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  1. Okay found the Projekt in Banilad town centre today, besides the Oppein which sells expensive particleboards with dreadful Chinese labels. Modern, not traditional. No fancy shapes in showroom but quality is consistent and the makers are not color blind like most contractors here. Price is more than fair. Will try custom order my first items next month.
  2. I doubt anyone here would fall into love with their prison. Or maybe he was thinking of being treated like a westerner? but no special prison here:
  3. I don't doubt they cannot afford expensive airforce, navy or missile system. But personal army equipment? These things could be a lot cheaper than funeral service and death benefits.
  4. I hope she's only joking. Does she have bulletproof vest or simply doesn't care? All their soldiers seem rather ill-equipped, in a country that's constantly at war: compared to this: armor, comm, camera, medic kit, ...?
  5. Technically, I mean. Since kidnapping a citizen would have legal consequences. Are they registered in the autonomous region? Birth certificates, NBI records and other papers?
  6. It's logical. Also logical for AFP to kidnap their kids, siblings and parents. None of those are legal Philippine citizens I presume?
  7. Two things I found: - some of the large, qualified (according to documents) do very shitty work. These days most of our prime contractors no longer have any engineering or technical teams - they become empty shells and delegate everything to the subcontractors who can do things cheapest. Yet they have the qualification, financial records, money guarantee, history of completed projects as prime contractors. - since inspection is often done by a third party, a private firm, sometimes the two team up, after all nobody could inspect the inspector! In our professional experience (not construction), the best projects are always done for customers who have inspectors and teams of professional maintainers themselves.
  8. The membership application is now P800 for two (was P800 for one). Just applied. It looks just like Costco. They're first to have icewine here? No VQA I can see. But no port wine. Apparently nobody heard of port wine here The furniture they show are very nice. They also have small-capacity W/D (with drier!) at less than P20k! No fermented milk, the original type. No steak griller from Cuisinart (P13k in Rustan's!), none of Delonghi's. They do have Dyson's sold at lower price than Rustan's (one is 26K; 31K in Rustan's). But I just bought Bosch's... I couldn't find expiration date on their yogurts. Membership fee is okay (Costco is ~P2300 now), no ID needed just pay, 30 seconds to get the temporary card. The shop looks much bigger and location is far better than S&R's - like the kind of supermarket you could just go and pick something everyday.
  9. that's the reason I'm drafting and splitting them into small, easily makable parts. except the odd shape on the left, what'd be impossible to make? the main one is flat top with many columuns, darkened and lightened, and the right one had curved top but no more complex than the beds they have here. the left one may waste a lot of wood or need many small pieces linked (I drafted it that way, hundreds of flat pieces). But I saw they make totally 3d curved type in Europe. It's not important though.
  10. Huh? I have never hired a carpenter before - whatever you find ridiculous I simply can't understand unless you tell me. Not going to ask locals directly, trust issues.
  11. 10,000 for door is okay. But 3 months?? That means I have to order much earlier before turnover? I just need a bed, a nightstand, 2 seater, coffee table and this: if waiting time is too long I'd have to buy bed from shop. There appear to be fewer and fewer solid wood types now.
  12. To summarize, there are only two verified carpenters: Slick Furniture in cebu city and Boy Wong in lapu lapu (Mactan? fish??) The one I was told is Ferraren Furniture - forgot who told me, but it's at the southern end of cebu province, takes 3 or 4 hours there??
  13. They're for cabinets. But not a good idea if you can't have a guaranteed supply of refill. They cannot reduce humidity to comfortable levels, 50 or 60 if you need dehumidifier here? It's more like from 95 to 90 and keep your clothes from mold.