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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HDMI#Cables Dont look for special cables in the big malls - they usually dont have - only regular items. In case you definitly need special things - Amazon is your friend - I latest bought me a NAS with Amazon Germany - was delivered within 6 days to my doorstep. From US its usually 2-3 days with UPS.
  2. Then you have one time s** that early in the morning ... and bang its all over the news ... Damn it ....
  3. Yeah - making money by outsorucingto the philippines is sure the best way to loose clients !
  4. I like that local politicians here ACT instead of just nodding their heads !
  5. Just do a Kata in any club nowadays to the music - and you will be nominated "best dancer of the night" !
  6. Sorry to tell you guys - but Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok just failed - they clearly show that they just want to make money with their answer: The girl answering the emals directly suggest Botox as treatment - No further info about the qualification of ther skin doctors - only prices that are "1000 or 2000 or more" bath With this style of "service" I also can go to a local skin doctor here - hahaha Dear Mr. Goetz ....,  Greetings from Bumrungrad International Hospital.  Regarding your inquiries about excessive sweating, kindly be informed that the possible treatment is Botox. For Botulinum injection (BOTOX™), treatment starts from 10,000 Baht** depending on the areas and units required. Best regards, Pichet  Email Management
  7. I only know that for Karate here in Cebu myself and would say - it all depends on the Trainer and the dojo. But - forgert about "he might be too young" or "saftey" - all martial arts needs years of practise - ok he will get his belts every other month - but I would say he needs at least 2 years before you can say he can do propper TaeKwonDo or anything. Forget about - learn it fast - exactly thats the wrong goal. Take your time and learn it slow - better send him to classes 3-4 times a week than just 1-2 times. Maybe at first he is excited - after 2-3 month he might geto bored because 90% of martial arts is repeating the moves and technics over and over again. Only train at home when you understood WHAT zpu do and HOW the move is right - otherwise you only train yourself wrong movements ! A good trainer in a dojo will have special beginners classes so that he can correct that from the start - after 6 month training your son should start at home - but that also depends on if hes mature enough to do that. Look on Google and Facebook - and dont be shy to test the different schools - and if theres no TaeKWonDo then look for KArate, or KungFu or anything else - theres no "best" martial arts" ! ALL martial arts teach you patience and self discipline - and self defense - fighting is never the goal of martial arts. So even TaiChi is martial arts - if you do the moves fast !
  8. As I didnt find anything on this topic here I just ask. I will move my household in the next 2-3 weeks from Talisay to Lahung - and therefore I need a good moving company. Does anyone can recommend one? What I look for is: - 3 bedroom house with some large appliances (ref, tv, washing machine ...) - they can supply me with about 10-20 boxes for all the small items - maybe they offer insurance in case anything gets damaed (tv or such)
  9. I never had problems with retruning or refunds - within 7 days I got everything replaced without getting asked why. After 7 days it takes longer - either they send you to the "service center" for the brand you have a problem with or they send it in themselves - but even then no problems at all. Just keep all receipts !
  10. Yesterday I saw a sign for "Call center space rental - 3000php" but I guess thats only the cubicle without any phone and pc. But - internet here really depends on place AND time - there's no guaranteed minimum bandwidth you get (or what they guarantee you is way below what you need and even that is guarnteed only 75% of the time) In case you go for pocketwifi - better get the Openline LTE pocketwifi from CDR-King - its around 3500php but works with any sim.
  11. Australia isnt too far - just send me a PM then if you like Rebuilder86
  12. Ok, Ill ask that clinic if they know my condition and would be able to support me.
  13. As I dont find any usefull information with google on that special topic I like to ask you guys. Back in germany I started to have excessive sweating - and unfortunately here in the phils is no skindoctor capable for this PLUS the medication isnt even available. I cant get it online as a prescription is needed - and please no discussion or "well meant tips" about that here in this thread. As I know that many people fly abroad for a medical checkup 1-2 times per year - i now like to ask you (you can send me PM too if you dontwant to share private information here) if you can recommend me a good clinic within asia - I heard that bangkok is good - but maybe there are also good clinics "nearer"? Im especially looking for a good skin department - but any good clinic would help me as then I can ask by email. Thanks.
  14. Usually NO bank will open an account without you having a philippine proof of address. I just think that maybe citibank might be a way - if you have an account with them in US than maybe they help you - because Citibank gives accounts to everyone.
  15. By the gun - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/By_the_Gun Its a nice mafia movie - only with not that much action and thus can get a bit boring - but the story is good. A street cat named Bob - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Street_Cat_Named_Bob_(film) Sometimes it gets a bit boring but overall I like this one - its after a true event and so its worth watching Assasins Creed - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Assassin's_Creed_(film) Its not that bad that most people tell - its action and if you dont need to much sense in a movie than its quite good entertainment iboy - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IBoy Nice idea but at all its a bit boring story I, Daniel Blake - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I,_Daniel_Blake If you want to show your philippina wife or gf the realiy in germany or england than this film is a must After watching it I really know why I left germany ! The Lego Batman movie - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Lego_Batman_Movie THE BEST BATMAN IN THE LAST YEARS - BATMAN RULEZ !!!!! Moana - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moana_(2016_film) Great movie with nice soundtrack - really worth to watch