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  1. I posted some in this thread last year early on. But basicly i was 42 and I had lost a lot of weight but felt bad. Muscle pain, joint pain, weakness and chronic fatigue. I had every blood test known to man. I expected to find my thyroid levels shot to hell but they turned out acceptable. I had lost about 80 pound but had recently been gaining back even tho my diet hadn't changed... the doctors in this little town wouldnt even test my testosterone untill i told them I had ed which I didn't really think i did but anything to get the test. Got it back any my level was low 200s.. they refused to prescribe me the clomid and I wasn't sure i wanted to start test replacement and be sterile at 42. Dont really expect to have kids but something about not having the choice bothered me. So I found it myself and started on 25mg every other day The results basicly i can say I didn't even realize how bad I felt untill i felt better. The slow decline you barely notice. With the rapid increase you suddenly sed it. I was working out like a mad man, felt great, had morning wood again and sex drive was like I was 18 again. I tried some herbal stuff. One is tributes. It is great and helps a lot with sex drive too.. it has a natural estrogen blocker so that's why I still take it with the clomid. The herbals alone got me up to like 251 but thats not enought. The herbals and clomid got me to the 700s. I assume my low test is a result of my rather liberal views on self medicating back in the day. I did a lot of pots coke, lsd, and exctacy.. all are know to cause these problems later in life. When I got back from the philit pines in July i decided to stop taking the clomid and see what happened and within 2 months I had dropped back into the same fatigue and pain state plus I became really depressed. Being away from my gf probably didn't help that. But i started back on clomid in January and im about back to normal. My only concern with clomid is the unknown long term usage effects on men which are largely unknown. Thats why i tried to stop taking it.. but after the crash i think im back for good. I may cycle it 3 months on 2 months off.. give me a few years and maybe by then I'll be ready to just take test injections
  2. Im going to have her look at those other pharmacies first though. Itake looking like she may be flying here Monday next week if the flight prices hold a few more days so it's getting close. Otherwise first week of april
  3. Yes i use a loadable credit card from walmart. I've lost money in the past. These site have a tendency to pop up today take a bunch of orders and disappear tomorrow so just like to know there has been someone that recieved their meds first. Yes i have been buying from Blue sky peptides they're good too but in the past its always been a watery liquid and the last bottle i bought was like a gel. It was thick, it would barely shake up.. so I got a little freaked out
  4. I already sent her a message to say to check generics.... also one of the pharmacies told her a place up on mango that has it i forget the name. But shes back in the province now. I dont take it for ed i have drastic ly less energy and much lower quality of life with the low T. Sex hadn't really been much if an issue with me, im only 43 but i have a combination of herbal supplements thats does improve that imo.
  5. I have been using the liquid from a peptide Co. I'm not sure of the strength but its ok. I was wanting to try pills but I'll order more liquid if i need its just nasty lol Thanks.. you've ordered from them before?
  6. Im in the US right now. My gf is coming over for a few weeks next month I sent her looking for some but every pharmacy she went to in cebu had none even mercury. Guess i will roll the dice on a new online source with a small order if she can't find any tomorrow
  7. Does anyone have a trusted overseas online pharmacy they use that they would recommend? Well as trusted as they can be at least... the one I've used for years got their site shut down by the us government this week along with many others aparantly.
  8. My girlfriend bought a condo last year that is currently being rented for 50php a month over cost of owning. Not my idea of an investment. But in full disclosure this is a "filipino" level condo. We were going to stay there during my trips but she has since moved back to where she ownes a few homes. She was just happy to not loose money.
  9. Haha... i had that exact thought. But right now it's not helping. Although it has given me good cause (even in her opinion) to move to another island and also to hold a grudge and deny any requests for help. Her parents are good and they like me. They are the only ones I feel any obligation to anyways
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  14. Honestly this was one that bothered me and very little bothers me. In time i learned to think ahead getting change when I could but the money changers only want to give you big bills so what is a guy to do? I foun they would always ask you for smaller bills but if you pressed them then they magic ly produced change or when and found change.
  15. This can go both ways. My girls family all are college educated and all have good jobs. And i mean ALL. Cousins, nieces nephews on and on. Many lawyers dr, burse, government officials. That said they don't need a foreigner and i have been having a very difficult time gaining acceptance