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  1. Even the Nigerian Prince said NO WAY. Have to send it on to Cebu. Question is safest and cheapest and consider our time deadline. Any thoughts anyone?
  2. Just called PNB in NY and was told they only exchange notes in the Philippines. Thank you for the idea though and thank you for the poster which showed all the notes I have are soon to be worthless unless perhaps I can just mail them to Cebu,
  3. Asleep at the switch, is all I can say. This is news to me, and not good news. Can anyone guide me to, or provide, a list that details which bills are going away? Since I'm in the US, are my options only to mail to someone in the RP or hand to some one arriving RP before 6/30? Thanks for your help.
  4. Yes, this is a permanent move. A nice life for my dog and myself is certainly the plan. I have lived on Cebu before, but the Cebu I knew may no longer exist. We may have to travel to other islands to find our home. Has anyone brought their dog to P.I. and wishes they had not?
  5. Need current info on bringing my 25lb terrier with me from FL to Cebu. Anyone who has experience bringing their dog with them or abandoning the project as hopeless please share your experiences. I am traveling alone. What can I do to lessen the trauma to both myself and my dog? I do not not want to give her up unless that is the best thing for her. I looked into a passenger cargo ship, but they do not allow dogs at sea. It appears flying is the only way. Hearing about your experiences would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Problem solved! I was able to send a Globe GoSurf299 purchased online from here in the U.S. and send to a cellphone in the Philippines. IT REQUIRED 3 AGONIZINGLY FRUSTRATING PHONE CALLS TO PAYPAY WITH NO RESULT; AND THEN A DAY LATER ON THE 4TH CALL, THE PLEASANT YOUNG WOMAN MADE SOME "ADJUSTMENTS" AND MY PURCHASE WENT THROUGH. Thank you all for your time and suggestions which I am sure would have worked well, just without the "surprise" feature I was hoping for.
  7. I failed to explain that a Globe GoSurf purchase is specifically meant for the internet - a specific amount of data for a specific amount of time. I am not reloading their ability to make phone calls, but rather stream, search, and surf. The challenge is finding a Globe dealer (not Globe itself) who sells this product online.
  8. The mypinoyload ad on this site unfortunately does not sell the Globe GoSurf product line.
  9. I am in the U.S.
  10. Normally the owner of the phone will text a code to Globe and Globe will add the amount to their balance. I want to give a GoSurf 299 as a gift and thus need to purchase it online. Have spent days searching, found one site but Paypal will not let my payment go thru due to "security concerns." I hate Paypal - but that is another story.The site I found, shinobitech.cf, allowed the choice of product then enter phone, and then email address and check out. All good. Checkout was with Bitcoin, Paypal, or BPI. I'm stuck. Your thought and suggestion are appreciated as always.
  11. OP, you may already know this, but the dialogue is sent thru the center speaker when available such as HD Sound and most legit DVDs and can be accessed with a good AV Receiver. I purchased a Pioneer VSX-822-K 5.1-Channel A/V Receiver (there are much better ones out there now as mine is 3 years old) and run everything thru it via HDMI, My Blu-ray, Gaming consoles, music, ipod, and tv and send it all to two bookshelf speakers and a center channel speaker. On another topic someone had suggested a graphic equalizer to help with the dialogue, but I never went there. I rely a lot now on subtitles or CC because movie studios love to blast the soundtrack and minimize the dialogue levels so it's very difficult for me to hear especially on 2 channel audio. I do find headphones make a world of difference as well. Good luck solving your challenge.
