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  1. Public transportation for sure will be difficult. Steal or hijack a banca, out of Bohol, sounds more like the way to go. I will not be surprised at all, if they have succes with escape
  2. I don't believe he make 2 k piso a day, most foreigners are cheap charlie, lol
  3. It was pretty entertaining, so many customers cheated on him, of course not hes fault. At the very last, he don't blame evil ex wife steal all from him, heard that story to many times, lol. Prefer coffee machines for ex wife storys
  4. Yes, if same girl they have been together for years, around 4 years ago I saw them first time. I enjoy sitting on terrace in Ayala. He start talking to me about hes life, he told me, that he stay with hes gf in a boardinghouse, after he went bankruptcy with hes company, which sold coffee machines, loooong story. Sometimes, I'm a nice guy, think I gave him 200 peso, he pointed down to 1. floor at hes gf, left and saw them disappear very fast into the mall, guess they was hungry
  5. I lived in Bohol 5 years, now south of Dumaguete, been in Inabanga many times, like go around on bike, and there are an oysters farm owned by the barangay, great place, cheap and fresh oysters, crabs and shrimps. I'm not an military expert, but wonder how 9 abus people can escape. Dogs could easy track them, and with helikopter available, together with other equipment and lot of soldiers, thats strange in my world.
  6. Yes, I talk to you, do you read the former post ? Seen pictures of dead people ?
  7. Are you filipino with 20 piso to your name ?
  8. Maybe best you go hiding in the jungle or the mountains, lol
  9. Maybe big grandma and big grandpa, lol
  10. Bastards put a bomb/explosives in their house, thats the way abus kill old innocent people
  11. It's make me fu**ing angry, old innocent couple, bastards !
  12. Thank you Oztony, happy to learn, seems to work