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  1. Where are the employees?!

    php coders, database administrators and ansible devops engineers ? sounds like nice jobs but i dont even know what the acronyms stand for ! the only php i know is philippines pesos :-)
  2. thanks info if one were to leave in june 2017 and return may 2018 do u simply pay the 310 pesos for annual report 2018 within 30 days of arrival or will they charge a fine for the 2 months (march/april) i would guess thats why they give u a 30 day window , after that the fine clock shud start also 14000 pesos? almost cheaper to apply for another 13a visa (150 dollars) :-)
  3. i remember paying the 2500 pesos to exit (all fees) i dont recall ever getting any ecc-b just a receipt of payment. when i returned a month later i just should them acr and they stamped passport, they never asked for return cert. also find it odd when doing annual report they ask for fotocopy of latest entrance stamp. i could see if it was past march and they wanted to see when you arrived i.e. late to file. thanks reply
  4. An alien who returns to the Philippines with a re-entry permit is required to report to the BI within 30 days of his return to the country if he has not made the required annual report. im just curious about the above is there a time limit to being out of the country without the 13a visa "expiring or being cancelled" ? in some countries like chile and i believe usa if you hold permanent resident visa and you stay out of country for more than 1 year your visa expires. in argentina the visa remains valid for life, even if you spend 20 years out of the country and come back, the dni (acr in argentina) is valid for life . can someone with an acr say valid until 2021 stay out of ph until 2020 , return and pay 2018, 2019,2020 annual reports within 30 days of arrival and all is well ? btw the annual report was copied from ins usa. i recall in grade school the principal making announcements to have children remind their parents (if foreign) to do the annual report. i think usa stopped requirement about 1973. i guess nobody notified bi here
  5. Open saving account without ACR

    i opened an account a few years ago at bdo they didnt ask for an acr but they sure did ask alot to comply with facta my ss number etc (its requirement for us citizens )
  6. yes understand and agree noise pollution is a serious problem in the philippines re: picture on acr... so you can be 39 forever (or at least look like it) :-)
  7. when i got my first acr 13a 5 year card they lost some papers between cebu and manila and they played tag for like 4 months i tried to call manila and cebu it was a nightmare i would change address before you renew card ive read stories about people getting fined while trying renew acr and giving them a new address and no prior notifications of change i think that warning is on the acr card is micro print ( i used a magnifying glass) i dont see why they couldnt just send card to you in cebu
  8. mca really ? you renewed your acr card every 5 years (twice) and they didnt take a new (current) picture? im surprised since they are so strict on even the most minor things
  9. fred of course you have to be there they need to take your picture and get your signature etc im not sure but most likely latest or maybe all 5 annual report receipts maybe jawny can answer that
  10. yes cebu will just take all your paperwork and forward it to manila and manila will issue card and send back to cebu more people handling=more chances of losing something
  11. Valid passport needed?

    gentlemen please check this out i knew i read it somewhere and finally found it.... REPUBLIC ACT NO. 8239 - PHILIPPINE PASSPORT ACT OF 1996 SEC. 13. Travel Documents. – A travel document, in lieu of a passport, may be issued to: a) A Filipino citizen returning to the Philippines who for one reason or another has lost his/her passport or cannot be issued a regular passport; b) A Filipino citizen being sent back to the Philippines; c) An alien spouse of a Filipino and their dependents who have not yet been naturalized as a Filipino and who are travelling to the Philippines or is a permanent resident of the Philippines; d) Aliens permanently residing in the Philippines who are not able to obtain foreign passport and other travel documents; e) A stateless person who is likewise a permanent resident, or a refugee granted such status or asylum in the Philippines. it seems to contradict themselves...
  12. Valid passport needed?

    thanks replies yes after i posted i recalled having to show my passport for AR i wonder what would happen if you gave them an expired passport when doing AR, im sure would scold you but then one could argue that you are staying here forever and have no plans on leaving and spending 100 dollars on a new passport would be an expensive item you wouldnt use. if they are that strict on having an unexpired passport then im surprised they would issue acr beyond the validity of your passport (sshhh better keep quiet, might give them ideas) ive been here for years and all my kids have long since grown up, and from what ive read that child support penalty is fast, usually within 6 weeks theyll yank your passport. it would be awful to be married here, have a house, a life made etc and then be kicked out , losing all and never seeing your misses again ! i guess its always wise to have another citizenship/ passport to avoid problems
  13. Annual Reporting to the BI

    i did mine last week in dumaguete nice people, quick , easy its my last one hopefully i applied for naturalization last year and should have it in september. just curious if anyone has naturalized or knows someone who has?
  14. usa is per hour and mexico is per day ! half of what the minimum wage is in the philippines
  15. hello all i think i signed up a few years ago but never made a post learn more by reading than talking :-) but a have a question concerning a valid passport.... i have permanent resident visas in a number of countries including the philippines (13a) and the other countries seemed to care less if you continued to hold a passport or not once you got the permanent status, and rightly so. it allows to live and work there for life so why should they care if you continue to hold a valid passport.(unless of course you will be traveling) now in the philippines, they always seem to care about that, even though my 13a acr was issued until 2019 and my passport expired in 2016 when i got acr and yes, i renewed my passport but if i hadnt i could have been in country with no valid passport but a valid acr until 2019. what im trying to find out is what if someone had their passport pulled (hopefully not for murder!) but for something like child support or the new irs 50,000 debt law etc. if you are in the philippines and hold a valid 13a /acr what would happen then ? any info appreciated thanks for great site