  12. This may help clarify it: (you can search morning erections and health) Specifically, having morning wood indicates that your testosterone levels and overall health are in good standing. We tend to think of the desire for sex as innate and unstoppable, but that’s only true when everything’s working properly in our bodies and brain. For sexual desire to be possible, the nucleus accumbens and other frontal brain area's hormones and other biological markers must be within normal, healthy ranges. Because testosterone levels peak in the morning, a lack of wee-hour tent-pitching could be an indicator of serious health issues. Boners are also a good way to measure whether you’re working out too much, or not enough. Not working out enough reduces testosterone and lessens blood flow, resulting in weak or infrequent morning erections. On the other side of the coin, overtraining can also have serious consequences — the combination of physical stress and calorie restriction can drop hormone levels by an astounding 90%. Obviously, your manhood can never replace your doctor, but it’s a convenient way to keep tabs on yourself. If you’re accustomed to frequent morning erections and notice a drop-off, it’s a sign to assess your current stress, activity and sleep levels, and potentially see a physician. To summarize: Morning wood is a checklist for good health: Free T- check, Estradiol in balance -check, circulation -check, and prostate health -check. It's a self-diagnostic for your system.
  13. To make this clearer, I would ask: 1.what dosage and what frequency was originally prescribed 2. how did you feel while taking it 3. were you experiencing morning wood 4. when the doc tested your T, was he testing Total or Free T 5 did he also test your Estradiol levels Most drs.only test Total T, which has so many variables that affect the outcome and varied levels throughout the day that the test is meaningless. THE BEST TEST IS MORNING WOOD. If you must have numbers, it's the unbound usable Free T that is important and that number in relation to your Estradiol levels will give you a ratio.That is what is important. Total T is just a number for your head and protects the Dr. against malpractice. Keep in mind, clomiphene for men is an off-label use and very few drs. will be familiar with it's use. They would need to do their own research on blogs, books, websites of other physicians, mainly urologists who have been prescribing it for many years. I urge everyone to do their own research. Your Dr. does not have the motivation, the interest, or the time. You do. Most drs. have not done any serious research since med school. They're too busy. Anyway, for whatever reason that prompted you to try it, I hope you have found a solution. BTW, When I was still in a "testing mindset", I watched my Total T numbers fall over 200+ points for no reason in a span of 60 days. I persisted and stopped testing because I felt fine and the number fluctuations were messing with my head. Morning wood is my test now, and its presence always makes me a happy camper.
  14. It was originally only used as an anticancer drug for females when it was noticed it has some very positive effects for males as well, fortunately for those of us that use it. It can be prescribes as an off-label use by any willing physician in the US or is available without RX in the Philippine. There are two previous topics here that deal with Clomid/clomiphene in great detail, for anyone interested.
  15. If I am understanding the OP correctly, he recognized he might have a problem and attempted to fix it by taking Clomid DAILY and then had his MD test his T levels which according to the doc was in "the normal range." There are many issues here. First of all - every T test is worthless as there are far too many variables: how long ago you ejaculated, how much sleep you had the night before, time of day blood was drawn what you ate in the last 24 hours, and finally what range was used, teens, young adults, middle age, us old farts. If you want the desire you must have the T (unbound and Free). End of story. The real test for unbound and Free T to see if you have a hormonal medical issue is whether or not you wake up with a morning erection. Period. I did not address circulatory issues as the OP stated under the right conditions everything functions. Here's what happens when you overuse Clomid or any form of T. . With any exogenous intake you want to use the M.E.D. (minimum effective dose) which for me was 25 eod. Much of the T created is bound to SHBG and much of it aromatizes to our arch-enemy (in greater than minimal amounts) the BIG E. Now when Estrogen takes over everything goes to hell. Your attitude, your desire. your joy of life aka boredom.and left untreated even your prostate. I experience this periodically when my E climbs so miniscule amount of Anastrozole brings it right back. If the OP is fine with the situation or simply resigned to it, only he can tell. If he wants to he can reread the entire topic on Clomid and read the work of Dr. John Lee on Progesterone which is another way to control E in men. As always whatever works for you is the right thing. If you want it back, I think you can get it back is all I was really trying to point out. Side note: I found a 4 minute exercise routine on youtube. Search Tabata and you should find it - either 5-6 guys or 5 guys and a girl. First time I tried it, I could not finish it. It looks like nothing ! LMFAO