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  1. Kong Skull Island - thought that helicopter scene was copied from "Apocalypse Now 2" ... Lol
  2. Check Point (2017) - Sure a B-Movie - after all not worth watching Stasis (2017) - Also a B-Movie - starts quite interesting but the second half is too trivial - not very interesting Brain on Fire - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brain_on_Fire_(film) Thats a really interesting "documentray" and played well also. CHiPs (2017) - quite funny but more for the teenagers in us hehehe Wilson (2017) - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wilson_(2017_film) That one really is funny and worth watching - nice dialouges too Shimmer Lake (2017) - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shimmer_Lake Good thriller - but a little boring over all - only the twist at the end makes it worth watching Falcon Rising (2014) - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Falcon_Rising Really a good action movie - not too brutal but also with a decent plat. I enjoyed watching
  3. Found that I have a shop in just walking distance here in Lahug - https://web.facebook.com/wisechoicecebu/ Googles that "Rule 1" that they have and this should be one of the best you can get. So I will drop in there mondey early afternoon and have a look/buy
  4. Take a pic of that "router" and the "slots" - can you access the "things" admin menu - if yes tell us the hardware data. Usually these routers/splitters are all from Huawei - and just the usual stuff. If what gets out is just low than what you get from PLDT is low too.
  5. After I now do more sports I realized that I dont get enough proteins - white rice isnt really a source ... Lol I would like to buy those protein shakes - but I dont like to waste my money on a huge canister only to find out at home that it tastes awfull. So does anyone know a specialized shop in Cebu where I not only can buy big canisters but also sample packs first - or even have a "drink" to test taste.
  6. I used Roadstar in Mandaue 2 times - they are ok but better let them not down your milage before repair and check how many miles they "test drived" your car !!! Once I had mine with them and after a week for checking they told me "still didnt find the cause" (worn out front right shock that made a loud noise ...) but test drived 130KM .... Tri-J in Mambaling is good as far as I experienced myself 2 times Tri-J in Banilad is worse ! Had my car there for a leak in powersteering - took them 5 days to check and repair - after I got the car back there was no power in powersteering so I directly brought it back - took another 5 days for them to repair that. All those days I had to call and ask for the status - they didnt update me themselves at all. I cannot recommend that branch.
  7. Go to Interpace computers in aPM Mall opposite SM City - they have TP-Link routers usually around 5-6K - I can reccomend TP-Link over the usual used Huawei crap !
  8. Ok, was to Armscor now so I can tell a bit - as they have no pricelist online I hope its ok if I tell here. Walk-In fee per person is 2.500php - includes 50rounds 9mm/.45 and such - and 25rounds shotgun - plus some other things I forgot. So I decided to become member - Membership fee ist 5.000php per year and you can bring in 1 guest for free You then only have to pay the rounds you wish to fire. You need a valid ID ( I gave them also my ACR-i card), one 2x2 colour picture, one 1x1 picture and they want an NBI clearance. Payment is in cash but if you want to pay with card its possible but they charge you 5% extra. So I sigbed the contract and was ready to go with my gf as my guest - I just need to bring the 1x1 foto and NBI papers anytime I go there in next. They charge 12php per round so we took 50 rounds at 600php I forgot to ask what I usually do (joking) if they have a "Buy one Take One" offer - hahaha They charge extra for the target paper which is just a piece of carton - its at 50php per piece as far I remember it correct. We shot 3 different 9mm handguns - they told me that actually they have no riffles - hm lets see in the future. Shooting range is ok - simple fillipino style I would say but functional. Safty glasses and ear protection is provided and was free. Basic safty instructions - hm was handled philippino style - but the instructor handled loading the magazines and was always at our side so I felt safe. We shot on just 4m distance - but at least after 50 rounds ... that guy would be dead - hahaha
  9. Usually most girls are submissive in the philippines - until they notice they are with a submissive guy - then they easily change into the dominating role - as they notice then - that they have to run the household to survive !
  10. I get 250GB for about 1650php with Globe every month ....
  11. Was to PowerMac Center opposite Ayala Cebu this morning. Sure they can repair my MacBook - price is the same than MSI told me. Only I have to leave my MacBook with them until repair is done. Yes they have to order the parts as they dont have them in stock - and that takes about 3 weeks. No its not possible that I do the order and have them order the parts first - and then they just call me to bring my MAcBook for repair.... Sorry, but what kind of Bu**sh** is that ... Ok, I will go back to MSI now - because aleft a bad recommendation on their Facebook page they very fast apologised for the error that happened and told me "ofcourse the cheaper quotation is right" ... Lol ... Lets see whats next there....
  12. I do this cloud backup for about 3 years already - and when my 2 backup disks died 3 month ago it really saved my life. I can recommend Crashplan - even here in the philippines it works and I only pay 5$ per month for unlimited (and as I use already 3.6TB it really means unlimited) space. BECAUSE - how about SECURITY ??? I mean - they all tell you - Your files will be encoded "on our servers" - but that means they are transferred in plain text first - so ANYONE can scan them - NSA - FBI - they are all our friends !!! Thats why for me only a cloudbackup is worth to use where I set the encryption on my PC - and only those encrypted data is then stored in the cloud !!! Using Google for my backup - sorry NO WAY - everyone with at least 1 braincell should know that google wants to know everything - so they can tell me a lot about security - I just won't believe them !
  13. You can try to build your own Mac - so called Hackintosh. http://www.hackintosh.com https://www.tonymacx86.com
  14. I will now ask in PowerMac Center - if they are too expensive I will use iStore in SM City - thats only 12.500 plus 1.500 handling fee and my MacBook wil be send to HongKong by then. But better then my battery goes up in flames ....