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  1. I bet you wont find many Russians who agree with what you wrote Tullioz. Fact is , Russia (Orthodox) has been at war with Islam for 800 yrs. Yes it was very much a religious war. Those Muslims in Bosnia are forced converts. Constantinople anyone? The muslims are a descrimated underclass in Russia. Recently, a long nasty war in Chechnya. I call BS.
  2. The Russkis had been bombing the Turkmen, who had just taken territory from ISIS. Fact is, the Russians are primarily attacking threats to Assad instead of hitting ISIS. With dumb bombs no less. They kill more civilians than militants. Wheres the outrage?
  3. Also- ISIS foresees a great battle at Dabiq, Syria, where they will defeat the Romans( us). Let them mass, let all the jihadis out of our countriesto aid in this "great" battle, and just pummel them. Lets see Allahs devine intervention.
  4. So- what does that mean? ground troops? The Arabs havent even committed ground troops against ISIS. Half their populations support ISIS.
  5. In 1948, 1967, and 1973 it was Israel vrs the Arabs w/ alot of support from Pakistan, N. Africa, etc. That sliver of infidels is still there. The Arabs may be religeously fanatical and willing to martyr themselves, but dont expect logistics, maintenance, complex movements, leadership based on merit. It seems they can only go after soft targets that dont shoot back.
  6. Its more a testament to their ineptitude really- they tried.
  7. The muslims are on the offensive all over the world- they are ordained by Allah to form a Caliphate and rule the world. This is the beginnings of World War III. When are we(the West) gonna quit playing political correctness/ multi-cultural games, and take off the gloves? Stay tuned. Who is responsible for allowing your enemy to settle in your countries? Can anybody answer this question for me?
  8. Didnt Yasser Arafat win a Nobel peace prize? These things are political. He was a blatant terrorist.
  9. Get some popcorn and enjoy the show from the sidelines. Maybe this was the plan all along. I dont see the west seriously trying to quash ISIS- do you? And Turkey , a member of NATO, is even overt in its support of ISIS.
  10. The F35 wasnt built to be in a dogfight. Its strengths are in stealth and networked electronics that allow one to shoot down the enemy before being detected.
  11. Russia hasnt bought in to the political correctness doctrine- but supposedlly , it it also run by the Jews.