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  1. Western politicians would urge to public not to panic but to send out their women to calm down the terrorists ... lol Instead Duterte ACTS and as long any terrorists gets the bullet he deserves martial law is just the right answer !
  2. I moved to Lahug 2 month ago and learned anew ... The house I now live in is 2 storey and has some "designs" like the frontdoor or the lightbulbs inside the ceiling - so it looks nice ... But its just 2 years old. The cost for this was about 4.5mio php its a little above 100sqm. The waterbill exceeds 4000php each month as they have a leakage somewhere - for 2 years nothing was done - the first rentee got his bills paid by the company he worked for ... Lol they just paid anything ... Then the house was empty for about 6 month and the owners just paid .... 4K each month for water ... Lol Last month they had to build a new waterline as I told them Im not goin to pay more than I used to (about 300php each month). So the company building the house 2 years ago used just cheap materials - the cement of the walls is not very strong - the installations for electricity are cheap - the floortiles already start to get uneven. I told the owners that usually they have a warranty for all that and the company has to pay - thats when I nearly colapsed when I heard that they bought the house but only got 1 year warranty !!!
  3. On buying A UPS you must consider what it should be capable of too !! Usual UPS only supplies power but DOES NOT signal a computer that power is down - so the computer doesnt know and runs until battery ends. Better UPS have a USB port that can signal ONE computer that its now on battery power - and thus start a shutdown procedure - thus saving especially the harddrives and prevent data loss. BUT these UPS can only signal to ONE computer via UPS AsI have just figured our myself its very tricky to make this work on 2 PC and a NAS device I better would have been got me this: If you have more than 1 computer, or a NAS device - and you want them all to shut down when on batterypower - then you need a UPS with a Network card added that can signal "power down" over ethernet to many clients ! http://www.apc.com/shop/us/en/categories/power/uninterruptible-power-supply-ups-/ups-management/ups-network-management-cards/_/N-1x4urig;jsessionid=AKNU0TYwibzujlTOinVNtdod.prod_store01-1
  4. After my recent not so good "experience" with JohnnyAir I now will also add LBC to my list and try them next time.
  5. I just install cameras inside the house, got me these from Lazada - 1080p and good night vision. https://www.lazada.com.ph/hikvision-ds-2cd2442fwd-iw-4mp-wireless-wdr-cube-ip-network-camera-8411270.html Most items arnt that important to me - so if they get stolen I will have good footage for facebook ... And the guys sure will get caught. My MacBook is protected against theft - in case this gets stolen ... http://orbicule.com/undercover/mac/
  6. I tried powerline adapters when I was in germany - and I was very disppointed - I didnt even get a signal from 1 room to another. So for me this is wasted money! I just had to connect my computer in 1st flor to the sala - so I bought me 20m Cat6 Ethernet cable at 1500php and 2 unmoderated(!) switches for 1800php each. Switches as I then can install more hardware like IP Cameras without hassle. The Ethernet cable I clipped to the ceiling with thoase adhesive cablehooks from ACE Hardware https://i.ebayimg.com/thumbs/images/m/mDDaRi3vJDnJ6IJF8OYYvcQ/s-l225.jpg So at all it was maybe 30min of work and costed around 7000php for everything. Powerline gives you 500Mbit - but that is around 64Megabyte per second. A Cat6 cable is capable of 1Gigabit - thats 120Megabyte per Second. Believe me - you will sure be happy about THAT speed if you transfer data !
  7. THe raise actually comes from chinese buyers - as the chinese market is totally overheated and everyone waits when the bibbles there burst - they invest in bitcoin now to "save" their money - BUT a day will come again when chinese federal bank will act against bitcoin - causing a huge drop - then you have 40% loss within a minute. You can get rich yes - but compared to Forex bitcoin is like a ride on an atombomb
  8. ...after viewing the pictures I had to clean my keyboard ....
  9. Just close your eyes - usually it takes 10-20 minutes You get ofcourse Headphones as its very loud ! As long youre not into TECHNO music you might dont like it - otherwise its quite a good party - lol
  10. I was into Bitcoin and Litecoin 4 years ago - MINING is useless as you dont get the necesary calculating power to get good results. MINING is only profitable if you have FREE ELECTRICITY - as Bitcoin is nothing other than ELECTRICITY transformed into Bitcoin ! As your MINING hardware gets hot you also need propper cooling - thus here in the philippines MINING is BULLSHIT - better do that in countries like Norway where you can use waterpower to generate the electricity and its already cold enough not to need extra cooling. Investing in BITCOIN today is nonsense as the course is high and its totally speculative - to become a millionair with bitcoin you should have bought them 7 years ago .... Sad I didnt do that. To make a money TODAY invest in FOREX - only with a couple of silver and gold trades I earned 500 Euro the last 2 weeks - with an invest of just 7000 Euro - so thats a good 7% in 2 weeks !
  11. I had MRI of my upper body done here for my spine. Was in Perpetual and costed around 22K. Dont find the receipts yet - but you can say its between 20-25K depends on the hospital too. As far as I know Hi-Precision dont do MRI - they only have those 3D X-Ray scanners. Just go and ask in the major hospitals.
  12. I found the best "blanket" especially if you tend to sweat is a terrycloth towel. It absorbs any sweat but still feels dry enough.
  13. Dogs are intelligent - but sorry to say - Philippinos usually are not ! So that trip wire video looks nice - but I guess that a philippino hears the bang - and just goes on as he is used to loud sounds and bangs - and as long hes alive ....
  14. Just install some floodlights that turn on when theres movment - or a wire on top of your wall that triggers the lights and a siren to go off. Usually that keeps people away as they know they are spotted.
  15. I ordered latly from Amazon Germany (.de) and was added 65 euro for Tax - but about 3 month later I got that refunded in total. So maybe the US Amazon is worse and you better change to DE ?