, or a superior commander, may authorize liberty again after review of the offense and creation of a remediation plan. For example, a unit remediation plan may include an analysis of contributing factors to the incident, unit training, or increased liberty buddy requirements. b.This policy is not intended to limit community relations events, command or MWR sponsored cultural excursions or tours. These types of activities are encouraged for the education and cultural benefit of Service Members. Approval for this type of event is not required; however, advance coordination with the NCIS Resident Agent in Charge at the US Embassy will enable provision of additional host nation security support as necessary. c. IAW DoD policy, liberty cannot be conducted in areas designated FPCON Charlie or Delta.
  15. I watched the entire video, and I stand with what I said, the choice to walk away in a situation that 1.) could cost ones life or more senselessly is a better option for the soldiers. 2.) Clearly, the whole situation is a muscle show or better yet alcohol talking. I do know about Filipino dirty cops more reason for every single US FORCES personnel to stay away from them. These are not the kind of people you want to patronize with nor you want to choose a battle with. It could be that I am not a man so I don't know what it feels like another man pull a gun on me, but I sure do know no wife back in the states would want to find out her husband got killed by some nobody in the Philippines for some stupid argument. My concern will always be the safety of my troops. ...and what would be GREAT about that. Coming back in your unit to see the BIG BOSS, reduction in rank, reduction in pay, restriction, loss promotion, be an embarrassment to your own family and the unit...worst be a pawn on the political game of two countries. Have witness so many "stupid" incidents like this where the soldier end up losing much more than he/she bargain for. ....it has been very rewarding and an honor to serve.