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  1. http://davaotoday.com/main/human-rights/probe-concludes-hrvs-land-grabbing-in-tagum/ ?
  2. nah i need something that won't leave stain or attract ants, since I'll use it to treat wounds and rotten water. but bitterness is not okay and i'm wondering if white rum is unusually strong! we have smurf vodka and i will search the shpps for nipa.
  3. are they bitter? just had something with white rum and melon liquor, very very bitter and I almost passed out after half a glass! can't see things clearly now very dizzy..
  4. what's nipa likker? lambanog? I add a drop of vodka into water container to suppress the bad taste (I swear it exists but nobody else can feel!) that always happens after one night.
  5. I'm looking for other options of different taste. But I'm not sure if all high proof alcohols could just work.. whiskey seems not good because of stains. And Rum contains a lot of sugar?
  6. I have been keeping a bottle of cheap Finlandia for cleaning wound and rotten water etc. It's all good, but the freezer is small and I would like some other alternatives that are also drinkable. Flavored vodka like Belvedere Lemon is unpure I guess? What about gin? No side effect? I don't know anything else that's transparent and close to pure alcohol. PS: need to be available locally and cheap of course.
  7. the last one is no rumor. It's a good move already in place.
  8. So you must sell within 50 years? To anyone including foreigners or only citizens?
  9. Señor Kimchi has some odd dishes: gratinated big red pepper with ??? inside. thought it's black pepper something.
  10. veggies are okay! It's difficult to have normal veggies here. BTW there is an vegan restaurant just open in Axis area (right behind Starbucks and Pig-fetta), but it appears to be 100% vegan.
  11. They need to force feed the ducks by tap or it wouldn't taste nice. The hotel is right opposite to Quest yes? One year and I never stepped inside! Will verify it tomorrow!
  12. Do they have foie gras?
  13. I wouldn't be when I read the price. That mother intendedly ignored the rules, and instead of play nice when caught, she faked crying in a futile attempt to overcome an utterly hopeless situation! Half of the issues come from half-wits like that.