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  1. I find your idea with aluminium really interesting. I want make bottom of boat stronger, where its hit the water, when I go fast. My plan was use plywood, but think aluminium is better. Honda 16 hp is a really great engine, think about change my engine, but a local guy talk about a american brand, which should be even stronger and faster, I will make resarch before I take decision. I have old Honda bike 750 ccm in Denmark, tuned up to 836 ccm, strong engine, easy to maintance and repair, 240 km topspeede, love it, yes Im 60+ but still alive ha ha
  2. Yes, I know boat builder in Dumaguete, will ask him for phone number, if you are interested. I bought my boat second hand, but my boat is built there, 2 brothers name is Lorenzo, they have good reputation. Colemanlee, I like your post, racing is about adjustment of engine, and only your fantasy can stop you. I saw how the polish and screw of their engines at the event this weekend (national championship). Your right about screws, I have 3, always bring extra,when I go sailing,same with sparkplug, string to start engine, tols, like that. My boat is for fun and fishing, more wide than normal, need space in the boat, if I caught a mermaid, lol.
  3. I live in Dumaguete area and enjoy the boat race this weekend. Boat cost only around 12 k at boat builder, then you paint it. Engine they use is from 7-16 hp. Honda 16 hp cost around 24 k, can't remember name of US brand 16 hp around 30-32 k peso, locals say it's the best on market. I spoke with the boats men, and they told me up to 110 km pr. hour, lol. They use helmet and a west to cover body. They stand up, bench forward when racing. I have a 15 foot banca, 10 hp Kohler, for fun and fishing, goes 20 mph, fish finder show the speed. Considering buy one for racing to, but wanjt to sail it myself, lol
  4. Seafood generally is number one on my favorit food list, together with beefsteak of good quality cattle. I eat sushi, kinilaw, oysters and other kind of seafood raw, never been sick of it. I''m not a doctor or veterinarian, just try to use commen sense. I always freeze fish before use, fresh and with no visible sign of sickness or parasites. No doubt, there are a bigger risk with some kind of seafood than others. I use mostly tuna, marlin and imported salmon, fish I know about and where they come from together with living conditions. I go fishing to, have small banca, water here is generally clean, most places and of shore, though I will never eat anything from sea outside/close to Cebu city, lol.
  5. You are right, if he try to escape.
  6. I don't know the truth, maybe he try to escape, maybe not. In this matter, I don't care, fine to me he's dead, and no more trouble with him
  7. http://boholchronicle.com.ph/2017/05/05/captured-abu-sayyaf-killed-in-escape-try/
  8. He get killed, when he try to escape under transportation, sorry have problem copy link to Bohol Chronicle, where I saw if
  9. Public transportation for sure will be difficult. Steal or hijack a banca, out of Bohol, sounds more like the way to go. I will not be surprised at all, if they have succes with escape
  10. I don't believe he make 2 k piso a day, most foreigners are cheap charlie, lol
  11. It was pretty entertaining, so many customers cheated on him, of course not hes fault. At the very last, he don't blame evil ex wife steal all from him, heard that story to many times, lol. Prefer coffee machines for ex wife storys
  12. Yes, if same girl they have been together for years, around 4 years ago I saw them first time. I enjoy sitting on terrace in Ayala. He start talking to me about hes life, he told me, that he stay with hes gf in a boardinghouse, after he went bankruptcy with hes company, which sold coffee machines, loooong story. Sometimes, I'm a nice guy, think I gave him 200 peso, he pointed down to 1. floor at hes gf, left and saw them disappear very fast into the mall, guess they was hungry
  13. I lived in Bohol 5 years, now south of Dumaguete, been in Inabanga many times, like go around on bike, and there are an oysters farm owned by the barangay, great place, cheap and fresh oysters, crabs and shrimps. I'm not an military expert, but wonder how 9 abus people can escape. Dogs could easy track them, and with helikopter available, together with other equipment and lot of soldiers, thats strange in my world.
  14. Yes, I talk to you, do you read the former post ? Seen pictures of dead people ?