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  1. The Globe number is 09974459884 however they never responded last week..going on 4 months for my first (and last) ACR- Permanent Resident Card.
  2. Or it could not be a bubble.. the market cap is a tiny fraction of the dotcom bubble (1/100th?), it's a currency (despite what the IRS says) that has increasing demand everyday and a finite supply (unlike the USD of which 5T has been 'printed' in the last decade) During the recent turmoil in the Philippines there were no BTC/PHP sellers jacking up the price to a 30% premium. It's been a bad couple of years around the world and I don't things are getting better. BTC/Cryptos are 1) receiving institutional money searching for a beta because all traditional investments seem 'expensive', 2) It's a hedge against a fiat currency bubble 3) supply/demand, there's 3B in daily trading volume 4) increases in storage demand from the underworld/ money laundering 5) new interest from central banks (e.g. Japan) and corporations (Microsoft). If all they got is it might be a bubble..gonna keep buying...210B market cap in the next few years with little resistence.
  3. There may be a chance of one crypto going to $0 but there is almost no chance that all crypto's total market cap is less than it is today. I projected a 210B market cap when it was at 40B in the 3-5 year range. Looks like I underestimated institutional investor money by a ton. Even if it takes 7 years to get to 210B that's still one percent return per month. I am in BTC, Ether and Dash, sizable positions but I would be in much deeper if I was in the US and could easily liquidate other investments.
  4. Good to know..doesn't specify that they accept I-130 for spousal visa in Cebu Consular office so I suppose I still need to go to Manila as US Citizen/Philippine resident? Only U.S. citizens resident in the Philippines may file an I-130 petition with DHS the U.S. Embassy.
  5. Crossroads is the goto spot for good food in the city. Best Pho (Phat Pho), Mexican (Maya), Breakfast (Abaca) and Japanese (Tajimaya). Their K1 Karaoke is highly rated among locals although I can't tell the difference and Snow Shack surprised as a pretty good dessert.
  6. Any update? Have you ordered or received the shipment from the Makati store?
  7. I am a gambler so let me know how much you want to wager. My wife was there last week and I made her describe the specific components and connections to verify it was indeed an authentic polygraph because I assumed it was a fake. Maybe they were field testing it or it's applied at random but it was there last week.
  8. It's mandatory if you want to go abroad to work or live but if you're married to a foreigner you need it just to get a passport.
  9. My wife went last week, apparently there's a polygraph and a background check on the foreigner which is pretty thorough because several of the girls were made aware of info they didn't know about their husbands / Fiancés. Supposedly NBI coordinates with local countries to provide info on previous marriage / children and if the foreign has applied for a spousal / K1 visa in the past in the Philippines.
  10. If you are paying that much for a VPN they should not be reducing your bandwidth. I get the same speed via my VPN or with it turned off, you may need to change servers/providers. Use a server that doesn't allow torrenting ideally.
  11. Does he have a mobile plan to test via hotspot on his cell?
  12. Seems unlikely to me. My PLDT fibr is hooked up to Astrill VPN half the day with no issues. Even if they did block the VPN server with Astrill you add a private server anywhere you want for $5. It seems more likely it's a configuration problem. He only has the choice of a single server in US?
  13. I have the certified birth cert and voters ID but requirements say they must match name in box 1a which is her married name, I don't have any official IDs in that name.
  14. OK she doesn't have a passport and they are really backed up in Cebu so that's not an option. I believe her appointment is in June but I don't know when she will actually receive it. I have her voter ID which is listed as acceptable however it has her maiden name so I am unsure if it will be accepted. Most of her IDs have been changed to her married name but unfortunately those are the ones that aren't acceptable. So grateful for the replies! Even though I read the instructions multiple times you guys filled in the gaps: I didn't know about the automatic 2-month extension and Turbotax didn't give me a headsup on that. I didn't know the consulate didn't authenticate documents as it is what's recommended in the instructions. I knew I had to send the W7/1040 to Austin but I thought I also had to send the 1040 and payment to the usual filing spot as well, I already made 2 copies so your reply saved me ~$30 in shipping! Current plan based on your advice is: 1) send payment before April 18, even though I may not need to, I don't make estimated payments so the juice will be running if I don't 2) file for extension til September because the automatic won't be enough 3) file W7/1040 once we have her passport, using an authenticated copy if we have plans to travel, otherwise sending the original Thanks again!
  15. I understand I need to paper file my US taxes because I am newly married and my wife doesn't have a TIN/SS#. Has anyone done this recently? I was planning to go the consulate and get them to certify a copy of one of her IDs, is this the easiest way? Also what's the best way to send documents to the US from Cebu in the 3-week window I have left?